Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/17/01



Days of Our Lives Thursday 5/17/01

By Stephanie

Jennifer: Well, you know, maybe I shouldn't come home if you're entertaining someone.

Jack: Maybe she's entertaining me.

Jennifer: Oh, who are you kidding, jack?

Jack: I am not kidding when I say I don't think it'd be good for our daughter to wake up again and find that you have broken your promise and are not yet home.

Jennifer: Goodbye.

Greta: I better go, jack.

Jack: No. No. Please. You promised me a game of checkers, and I sacrificed life and limb.

Greta: Uh, next time, maybe, but I wouldn't get my heart set on winning.

Jack: You can't leave yet, please. I won't let you go.

Greta: There's no need to be pushy, jack. If I want to go, I can go.

Jack: No, please, don't leave, please. I'm so lonely. You're my only friend here in Salem. You're the only one I got. Please don't leave me, please.

Alice: Well, I think it's probably time for you to go home.

Jennifer: Well, the problem is, gram, this house that I'm sharing with Jack is the last place that I want to be right now. Besides, I think that he's with someone. I swear I heard a woman's voice.

Alice: Well, I think that's hardly likely. Now, if jack had a woman there, why would he want you to get home?

Craig: Good, Nancy. Very grown up. Just run out. Perfect.

Nancy: Why did you even bother to follow me out here if you're just going to berate me all the time?

Craig: All right, just calm down, Nancy. Look at you. You're hyperventilating.

Nancy: [Gasps]

Craig: What? What?

Nancy: I can't ---

Craig: Sweetie, sweetie, take it --

Nancy: I can't breathe.

Craig: Take it easy.

Nancy: Craig!

Craig: Take it easy --

Nancy: Craig.

Craig: Oh, god. Oh, god. Maggie, call 911! Nancy's having a heart attack. Okay, take it easy. Take it easy.

Maggie: Call 911. Nancy Wesley's having a heart attack.

Man: My god.

Maggie: Make the call.

Hope: I don't want the truth to come out. Maybe you're right. Maybe it is time.

Marlena: Are you saying you want to tell Bo that john is the father of your child?

Hope: Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.

Marlena: I've often thought of you as selfish, but that is unconscionable.

John: You know, Bo, I've tried being a friend to you but the fact is, this isn't my problem, and it's not Marlena's problem. We don't want to hear about it anymore, so why don't you just keep it in your family?

Bo: [Thinking] hope must be right. He loves Marlena. He was on his honeymoon when J.T. Was conceived. [Speaking] all I'm doing is causing problems for the people I care about. John, hold up.

John: What?

Bo: Something else i got to say to you.

Stefano: I am not the one who kept secrets here, Alexandra. If you had trusted me instead of your friend Brandon, who switched the DNA sample, we would not be in the situation we are in tonight.

Lexie: Yes, father, I heard you the first time and I heard you the 10th time.

Stefano: And you are going to hear it 10 more times.

Lexie: Even before all this happened, you kept telling me to trust that the DNA test would be negative, that Isaac wouldn't turn out to be Glenís son and you were right. He's not, because Hope has Glen's son... And I have Hope's son. Oh, god. You knew that all along, didn't you? And you know who Isaac's father is. Father, admit it. You know.

Stefano: How many times do I have to tell you, Alexandra? I know nothing. I did not switch Marlo and Hope's babies. It was a grave mistake made by the hospital, and you -- you made a more grievous mistake by having your friend Brandon switching Isaac's DNA sample with J.T.'S. Now, try to relax, huh? Because my plan will guarantee that by tomorrow morning, the DNA test will not be a problem, and you're not going to have to worry anymore about anyone trying to take away your son.

Rolf: Well, everything is copacetic, hmm? Now the real fun begins.

Bart: Going to be like the 4th of July, eh, Rolfie?

Rolf: Yeah, so you keep reminding me, Bart.

