Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/22/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/22/01-Canada; Wednesday 5/23/01--USA

By Suzanne

Glen and Barb listen to the radio tell them that terrorists were suspected of the bombings and that Tuscany was one of the places hit.  He suspects something and says they won't get away with it.

Chloe starts to finally worry about Nancy.  Philip suggests they walk to the hospital to check on her, even if it means they have to climb rocks and hitch.  She agrees.

Craig worriedly hurries Lexie into the ER.  Stefano tries to phone to find out how Lexie is, but he gets put on hold.  Bo asks Maggie if she's seen Hope.  Maggie is still shaken up by the destruction of her restaurant.  Maggie goes to help some people.  Bo finds Hope, who is still trying to reach Jen by phone.  Hope prays that Jen and J.T. are okay.

Stefano gets Craig on the phone.  Craig tells him that Lexie is still unconscious and they are doing tests to find out the extent of her injuries.  Stefano worries more.  Craig tells him she's critical and they are doing a CAT scan.  Stefan offers to buy anything he needs for the hospital.  Craig bristles at the suggestion that he isn't already doing his best.  Stefano is just frustrated at being stuck there, so Craig suggests he try praying.

Rolf finds Stefano, who reacts badly.  He says: "You -- you stupid bastard. You may have murdered my daughter."  Rolf pleads for his life.  He reminds Stefano that he planted a bomb in Maggie's car and in Tuscany where Stefano was so he wouldn't be suspected, as Stefano requested.  Stefano tells him to stop sniveling and he'd better pray that the DNA lab was destroyed.  Stefano rushes to the hospital.

Craig and nurse Brenda worry about Lexie.

Some nurses laugh that Nancy didn't have a heart attack, just heartburn (with lots of burping).  Nancy wonders how she will ever live it down.  Chloe and Philip arrive and hear that she didn't have a heart attack.  Chloe is embarrassed so she tells Philip they should go now that they know her mom's not dying.   Nancy is upset because she heard Chloe but she didn't come to see her.  Craig consoles her, but when she wonders how she will get her daughter to like her, he says the only way is to tell her who her father is.  They argue.  When Craig refers to it as an "indescretion", Nancy says she had no choice, so he says, "oh, so it was rape then?"  Craig begs her to share her burden with him, but instead she feigns dizziness.  She says she wants to go home so he says he'll send someone with her.  She says to herself, "I can't ever let anyone find out the truth".

Philip knows that Chloe cares about Nancy, despite her denials.   Just like he knows she loves him, even though she hasn't told him.  She is amazed that he knows her so well and still stays by her side.  He says he sees her as "perfect" because he sees her through the eyes of love.  She fears that they're "doomed" or "cursed", just like the rest of her life.  He insists they're not, and says he'll prove it.  He takes her hand.

Lexie has a nightmare that Glen and Barb take her baby away, despite Stefano's protection.  Then Stefano is sentenced to prison for stealing Marlo's baby.  Lexie protests but Marlo appears to say that they killed her and stole her baby.  Then Marlo and Barb fight over Glen (LOL) and then Hope appears to ask what's going on.  Lexie tells her that their babies were switched at birth.  They don't believe her, so she shows them DNA results.  So Marlo takes J.T. instead, so then Hope wants her baby.  Lexie cries in protest that Isaac is hers.  

Craig is told there is no change in Lexie.  Brenda asks about Nancy and tells him that Abe has been notified.  They hear her muttering something about her baby and figure she must be in shock.  Lexie awakens when they're not looking.  Nancy comes by and says hi, asking Lexie if she's as bored as she is.  Lexie finds out she's in "University Hospital" and knows it's "where the babies were switched".

Jennifer is stricken with grief and guilt over J.T. falling into the river.  Jack tries to convince her that it's not her fault.  She keeps yelling that she killed Hope's baby.  Jack suggests they do something rather than crying about it, liking looking for the baby.  Jen has a moment of hope but starts thinking about all the horrible possibilities, like the car falling on the baby.  They think they see the car seat but instead see Jen's mangled car fender, which makes her hysterical again.  Jack wrestles her back to reality again and says they have to get help to search, so they start walking toward a gas station where they can use the phone.  They find Roman at the roadblock and tell him about the bridge and their accident.  Roman is stunned to hear about his nephew's fall into the water but organizes a search party.  Later, Barb and Glen see the bridge down and all the people, and wonder what's going on.  Jen insists on joining the search party, despite Jack's protests.  Jack tries to get the paramedics to give her a sedative.  She fights them but they give her the sedative.  Jack worries how she will act when she wakes up, if they haven't found the baby yet.

John finds some people trying to get Belle and Shawn out of the elevator.  The man tells him that they're' still in there and "the whole building's shut down".  John worries about her claustrophobia. He is told that the whole way in is through the roof, but there are lots of stairs to get there.  John grits his teeth, determined to do whatever's necessary.  He phones Bo and Hope to let them know what he's doing as he struggles up the many stairs.  Bo and Hope try to get there, around the roadblock.  Bo thinks Stefano must be behind the explosion.

Belle tries to get Brady to stop his rescue job because she's worried about him.  Shawn helps but Brady ignores them.  He says, "I'm too mean to die".  He almost reaches them when John arrives.  John tells him to stop but Brady is determined. Then there is a big thud as the elevator falls a few floors.  Brady is stunned but wakes up, groaning.  They all worry about him.  Brady is okay so he suggests that Shawn hoist Belle up to him so she can escape.  Brady is not strong enough to help her up and the elevator falls again.  The buttons don't work.

Bo and Hope worry about the bridge being out.  Hope seems to have a sixth sense that Jen had an accident.  They call Maggie to keep in touch.

Roman's Chief tells him that the water has been deeper than usual because of rain, and it gets "treacherous" where the rocks are.  Jack thinks the baby is still alive.  Roman wonders how he will tell Bo.

Barb and Glen wonder how they will get over the river to get to their baby on the other side.