Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/29/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/29/01 (Wednesday 5/30/01 USA)

By Suzanne

Chloe and Nancy end up getting into a fight again. Nancy asks Chloe how long she is going to blame her for her unhappiness. They argue about that. Nancy calls Chloe "mean and vindicative" and points out that she was only three years older than Chloe when she got pregnant. She almost lets it slip about what happened, but stops herself. She tells Chloe that because Chloe has been so nasty to her, she no longer has any feelings for her, except for her memory of Chloe as a little baby, when they took her away. Chloe, clearly hurt, says, "So, you're saying you don't love me any more". Nancy retorts, "You won't let me love you!" and talks about how hate hurts the person who hates. Chloe says she hates that Nancy is her mother because she gave her up. She spent her whole life wondering why. Chloe breaks down crying. She said she doesn't know how to use her feelings any more, that she can't even tell Phillip she loves him, because she's so screwed up. She's afraid she will lose him because Nancy broke her heart. Nancy tells her that she'd like to try to fix it; if they communicate it will help. Chloe says, "Fine, tell me who my father is". Nancy says she wants their relationship to be fixed before she tells her about her father. Chloe blows up. Nancy says she doesn't want to tell her who he is because they are "too disconnected" and she wants Chloe to lean on her when she finds out who her father is. Chloe looks uncertain, wanting to believe her. Nancy tells her that she really understands now why Chloe hates her for giving her up. She relates that she was being selfish before and feeling sorry for herself, not really thinking about Chloe. Chloe is impressed.

Bo wants to believe that the search and rescue guy is right--that J.T. was kidnapped, not drowned. Hope is convinced of it. The guy suggests the tell the media but the others say that's a bad idea; they want to look for evidence now (what, after all those people searching have trampled all over everything?) and don't want to alert the people who took him. Bo insists that Hope go home and get some rest. Bo doesn't know what to believe but he tells John that he doesn't think Hope can take it if the baby isn't alive. John and Bo discuss the situation. They suspect Stefano, as usual. Bo wonders if Stefano is the father and this was his opportunity to kidnap his son back. He guesses everything right except the part about Stefano being the father. John tells him he's wrong. Bo doesn't understand why so he tries to convince John. John points out that he wouldn't put Lexie in danger like that. They get a list of all the explosions. There were ten explosions all over town, with the same m.o. John points out that one of the places that was blown up was the DNA lab. John makes a convincing argument for Stefano's hand in everything, and that he was trying to help Lexie. Bo still doesn't know why John is convinced that Stefano is not the father of J.T. John just says he knows Stefano better than anyone. If he knew that J.T. was his son, he would have claimed him right away. Bo agrees that Stefano would have loved to publicly humiliate him, too. John hadn't thought of that but says Bo is right. He also doesn't think that Stefano planned for harm to come to J.T. Bo is relieved that Stefano is not J.T.'s father. When John says that whoever J.T.'s father is, he would be proud to know that Bo was raising his son. Bo replies, "Who cares what that loser thinks?", making John cringe.

Lexie calls for the nurses to come in and tell her what she meant about J.T. dying. They apologize for letting her hear it. Lexie is very upset so Stefano tries to quiet her down and keep her calm so she doesn't spill the beans. Abe comes in, annoyed at the nurses, and tries to comfort Lexie. Lexie freaks out and says, "Marlo was in the river, and now Marlo's baby is in the river!" Abe asks what she means while Stefano shakes his head, annoyed. Stefano says it's the drugs talking. Lexie calms down and acknowledges that she knows her son is safe. She asks Abe about the baby. Hope comes in to visit Lexie, to see how she's doing. Lexie feels really guilty. Hope tells her that she thinks J.T. is okay. Lexie hopes she's right and she admires Hope's courage. Hope is irate at whomever caused all the explosions and was responsible for her losing her baby. She won't rest until she finds her son. Abe makes Stefano leave so Hope and Lexie can chat. Abe tries to make fun of Stefano while he has a flashback of Rolf telling him about the bombs. Abe mentions the Eastside Lab. He accuses Stefano of setting the bombs and endangering everyone, including J.T. and Lexie. Stefano protests, reminding him that he was almost killed, too, and saved Maggie's life. Abe doesn't buy it. He vows to find out who set those bombs and who killed Marlo. Abe says maybe if they offer a reward, it will help find information.

Hope tells Lexie that they think Stefano set the explosions. Lexie gets upset. Hope doesn't want her father to come between them. Hope says that if Glen turns out to be Isaac's father that she will stand by her. Lexie is touched and feeling more guilty. She tells Hope that she can't do this to Hope any more. Lexie stops herself from spilling the truth and says she can't let Hope go through this alone. Hope tells her to rest up for her own little boy. When Hope mentions the DNA results, Lexie tells her that the lab was blown up. Hope is sympathetic and supportive. They tell each other, "I love you". Hope leaves. Lexie berates herself. Stefano returns to make sure Lexie didn't say anything. Lexie says she hopes he goes to Hell. Lexie tells Stefano what an "incredible friend" Hope is. She says she is "a true Dimera". Stefano tries to convince Lexie to stay the course. Lexie is being torn apart by her feelings for her friends. Stefano says, "Then, fine, tell your husband that you're going to give up your child".

Glen and Barb argue over whether to keep the baby or not. She insists they give him up but he says no way. They listen to the radio but there is no news about the baby's disappearance. Barb can't figure out why but she picks up the cell phone to call the cops. He tells her to put it down. She suggests they at least go to the bridge to see what's going on. He agrees but threatens her with divorce if she pulls anything.

Hope goes back to the search site. Bo tells her that Stefano must know that Glen is Isaac's father, or else he wouldn't have blown up the lab. Hope is horrified for her friend. She doesn't think Lexie will be able to handle losing her baby.

Barb, with hat and sunglasses as her disguise, questions John about what happened there. He tells her what happened but gets suspicious about her questions.