Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/1/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/1/01    (Monday 6/4/01 USA)

By Lori

Phillip is standing in his room with a picture of Chloe and himself; his eyes are gazed over staring at the picture when Victor walks in. Phillip yells and curses at this father for walking in. He tells his son how he is worried about him; Phillip tells his father he is fine. He loves Chloe and understands these feelings he has for her. Victor says to Phillip "You're only 16, how the hell do you know what love is?" Phillip reminds his father he is not an expert on the subject of love. The argument begins to escalate when Victor tells Phillip that as long as he lives under his roof that he will follow Victor's rules and the sternly adds that he is grounded. He informs Phillip how bad his grades are and how he needs to improve of them if he wants to get into the proper (Victor means one he picks) school. Victor tells him how Phillip has lost all of his focus and needs to get that back instead of mooning over some picture. If that means Victor has to eliminate the distraction then he will. His voice loud and stern tells Phillip that he is not mature and Victor will make the decisions. Phillip can't believe his father is being this way, he tells him he will see Chloe whenever he wants that he isn't going to humiliate him like Victor did to his mother. Victor blasts back that he better not try to get back at him, like by getting Chloe pregnant. Phillip looks stunned to hear his father say such a thing. Victor leaves Phillip's room and Phillip once again looks at the picture and mutters "I will do whatever it takes to be with Chloe."

Glen and Barb are in a motel room with baby JT; Barb is changing his diaper as JT pees on her. They share a laugh and Barb goes to change. Glen is holding JT in his arms (Glen with no shirt on). Barb comes out of the bathroom and tells Glen she has a horrible feeling about all this and that they should give the baby back. Glen says no one is taking my child away and that he will have a test done so no one can ever take his child away. There is a knock at the door, Glen hides all the baby things lying about in the room and Barb takes JT into the bathroom and shuts the door. Glen opens the outside door and it's the motel manager holding a jar of baby food. He tells Glen he found it by the door and says "You wouldn't have a baby in here would you?" Glen lies to the manager by telling him there isn't a child unless (he nods his head in the direction of the bathroom door) she isn't tell me something. The manager talks about the horrible accident saying there was a baby in the car that fell from the bridge and how they are dragging the river looking for him. Barb over hears this from the bathroom and after the manager leaves she tells Glen she thinks that maybe Lexie and Abe's car fell into the river when the bridge blew up. She adds they are looking for the baby. Glen tells Barb to pack and that they need to get out of there. He peers out the window and sees the manager talking to a female cop. He takes JT and tells Barb to pull the car around out back. Just before he flees through the bathroom window JT cries out and the cop and manager hear the baby cry. They knock at the door and Barb answers it, the manager says I thought your husband said there wasn't a baby in here. Barb lets them in and tells them to check and see the cop checks the bathroom. The curtains' blowing in from the open window, but the cop doesn't notice. Barb tries to tell them they must have heard a baby from the TV, however the TV wasn't on.

Abe tells Bo he needs rest, that there is no need of making a mistake because you are tired. He tells Bo that the fire chief called and the river is down so they were going to drag it again. Abe reminds him that he has new people with fresh eyes maybe they will be able to find something that he has not. Bo tells Abe he thinks Hope is right and that his son is still alive.

Chloe and Belle discuss what Chloe saw, she realizes that is must have been a baby. Belle grabs her hand and tells her we need to go tell Hope.

Jack drives Jen to Hope's house and Jen tells him she has to do this. Hope answers the door and lets Jen in; Hope sits on the couch not saying a word and cuddles a blanket. It's the "Horton Blanket", the one in which the Horton children are brought home in. Hope is crying, Jennifer looks so remorseful, she moves closer to Hope and whispers she is sorry. Hope stands up in a rage she turns to Jennifer and yells at her "Why did you ever come back to Salem?" "How fast were you going?" "Why didn't you try harder?" "Didn't you see the baby?" "Why are you here and not JT?" "How did you manage to get out?" Shouting WHY WHY WHY Jen is crying when Belle and Chloe rush in yelling Hope's name. Hope tells them this isn't a good time, but Belle insists she tell her what Chloe saw. Chloe recants the story of how she saw someone pulling what she believes was a baby in a car seat from the riverbank. Hope is excited to hear the news and rushes to the phone to call Bo; Jennifer sneaks out of the house. Bo puts Hope on speakerphone so Abe can hear as well, she tells him what Chloe saw. Bo wants to speak to Chloe, she tells him she isn't sure what she saw she could only make out shapes. Bo tells her to concentrate, close your eyes he says and think about that night. She recounts that she saw 2 people, a man and a woman. She remembers the moonlight shining down on the woman. Chloe remembers more detail …the woman was blonde and the man had dark hair. Bo asks about the car, at first she isn't sure, then she remembers it was a 4-door car, and the man had trouble opening the door. She thinks the car was gray, but is unsure because it was dark. She tells Bo she is sorry. Bo assures her not to be. Hope hangs up the phone and asks where Jennifer has gone, the 2 tell her she left. Hope hugs Belle and Chloe saying I knew my baby was alive. Jen gets into the car with Jack, she tells him of the news of JT. Jack asks Jennifer what is wrong, she tells him how Hope reacted to her. Jen looking ever so miserable, is afraid that if the baby isn't found that Hope have to go through losing the baby twice. She begs for Jack to take her to her grandmothers. She tells Jack how he saved her life, but she can't talk to him right now…. She needs Alice. She doubts her motherhood thinking that God is punishing her for taking Abby to Africa and not being there for her on the first night in her new house.

Meanwhile, Stefano confronts Brandon in Lexie's hospital room. He tells him that unfortunately Lexie has shared a secret with him and that he will control all information. Brandon tells him he isn't afraid of Stefano DiMeara. Stefano tells him he better keep his "dim witted" mouth shut. Stefano shushes lexie as she tries to speak. Brandon tells Lexie "You think he is going to kill me??? This isn't the Soprano's!" (Loved that line). Stefano tries to negotiate with Brandon, but he refuses to take a bribe. He doesn't need Stefano's money. Stefano tells Lexie to get her friend to listen and he should be worried. He warns Brandon through gritting teeth that he doesn't know whom he is dealing with. Stefano leaves and Brandon tells Lexie she has to give Hope's baby back. He tells her no child should be kept from knowing who its parents are. The phone rings and it is Abe, he tells her of the news of JT. Lexie is hopeful. Abe says that a dark haired man and a blonde woman driving a gray car picked up the baby from the riverbank. Lexie thinks to herself…..A gray car??? Meanwhile Stefano is back at the DiMeara mansion telling Rolf that Brandon Walker is no textbook hero and he better be afraid. Back at the police station as Abe hangs up the phone, the lady cop who was at the motel earlier overhears Abe and says she knows of someone who meets that description in a gray car……..And there was a baby crying !!!!!

Well that is all …..Till Monday!!