Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/24/01



Days of Our Lives Update 

Canada --Friday 5/24/01; U.S. -- Monday 5/28/01

By Suzanne

Chloe cries "tears of happiness" because of what Philip has done for her.  She is amazed that a guy with a "normal" life would think she's special.  He says his life is not so normal.  Chloe feels like she's been too selfish, always complaining about her life.  She wishes he would share things about his life the way she shares her feelings.  She asks why Kate's working at the diner bothered him so much.  He says he was "embarrassed".  She doesn't quite understand why he's being so snobby.  He explains, "She used to be president of Titan, and everybody knows that. It's like my family problems are a cartoon for everybody to watch and laugh at."  She understands that.  She suggests that he ask Victor to buy her a restaurant or something, but he doesn't think Victor would.  He's disappointed in the way Victor's been acting lately, toward both Kate and Chloe.  They discuss his problems with Victor.  Chloe wonders if there's something between Victor and Nicole, but Philip denies it.  Philip doesn't plan to let Victor come between him and Chloe, no matter what he does.  He says they could run away if they need to.  Chloe notices the search and wonders what all the people are doing there.

When Lexie tells Nancy that "they" switched the babies, Nancy asks who "they" are.  Stefano comes along and tells Lexie to "hush".  Lexie is  a little delirious.  Craig comes in to see how she his.  She blabs more about switching babies. Stefano orders everyone out of the room.  Craig tells him off and orders him out.  He is concerned about Lexie's ramblings.  Stefano dismisses them as "nightmares" but Craig insists he leave.  After Stefano leaves, Craig tries to get Lexie to be coherent.  In the course of that, he asks Lexie to tell him what happened.  Lexie goes back to her nightmare.  Craig gives her oxygen and calls for more medication.

Outside, Nancy tells Stefano not to worry but all he cares about is what she heard from Lexie.  He warns her not to tell anyone what she heard.  She protests but he just threatens her more.  Stefano goes back to threaten Craig some more.

Abe, with the baby, comes rushing into the hospital to see how Lexie is.  Nurse Brenda tells him that Lexie is stable and regaining consciousness.  He's relieved.  She tells him that Craig is with her now.  Brenda offers to find someone to watch the baby, but he wants to take him in to see his mom.  Roman brings in a rescue work who sprained his ankle.  Abe wonders what's going on.  He is upset to hear that the baby still hasn't be found and feels sympathy for poor Bo.  Abe and Roman chat.  Abe suggests Stefano might have done the bombings, but Roman points out that he and Lexie were having dinner at Tuscany when the bomb went off there.

Glen is frustrated, saying, "I can't believe this town! Feel like Iím in the damned twilight zone here. First everyone lies to me about my own kid. Then when I'm just about to get the DNA samples to prove that he's mine, someone blows up the fricking lab."  Barb says they never should have come and should just leave the baby alone.  He is annoyed.  She points out that even though the baby is his "flesh and blood" that he means a lot more to Abe and Lexie. She asks him to think about what's more important for his son.  She calls Marlo a "stupid bitch" and says she's worried about losing her job.  She's not too thrilled with the idea of being stuck with someone else's baby, too.  They argue but then make up.  Glen says maybe they should leave the baby.  Just then he sees something on the riverbank.  They go over and it's Isaac.

John, Belle, Bo, Hope, and Shawn meet up at the search site and fill each other in.  Hope is scared that they haven't found him yet.  Bo and Shawn try to keep things positive.  He suggests that Hope take a break from the search. Of course she doesn't want to.  He thinks it's time to start dragging the river. She freaks out.  Finally she agrees to go home and let Bo search.  Shawn takes her home.  John suggests Belle go home, too.  John and Bo support each other and bond in their grief.  They start dragging the river.  Bo worries about Shawn and Hope.

At home, Hope is very upset still and talks absentmindedly about J.T.'s shoes.  Belle comforts Shawn.  Hope has flashbacks to talking to her baby.  She prays some more.