Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/28/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/28/01 Canada, 

Tuesday 5/29/01 USA

By Suzanne

Hope keeps praying to God about her baby, at the crib.

Jen huddles on the floor in front of the fireplace, under a blanket. She keeps seeing the baby fall.

Jack brings Grandma Horton to his house in the middle of the night to help Jen. Jack babbles on about how strong the Horton women usually are. Jennifer is acting like her heart is smashed, he says. She thanks him for getting her help. She looks worried and sympathetic. Jack and Alice find Jen lying on the floor, staring off into space. Jack goes up to see how Abby's doing. Alice goes over to talk to Jen. Jen comes out of it and asks why she's there. Jen says "I killed Hope's baby". Alice takes her in her arms and gives her comfort. Jen hopes they've found J.T. but Alice says she's sorry, they haven't. Alice lectures Jen sternly, saying that it was a horrible tragedy but Jen is not at fault. Jen doesn't agree. Alice points out that Abby needs her. Jen says Abby is stronger than she thinks. Jen is upset and says she doesn't think she's good for anyone or anything. She yells that she's not okay, she's "in pieces" and thinks she should be put away like her mother was. Alice reminds Jen that Laura has severe emotional problems for years. Jen compares her actions tonight to her mother's, saying that she was irresponsible and playing games to get back at Jack. She thinks she's losing her mind like her mother was. Alice tells her that's not the case. Jen babbles on saying that she doesn't deserve any help or sympathy. She yells at Alice that her great-grandson is probably dead because of her. Alice is hit hard by that statement. They continue to argue.

Jack talks to Abby about how they should act tomorrow since Mommy is recovering from her car accident. She understand. Jack brings her her favorite stuffed animal and makes silly voices. He kisses her good night and watches her sleep for a while. Outside, he wonders how Bo and Hope must be doing--he can't imagine how he would feel if he lost Abby. He doesn't think Jen can deal with it if the baby is found dead. He comes into the room downstairs and hears Jen saying she's a terrible person who caused an innocent baby's death. He tells at her never to say such a thing again. He demands that Jen listen to him now.

Chloe leans on Phillip's shoulder he drives home. She talks about his carving the initials on the tree but somehow the talk turns to that mysterious can that Shawn found. She wonders what that couple they saw found. They speculate about it. Chloe thinks that the couple were like an older version of them, visiting the site where he had carved her initials. Phillip suggests maybe they were picking up their baby. Chloe thinks it's a cute idea but it was too late for a baby to be out. She asks him to let the night go one forever. He says he'll do his best. She wants to talk about normal things like love. He points out she said the word so maybe she should take it a step further and say she loves him. She says it still scares her. He talks about how special they are. She reminds him that her father doesn't think so. He says again they could run away together. She's impressed at his convictions. They talk about their "secret place" and how they'll never tell anyone where they were tonight. Phillip wories about his mom. Chloe wishes she could feel as deeply about Nancy. Phillip says she's the only mother she's got. Chloe suddenly asks him to take her to the hospital to see her mother. She makes him just drop her off and go home. They kiss before he lets her out.

Barb holds the baby for warmth. She and Glen worry about why he's cold and quiet. She says he's not breathing and he might be dead. He decides to go to a hospital. But the baby starts crying suddenly so they pull over. Barb thinks they should still take him to a doctor, but Glen thinks he's fine. The baby keeps crying. Barb reminds him that they don't know that the baby is his for sure, or what the baby was doing on the riverbank. Glen insists on keeping him (he's not a puppy!). Barb looks worried and says he's making a mistake.

Lexie is upset and thrashing about. She says she can't breathe (this is the same time that the baby is turning blue). Craig tries to help her and give her oxygen while Stefano and Abe watch helplessly. Finally she settles down and takes the oxygen. Nancy is waiting nearby so Craig tells her she should be home by now. Nancy quietly goes away. Craig tells Abe and Stefano that Lexie needs rest so one of them should leave. Abe wants Stefano to leave but of course he won't. Lexie wakes up so Abe starts to tell her that she had a nightmare. Stefano cuts him off. She wants to see her baby so Abe goes to get him. Stefano quickly fills Lexie in on what she said to Nancy in her delirium and about the lab being blown up. Lexie panics. Abe brings in the baby but won't let Stefano hold him. As Abe leaves again, Stefano asks Lexie what she's going to tell Nancy. Lexie can't think.

Nancy tells Craig that she's scared because Stefano threatened her. She explains that she overheard Lexie say something about "switching babies at the hospital". Nancy comes back into Lexie's room, with Abe. Nancy tells Lexie that she didn't have a heart attack, just indigestion. Lexie tells her that she was just having a bad nightmare because of years of being a pediatrician and the bomb going off. She explains her nightmare and how she didn't say what Nancy thought she said. They have a good laugh about it and Nancy leaves. Abe wonders what secrets Stefano and Lexie are sharing. Stefano tells Abe off. Abe goes to change the baby after telling Stefano that he's "not the most important person in this room, or in this family". Stefano praises Lexie for her great performance. They hear the nurses talking about the car accident.

The search and paramedic guy tells Bo and John that there's still hope. Bo and John look tired and upset. Bo praises all the work John has done, like rescuing Lexie and the kids. Bo doesn't think Hope can take bad news. Just then, Hope comes up, ready to find her baby. Bo says she shouldn't be there but she insists on being there. Bo and JOhn tell her that they haven't found anything yet. Hope can't understand why but somehow comes to the conclusion that the baby is alive. Bo points out that J.T. seems to have just "disappeared". She won't give up or rest until he's found. Bo and Hope hug and tell each other how much they love each other. She praises Bo as a father and John as a friend. Bo agrees that John is a great friend. John tells them what great parents they are. It's very poignant. The egos of who's-the-father gets pushed aside as they worry about the baby. The search team tells them that there is no trace of a baby or a car seat; he says they would have found him if he was there. He tells Hope that he thinks someone took the baby. Hope is overjoyed that he's alive.

Nancy tells Craig what Lexie said, but she is still suspicious. Nancy runs into Chloe.