Bart: Well, maybe because it scares me, rolf. Look, we all know how extreme you can get, dr. Demented. Remember what the boss said.

Rolf: He will be very happy, Bart. I'm fixing his dummkopf daughter's mistake, am I not?

Bart: You know, we're sitting ducks out here for the cops.

Rolf: Well, then get on with it!

Bart: Okay, mission control. All locations set to blow.

Rolf: And blow they shall, Bart. Blow they shall.

Roman: Dispatch, this is captain Brady. Everything's quiet, but I got a van on the side of the road. Looks like it's either broken down or abandoned. I'm going to check it out. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

glen: Sorry to drag you out this late.

Barb: No, it's okay. I know you couldn't sleep. I couldn't, either. Every time I started to doze off I'd start thinking about that DNA test, get all nervous.

Glen: Not me. I'm just excited about being one step closer to being with my kid, 'cause that test is going to prove what I already know -- that Abe and Lexie Carver have him. They've got my son.

Lexie: I can't take this, just sitting here, pretending like everything's okay. Every time I look at hope, I think, "there's my best friend, and I have her baby."

Stefano: Then don't look at her.

Lexie: Father, even if hope doesn't find out, it doesn't stop some virtual stranger like glen from coming in with positive DNA results and just ripping Isaac right out of my arms, not even knowing that he has the wrong baby. Oh, my god. I can't -- I've got to do something.

Stefano: Tut-tut-tut-tut. Alexandra, sit, sit, sit, sit. Hmm? Your fears are running wild here. All right, I promise you that you would get to keep your child, hmm? Now, it is imperative for you to sit here, stay calm, remain with me in order for my plan to work.

Lexie: Damn it, father. What is your plan?

Stefano: Ah.

Hope: I am not trying to be selfish. If I don't tell Bo the truth, he's going to keep asking questions, and the whole thing's going to explode.

Marlena: And what if you do tell him? If you tell him the truth, it won't just make things worse. It could most likely destroy both of our families.

John: Okay, what's up? What do you want to argue about this time?

Bo: No, no, no. I want to apologize. I guess I needed a little attitude adjustment. You see, I was thinking you were J.T.'S birth father.

John: Go on.

Bo: Actually, part of me was hoping that you were.

John: Really? Well, now, why would you want me to be J.T.'S birth father?

Bo: I could beat the crap out of you and be done with it.

Jennifer: You know what, gram? I'm just telling you right now, if jack does have company, I am going to read him the riot act.

Alice: Why? It seems to me that he is within his rights.

Jennifer: Gram! What will Abby think if she sees her father with some strange woman? Now, you know, I agreed to this living situation for Abby's sake, but now I'm beginning to wonder if this is really good for her.

Alice: All right, you have two choices, darling.

Jennifer: Okay, I'm listening.

Alice: First, get J.T. And go home or call jack back. Tell him you're moving out.

Jack: Surely, the princess will stay just a little longer. Besides, outside the castle the forest is dark. Evil abounds.

Greta: Am I supposed to think this is cute?

Jack: Not necessarily cute. I just thought I'd say whatever I could to make you stay a little longer.

Greta: But instead of telling me why you want me to stay, which actually might make me understand and want to stay, you're going to try to manipulate me, which is incredibly annoying, not to mention a huge turnoff.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you for telling me that. Thank you for being so direct, which is -- you're quite right, what I rarely am -- direct, straightforward, which is probably one of the reasons why my marriage failed.

Greta: Is it?

Jack: I, uh, ahem, tend to be flippant in serious situations. I have my way of dealing with things, I guess. Instead of confronting a situation head on, I joke about it until it goes away, or at least I pretend it has. Am i making any sense?

Greta: Yes, more than anything else you've ever said to me. This is one of those serious situations, isn't it? Maybe, jack, now you want to tell me why it is that you want me to stay.

Jack: Yes. Yes. Unaccustomed as I am to taking myself seriously or taking anything in my life seriously, I now want to give it a shot for you. Are you ready for the truth?

