Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/31/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/31/01 (Friday June 1 USA)

By Lori

Austin and Kate are at the Java Cafe and Kate, who is looking quite tired, asks Austin to look out for Phillip as he needs an adult right now. She also adds "God knows his father isn't one". Just outside of the cafe in Salem Place is Roman who is hanging up missing J.T. flyers and who comes along but Sami. Sami is overly happy and has been on a wee bit of a shopping spree ,carrying a few shopping bags in her hands. Roman tells Sami to leave Kate alone, that for a long time now she has wanted nothing but Kate out of her life and now she can't seem to say anything without mentioning Kate. After having her talk with Dad, she spies Austin and Kate talking. Sami listens in on what they have to say and overhears Kate telling Austin that Sami is well basically no good for him(as if we didn't know this already). Sami makes her way into the conversation only to have Roman show up and tell her to stop. Sami grabs Austin's arm and Kate interjects "My son isn't a wishbone we can't pull him till he breaks!" Austin and Sami leave and Kate faints into Roman's arms. Later Roman tells Austin that his mother has had some internal bleeding and is ill, Austin looking ever so perplexed is given an ultimatum by Sami , either it is her or his mother. Austin rushes off to find Kate, leaving Sami steaming.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Belle have a talk. Chloe is all confused about Phillip and her feelings towards him. Belle asks her if she wants Phillip to be part of her future. They talk and eat ice cream and Chloe realizing she is being petty when she glances at the flyer of J.T. Belle mentions that J.T. has not yet been found and they think someone may have abducted him....Well Ding Ding Ding...the lightbulb goes off in Chloe's head (I think you could see it) when she realizes that the night she was down by the river with Phillip, it was someone picking up a baby near the riverbank.

Jan and Mimi are still scheming about the Chloe on the internet thing. Although Jan has made sure she will not be connected and the blame will all fall into Mimi's lap. Jason plays bully with Kevin while Susan and Kevin have a "bumping" into. Kevin tells Susan that not everyone has beauty and brains....Susan gushes.

Marlena, John and Brady do a little less arguing and a little more talking although the results do not the end Marlena escapes to her bedroom. Brady finally confesses to Marlena why he hates her, even though Marlena tries to reassure Brady she does not hate him. Brady tells Marlena that he cried the whole day when she "gleefully" told him that she was not his real mother. He tells her of the time his Grandfather Victor came to his boarding school with some pictures of Isabella. Brady recalls how John and Marlena came for a visit and when Brady asked about his mother and a story John had told him, Marlena did not want to discuss it. She didn't want to talk about her. John tells the story to Brady once again, and how the picture of Issy B looking like an angel. John retold Brady how he told Isabella that he will never love another woman the way he loved her....and I never have. . Marlena with tears in her eyes dismisses herself without a word as John calls for her to come back.

What to look forward to tomorrow.......Hope blasts Jenn about J.T., Brady dreams of his mother..

Take care till then..........