Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/01



Days of Our Lives Update Canada--Wednesday 5/23/01; U.S. Thursday 5/24/01

By Suzanne

Philip drives Belle somewhere for a surprise.  She sings along with a song on the radio and he encourages her, but she gets embarrassed and stops.  He encourages to let loose and just be a kid for a change, so she does.  They go into the woods with a toolbox.  He carves her name into an old oak tree.  Chloe talks again about it scares her to be this happy and normal.  They dance to the music on the radio.

Belle is afraid to move.  Shawn says they have to jump out of the elevator.  She is afraid but he encourages her.  They get out safely, but she worries about where Brady is.  John and Shawn help Brady out.  Brady is unconscious so John tells them to call 911.  But Brady awakens and he's fine.  John fills them in on the bombings.  Brady jokes that he wasn't the mad bomber, no matter what Marlena thinks.  They don't appreciate his humor.  John tends to Brady's head, which has a knot in it.

Roman finds Marlena in the restaurant wreckage, tending to wounded.  She tells him where John, Bo and Hope went.  He just wants to find Bo and Hope so he can give them the news.   Roman fills Marlena in on the baby.  Marlena is very upset.  He offers her a ride on his way to Jen's, where they know Hope is headed.

Marlena arrives home to find John and the kids.  She is acting weird so he asks what's wrong.  She tells him about J.T.  Shawn is upset about his brother, too.  It is agonizing as she tells them what happened.  John is very upset and breathing heavily.  Marlena tries to soothe him.  John wants to join the search but his children think he's been enough of a hero tonight.  John moans, "My son".  Belle tries to comfort Shawn, returning the favor for when he helped her out in the elevator.  John thanks Marlena for her understanding.  John, Shawn and Belle go join the search.  Marlena tries to be nice and tend to Brady's head injury but he won't have any of it.  He accuses her of lying and playing to her audience.

Hope keeps trying to phone Jen as they are almost to Jen's place.  She has a bad feeling.

Jack borrows a cell phone to call home, hoping to get Bo and Hope, but gets Greta instead.  She is watching Abby.  He asks her to keep watching Abby, which she has no problem with.  

Jen awakens and cries that she killed the baby.  Jack tries to help her but she is inconsolable.  The paramedics suggest Jack take her home to sleep.  Jen asks him what she's going to tell Hope.

Abby and Greta make S'mores.  Abby is a little scared that her parents are late.  Hope and Bo arrive.  Greta sends Abby upstairs.  Greta tells them that Jack went looking for Jennifer, who was headed for the bridge that was out.  Hope freaks out.  They wish they had more news but Greta doesn't know much.  Greta tells them that Jack is headed home.  They turn on the news to see what's going on.  Just then, Jack arrives with Jen.  Jen keeps apologizing to Hope as Bo and Hope try to find out what happened.  Abby comes in and hugs her mom.  Greta takes Jen upstairs.  Jack tells them about the bridge blowing up and says they don't know where the baby is.  Jack explains what happened and about the search going on.  Roman arrives.  Hope asks if he found her son.  He says they haven't yet, but they're still looking.  Bo and Hope insist on going to the search area with Roman and the three rush out.  Greta tells Jack about how Abby's feeling and Jack fills her in on the details of what happened.  She can't imagine how horrible it must have been.  Jack is worried about how Jen will be when the drugs wear off.  Greta leaves.  Jack talks to Abby about when she was a little baby.  Jennifer screams out in her sleep.

Bo tries to keep Hope's spirits up as they head to the search scene, reminding her how much they've been through and what a fighter J.T. is.  Hope says she should never have let Jen take J.T. and asks why was she so stupid.