Bart: That cop pulled up right alongside of us.

Rolf: And now it is gone. You panic like a weasel, Bart. Relax.

Bart: What if whoever it was looked in here and saw all the stuff? [Siren wailing]

Rolf: Then I will kill them, Bart.

Craig: Hang on, sweetie. They're coming. Did you call 911?

Maggie: Yes, they're on their way. Here they are, here they are.

Craig: Great. Okay. Just hang on, sweetie. Hang on.

Roman: All right, here you go, here you go. I heard the phone call. I was in the neighborhood.

Craig: Prop her up for me.

Roman: I got her.

Craig: Okay.

Roman: Easy, now. Easy.

Craig: Take it easy. Sweetheart, take it easy.

Victor: Let's see. You don't want to talk about your mother or your relationship with Philip. Is there anything you would like to discuss?

Nicole: Actually, uh, I'd like to talk about something fun, like the preview of the men's fall fashion that "Bella" is going to be running. Have you seen it, victor?

Victor: Yes, I have.

Nicole: I'm somewhat concerned that our factory in Italy won't be able to get the right kind of wool.

Chloe: I didn't know that titan manufactured clothing.

Philip: Yeah, yeah, we have a company that knocks off designer originals and sells them to discount clothing chains.

Chloe: Isn't that illegal?

Victor: It's common practice and extremely lucrative.

Chloe: Well, I like what you're wearing, Philip. No one could ever tell that it's a copy.

Nicole: [Chuckles] why would Philip wear a copy?

Chloe: Why not?

Philip: Well, because... We can afford the good stuff, so...

Chloe: Well, if you can't tell the difference, would you even care?

Philip: Yeah, sure, I would, 'cause I know how I'd feel. I want to know I'm wearing the real thing. That may sound snobby or whatever, but it's what I'm used to, so...

Nicole: Hmm. Speaking of used to, Philip, how are you dealing with your mother's new career?

Philip: I really don't want to talk about it, Nicole, okay?

Nicole: Oh. I'm sorry. I-I guess Chloe doesn't know.

Chloe: Know...

Philip: My mom is working in the Hudson street diner. Dad, you really need to get her out of there, okay?

Victor: It's the way Kate wants it, son. As you may know, Kate and I are no longer together. She's, uh, begun a new life.

Philip: Working in a diner. Talk about humiliating.

Chloe: Philip, don't say that.

Victor: What do you think about it, Chloe?

Chloe: Well, I think it's admirable that Philip's mom wants to start her life over again the hard way -- at the bottom. If I were in her situation, I wouldn't want help from the man I just broke up with, either.

Maggie: Sorry to interrupt. Uh, Chloe, honey, there's a problem with your mother.

Chloe: Really? What did she do now?

Maggie: She's outside with Dr. Wesley. I'm afraid she's had a heart attack.

Barb: Salem's a pretty little town, isn't it? Oh, look. Glen, I wish we could move into a nice house like that one over there with the trees and the white fence.

Glen: No way we're going to live here, barb. This town may look all pretty and nice, but so far, everyone we've met here has been either keeping secrets or an out and out liar.

Bart: I still don't understand why we're going through all this trouble. I mean, if Stefano was so worried about this guy glen taking Lexie's baby, why didn't he just have you off the jerk? You know, throw him down the stairs or something like you did with poor old Marlo?

Rolf: I will tell you why, Bart. How should I put this? Because the big cheese is getting soft, but I learned long ago not to question his orders. If this is what he wants, this is what he gets.

Bart: And you're loving every minute of it, aren't you, Rolfie?

Rolf: Well, there's nothing like a good, old-fashioned fireworks display.

Bart: Um, I still don't understand something.

Rolf: What now, Bartleby?

Bart: Why did you leave the bomb in Maggie Horton's car outside Tuscany? Isn't that a little close to the boss? Isn't that putting the boss' life in danger?

