Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/01



Days of Our Lives Update Canada--Monday 5/21/01; U.S.--Tuesday 5/22/01

By Suzanne

Maggie asks Victor and Nicole how they're doing.  Nicole fixes him a martini. He's cranky.  Nicole suggests they toast to surviving.  He admires her attitude.  She says she always tries to find a "distraction" when something bad happens.

Philip tells Chloe that Lexie doesn't look good, but John and Marlena are tending to her. He asks how she is doing; she wants to be left alone.  Phillip notices Victor and Nicole acting chummy.  He asks Chloe how her mom is.  She tells them that Roman and Craig took her to the hospital. She freaks out when they look worriedly at her lack of emotion.  She says she hardly knows Nancy and they don't get along. She wonders why she can't cry and act normal.  She runs outside.  Nicole tries to tell Philip that he didn't see what he thought he did between her and Victor.  Chloe pleads outside to the Gods to help her.  Philip comes out to make sure she's okay.  He remember her saying that she says she is afraid of being so loved, that it won't last.  He tells her that he will leave if she wants.  Chloe tells him to hold and kiss her.

Meanwhile, Victor tells Nicole that he doesn't want his son with Chloe.  He should be studying and working toward taking over Titan.  Nicole points out that they aren't exactly a normal match, either.

John and Marlena determine that Lexie can't be doctored there, that she needs to go to the hospital.  Maggie tells Hope that Mickey said there are explosions "all over town", but no one knows why.  The roads are all blocked.  Stefano frets that they have to get Lexie to the hospital.  Maggie points out that the ambulances would be too busy to get there, anyway.  John insists on taking Lexie himself.  John borrows the chef's running shoes. He plans to run Lexie to the hospital.  Marlena worries that it's too far but he calls the police to meet him outside the blocked area, so he only has to run 4 miles and they can take her the rest of the way.  Stefano encourages him and pleads to Lexie that she survive.  He can't bear to lose another child.

Glen and Barb find they are okay but that the lab has exploded.  They realize they'll never get their test results now.  Glen and Barb hear on the radio that the power plant and other places blew up. He wonders if the explosions happened because of them, since the lab was blown up, too.  Barb doesn't think Abe and Lexie are responsible.

Belle says she can't breathe.  She and Shawn are stuck in an elevator.  She's claustrophobic.  He keeps trying to be positive and take her mind off it.  Brady calls down to them; he promises he'll get them out.  Shawn tries calling 911 on their cell phone but it's busy due to all the explosions.  Belle starts to panic again so Shawn tries to calm her. He reminds her that when they were stranded on the island, they made the best of it.  Brady has trouble getting to them because of his injured legs, and he curses the legs.  Shawn makes Belle talk about celebrities when she freaks out some more.  Brady gets some help from a woman to see if they can pry the door open.  

Shawn and Belle call Marlena and John to tell them their situation. Superman John says he'll go help the kids after he takes Lexie to the cops (even though Bo offers to go instead).  Their cell phone goes out right when Marlena is telling them that John is on his way.  Brady tries but can't pry the door open.  He decides to crawl in from the shaft to the top of the elevator.  Belle worries that he's not strong enough.  Brady won't wait for John and insists on doing it anyway.

Bo tells Hope he's sorry he misjudged John, who is a "real hero".  He had almost wished John was J.T.'s father but he might have killed whoever was responsible for raping Hope.

Jennifer worries that J.T. will fall out of the car.  She can't reach him.  Jack tries to help, but the baby falls into the water.  Jennifer passes out.  She wakes up and is frantic about the baby.  He reminds her about her own child and gets her to get out of the car.  Through his sheer force of will, he talks her out of the dangerous situation.  Jen says they have to find J.T., even if he's not alive.

Maggie comforts Marlena and says she is in debt to Stefano for saving her life.  Meanwhile, Stefano blames himself for Lexie's injuries.    Maggie thanks Stefano personally.  He thinks it's ironic that Lexie got injured and wonders if he is being punished for his past.  John carries Lexie to the police and gives her to them.  He calls Marlena to check in and tells Stefano that Lexie is on her way to the hospital.  Stefan vows that he will owe John a lot if Lexie pulls through.  John and Marlena exchange "I love you"'s.

Bo tells Hope that he and some other guys are going to go to a nearby farm and see if they can get something to clear a path.  Hope worries about Jen and J.T.  Bo remembers that she was going to tell him someting right before the explosion, and asks what it was.  Hope just tells him she wanted to tell him how much she loves him.  Bo says that when John called J.T. his (Bo's) son, he knew John couldn't be the father.  Marlena tells them about John's call.  Bo and Hope want to find a way to get to Jen.

The End