Marlena: After you gave birth to J.T., You came to me and said that I must not tell Bo the truth about the baby's father because it would be too upsetting, that it would destroy him. I did not agree with that, but I went along with you. We were all so concerned then about poor hope. She'd been through so much. So i had to accept the fact that you'd given birth to my husband's child because you were both brainwashed. You thought you were somebody else at the time. Then i had to agree not to tell the truth about your little secret so that your loving husband would never know the truth.

Hope: Do I get to say anything?

Marlena: No, you don't! You don't. Then you change your mind again. You want everybody to know everything. Well, you know what? It's just too late now. We no longer have to be concerned about poor hope because she's had time to adjust to all that's happened. We can now be concerned about everybody else for a change. What i think is we should keep things the way they are and let bo raise this child as his own. [ Cellular phone rings ]

hope: Excuse me. [ Ring ]

hope: Excuse me.

Marlena: Yes.

Hope: Hello?

Jennifer: Hi. You know, I found the car seat but it has Isaac's name on it. Is that the one you want me to use?

Hope: Uh, yeah, that's it. That's it. Lexie has a couple of car seats for Isaac, actually. She leaves one as a spare at our house.

Jennifer: Okay. You know what else I have to tell you? Gram came by tonight and she brought all these doughnuts, but unfortunately, we ate most of them.

Hope: That's okay. We always know that gram will make more of them. Listen, I really appreciate you helping out tonight, okay? Bo and I should be by in about an hour to pick up J.T. Is that okay?

Jennifer: That is fine. Don't rush, okay?

Hope: Okay.

Jennifer: Bye.

Hope: Bye. I have to run.

Marlena: No, you don't. Nothing has been resolved.

Hope: Marlena, Bo knows that he's not J.T.'S father, and it's driving him crazy. He's actually already asked me. Do i know who the father is?

Marlena: And what did you say?

Hope: I lied, I lied, and I refuse to lie anymore.

John: Well, I don't quite know what to say, Bo. I mean, how do I respond to that? Is this a challenge? Do you want to put the gloves on or just take it out back?

Bo: If you were the man who violated my wife, the one who took advantage of her when she didn't know who she was, yeah, I'd be happy to choke the life out of you.

John: It's a bit extreme, don't you think?

Bo: No, i don't. The scum who did that to her deserves to die. I'm just glad it's not you.

Lexie: Father, I want to know how you plan on making sure the dna test comes back negative.

Stefano: I am going to make sure it does not come back at all.

Lexie: How? By sitting here at Tuscany?

Stefano: Exactly. You see, I am sitting here dining with my beautiful daughter in public. This way, no one could possibly suspect that I have anything to do with blowing up the lab.

Greta: The truth? Okay.

Jack: My mission in life, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to remind me what my mission is.

Greta: Really?

Jack: Well, it's obvious, isn't it? You're the obvious one to choose, since you're such a truthful, honest person.

Greta: Oh, so from manipulation to flattery. What next, jack?

Jack: A sincere request for input.

Greta: Regarding?

Jack: Relationships. A beautiful woman like yourself has had quite a few, I would imagine.

Greta: Wrong.

Jack: Really? Are you telling me you're not experienced in the ways of love?

Greta: A bit.

Jack: Intriguing. You seem like a very... Mature person to me. I mean, at least compared to me. I mean, maturity is a byproduct of experience.

Greta: Well, not in your case, jack. You're probably the most immature man I know.

Jack: Oh. Ow.

Greta: Okay, okay, but you have a saving grace. You do. I mean, the way you are with Abby. You have an amazing relationship with your daughter.

Jack: You think I'm a good father? If called upon to testify in court, that's what you'd say?

Greta: See? There you go again, making a joke out of a serious situation. But, yes, yes, yes. If -- I mean, after seeing the way you were in Salem place when Abby was missing, I think that you're a terrific parent.

Jack: I don't play games when it comes to Abigail, which brings me back to my original question -- will you help me?

Jennifer: [Laughs] this reminds me when Abby was little. Oh, I'd love to have another child... Not with jack. Oh, J.T., How did it all go so wrong? And how am I ever going to make it right again?

Maggie: Your mother's out front, Chloe. I can take you to her.

Philip: Chloe, hey, are you okay? I'll go with you.

Chloe: No, Philip, you can wait here.

Nancy: Craig! The pain is getting worse!

Craig: Nancy, listen to me. Try not to talk. We're going to get you to the hospital. They're going to be here any second, okay?

Nancy: Craig! Help! [Gasping}

Craig: Can you help us out?

Roman: Yeah, let's go.

Craig: Let's get her up. Can you get up, Nancy? Get up, sweetheart. Come on.

Roman: Got to get up. Come on.

Maggie: Do you want to go with them? [Siren wailing]

Maggie: Are you all right, sweetheart? You haven't said anything.

Chloe: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Glen: You remember how Carver and his wife tried to set us up at Green mountain lodge?

Barb: Yeah, I know, but I read somewhere that having a good life is the best revenge.

Glen: Fine, after we get my kid back, which no one in this town seems to want. But I'm not going to let them get away with it, Barb. I'm going to fight them every step of the way.

Bart: I understand why we're blowing up the east side lab and all those other places. What I don't understand is why we're blowing up Rita Hayworth's parking lot with the boss and Lexie inside having dinner.

Rolf: Because the closer Stefano is to one of the explosions, the less likely anyone would be to suspect that he was behind them.

Bart: But isn't a car bomb cutting it a little too close?

Rolf: Well, we shall see, won't we?

Bart: I have one more question. Why'd you have me wrap that time bomb to look like a gift?

Rolf: So if anyone sees it and takes it, they will get what's coming to them.

Bart: But the boss said he didn't want any more killing.

Rolf: [Chuckles] you know that, um, American expression "blank happens"?

Bart: Yeah, and I know exactly what "blank" means. I don't like the sound of this, Rolfie.

Rolf: Well, how do you like the sound of this, Bart? The bridge blowing. [Explosion in distance]

Lexie: Were we expecting a storm?

Stefano: Apparently.

Lexie: That wasn't thunder, was it?

Stefano: No, Alexandra, it was not.

Lexie: You're blowing up the east side lab.

Stefano: Why do you look so shocked?

Lexie: No, I'm not shocked. I'm relieved.

Stefano: Spoken like a true Dimera.

Lexie: Please tell me there wasn't anyone in there.

Stefano: It is empty. I made sure of that because of you, Alexandra.

Lexie: Okay, and all the DNA samples will be destroyed?

Stefano: Absolutely, and then...

Lexie: And then they'll have to redo the tests and take new samples of Glen and Isaac, and the samples won't match.

Stefano: Goodbye, bonehead and barbie.

Lexie: And I get to keep Isaac.

Stefano: Never, ever make a move again without me, Alexandra. Understood?

Lexie: There's still a problem. My best friend hope. How do I keep her from finding out that Isaac is really her son?

John: I understand why the thought of Hope being with another man is tearing you up like this, but, Bo, you got to let it go. I know that's what hope wants.

Bo: How would you deal with this, john? What would you do with the anger and resentment?

John: Why don't you channel it into loving your family? Hope, Shawn, and that beautiful baby boy of yours. He's your son forever. It's your responsibility to give him the best life that you can.

Bo: You're absolutely right. Thanks for being such a good friend. I'm sorry if I gave you a hard time.

Marlena: If you were to be honest with yourself, hope, you would admit that you want Bo and john involved in your child's life, and why wouldn't you? You have a special needs child. You want him to have all the love and support he can get, isn't that right? It reassures you to have so many people caring for your child in a deep and meaningful way.

Hope: It does comfort me to know how much john cares about J.T. He's always there for him. And I truly appreciate that.

Marlena: Well, I don't. John has his own family. We don't just need him part-time, hope. We need all his attention and all his concern. We have our own family problems, so let's just leave well enough alone.

Hope: No.

Marlena: Hope, listen to me on this --

hope: No, you listen to me right now because it's my turn to talk, and it'll be brief and to the point. I'm not going to destroy my family to keep yours intact. I'm going to do what's best for my family, and that means telling Bo the truth.

Greta: For the first time since I met you, I actually feel like I am talking to an adult.

Jack: Well, let's not go overboard here. I take my responsibilities as a father very seriously, but let's not be so dull and predictable so that life's no fun.

Greta: I can't help but wondering if one of the reasons your marriage failed is because you put fun before your marital responsibilities.

Jack: Excuse me. You don't know me well enough to say that.

Jennifer: What are you doing back there, huh? What is that smoke over there? It's coming from the bridge we have to cross. Oh, gee, I sure hope we're going to be able to get home.

Rolf: Well, the bridge is destroyed.

Bart: Amazing what a little plastic explosive can do.

Rolf: Yeah. Now we have to make sure that the people of Salem think this is all about some maniac seeking revenge against the town.

Bart: Maniac is right. No offence, Rolfie, but you're having a little too much fun doing this stuff.

Rolf: Well, there's nothing wrong with a little amusement, Bart. You should loosen up and get into the spirit of things, hmm? [Telephone rings] [ring]

Chloe: Go ahead and get that, Mrs. Horton. I'll be fine.

Maggie: Okay. [Ring]

Maggie: He-- um, good evening. Tuscany.

Rolf: [ Italian accent ] is this the owner?

Maggie: Yes.

Bart: That accent sucks.

Rolf: Oh, shut up.

Maggie: Shut up?

Rolf: How dare you open up a rival ristorante italiano? You make me so mad I'm gonna blow your top.

Maggie: You're going to blow your top?

Rolf: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, I'm gonna blow your top.

Maggie: Weird.

Roman: All right. Hang on.

Nancy: Ahh! Stop the car!

Craig: Nancy, just take it easy, sweetheart, please. Nancy, take it easy.

Nancy: All this jouncing around is going to --

Craig: I understand. Roman, just -- step on it, would you, please? We're not going to make it.

Philip: Hey, is your mom okay?

Chloe: They took her to the hospital. Roman Brady came, and Craig got her into Roman's car to take her.

Victor: Was she still conscious?

Chloe: And in a lot of pain.

Chloe: Why are you staring at me?

Philip: 'Cause... Just that we're a little worried about you.

Chloe: Why? Because I'm not sobbing? Because I don't want to rush to the hospital to see whether Nancy lives or dies? Come on. I hardly knew the woman, and obviously, as you saw tonight, we don't get along. She doesn't give a damn about me, so why should I care about her?

Philip: Chloe, come on, you're upset. You don't mean that.

Chloe: No, I do mean it. If there's anything in life I've learned, it's not to get too close to people, because you don't know how long they'll be around.

Philip: Hey. I will never leave you. Never.

Lexie: Oh... How do I look hope in the eyes, knowing that I have her baby?

Stefano: Could you not look the devil himself in the eye and pretend to be fearless, if it meant keeping your child?

Lexie: I could.

Stefano: So you look your good friend hope right in the eyes, and you let her live in peace. You do not disrupt her life or the lives of the children because you know it is right, and you will do it, hmm? Then you will continue to raise Isaac as your son, and Hope will continue to raise J.T. As hers, all for the greater good. Hmm?

Maggie: God, what a night.

Stefano: Ah, Maggie, problems, huh?

Maggie: Oh, well, everything is calming down now, thank goodness, I hope.

Stefano: Good.

Maggie: Well, you've been sort of through the ringer these past few days, haven't you, Lexie?

Lexie: Oh, I guess word's out about the DNA test, huh? Well, for the record, I want you to know that i am sure the test will turn out negative.

Stefano: And Maggie being our local purveyor of the news, will disseminate the information posthaste, and that all the phone lines in Salem will be ringing like the bells of St. Mark's.

Maggie: Oh! Ha ha ha! Funny. You know, I got a call from the weirdest guy who was some nut case with a phony italian accent, and he was saying he was going to blow my top. Now, not his, mind you, but mine. I mean, what could that mean?

Stefano: Very strange.

Lexie: Yeah, beats me.

Maggie: Well, have a nice evening. I'm going to go put the top up on my car, in case it rains.

Stefano: Thank you, Maggie.

Maggie: [ Humming ]

John: Oh, there you are.

Marlena: Thank you. I just spoke to hope in the ladies' room. She is determined to tell Bo the truth about the baby.

John: Oh, my god. She can't do that. We got to stop her.

Marlena: You can't stop her. She's with him right now, and she will tell him whatever the hell she pleases.

Bo: Why are you so concerned about what john said to me?

Hope: Because...

Bo: What's going on? How about the truth?

Hope: Oh, god, I can't do this anymore.

Bo: You can't do what?

Hope: Keep you in the dark. Bo, the secrets, the lies -- it -- it all has to end.

Barb: You're not going to give up on this, are you?

Glen: No way. Let's check out where that east side lab is. We'll be there before they open up in the morning, make sure the carvers don't try to pull a fast one on us.

Bart: The bridge is history. That makes four perfect hits.

Rolf: Yeah...We'll take out the power station next.

Bart: What about the east side lab?

Rolf: We'll do that last. Now, as to the bomb in Rita Hayworth's car, it's on a timer set to go off in minutes.

Bart: Right. We're still going to blow the hillside behind Tuscany, right, so that anyone there can't get into town?

Rolf: Oh, you betcha! Heh heh heh heh! [ Distant explosion ]

Craig: What the hell was that?

Roman: It was some kind of explosion.

Craig: Don't slow down, Roman. Just keep driving!

Roman: That's what I'm doing, Craig!

Greta: So, no talk about your marriage, huh? What happened to being honest?

Jack: I am being honest. I honestly don't want to talk about it. Why don't we just relax and listen to some music, all right? [ Music playing ]

Jack: [ Thinking ] I've got to keep her here until Jennifer gets home. What the hell is keeping her?

Jennifer: Well, J.T., It looks like we've got this whole dark road to ourselves tonight. Over the river across the bridge oh, my god, the bridge is out! [ Screaming ] [ crash ]

Maggie: Ooh, ooh. Better safe than sorry. Mm, mm, mm, I wouldn't want to ruin my new car. Oh. A present. Oh, ha ha. Who's it from? There's no card. Must be Mickey. Ha ha. How sweet. And it isn't even my birthday. Wow. I guess I better get this top up, then I'll take the present inside and see what it is. Ooh, I wonder what it could be.

Victor: I think we should get Chloe to the hospital so she can be near her mother.

Chloe: No. That's okay. I'll just wait to hear what happens... But I would like to go home. Can you take me home, Philip?

Philip: Oh, yeah, sure.

Chloe: Thanks. Thank you.

Stefano: [ Thinking ] what the hell did Tolf mean? Why would he tell Maggie, "I'm going to blow your top"?

Lexie: Father? Hey. I know that look. Something's wrong. What?

Stefano: Nothing. Nothing.

Lexie: You've been worried about something ever since Maggie went out to put the top up on her car.

Stefano: That's it. That's it. Alexandra, I want you to stay right here. I do not want you to move. Do you hear me?

Lexie: Yeah.

John: Where is he going in such a hurry... And out the side door? I'll deal with him later. I got to talk to hope.

Marlena: No. You can't interfere. Even if you stopped hope from telling him now, she'll tell him later when they're alone... Although it may be too late already.

Bo: What are you talking about? What lies? What secrets?

Hope: It's time you knew the truth.

Lexie: Why did father rush out like that? What did I say to make him...

Lexie: [ Screams ]