Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/18/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By Barbara Grant

The Diner

Abe is going into the diner when Roman comes up.  They talk about the case and Abe tells him how Cameron wants him to sell Roman out.  He explains the deal that Cameron offered him and Roman tells him to take it.   Abe refuses but Roman tells him that Brady has a solid case without him.  Abe says, “not if Marlena testifies.” (Hint, hint!)  They get a table inside and continue to talk about Marlena testifying.  Roman doesn’t want to drag her into this.  Abe tries to talk him into it but Roman refuses.  Roman tells Abe that Brady just wants to punish Doc and the way he can win is by not letting that happen.  Roman then leaves and Faye comes over to talk to Abe.  She tells him that her husband will be out of jail soon.  She tells Abe that he should stay away from him.  She doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

Kate comes out of the bathroom with a sewing kit she borrowed from Kaye.  She shortened it to get better tips.  A hateful customer starts calling a waitress over and Kate decides to take him.  She lays it on thick and warms him up fast.  Even Faye is impressed. Kate continues to rack up points with the customers making the owner VERY happy.  Faye tries to talk to Kate again about Nicole and Victor.  Kate tells Faye that she just wants to mind her own business right now and focus on getting back to the top.  Later she starts feeling more pain and goes outside for some air.  Roman finds her doubled over in pain and tries to help.  She passes out in his arms as he gets blood on her hands.

Hattie comes in wearing a scarf and glasses.  Faye is shocked to see her and wants to know what she’s doing there.  She orders her usual from Faye and tells her that she’s meeting someone.  Rolfe then comes in and Faye says he’s cute.  Hattie introduces him as Dr. Steiner and Faye goes off to get her order.  Rolfe then asks Hattie what they are doing there.  She asks about “the future” she was promised.  She threatens to leave town if she doesn’t get Marlena’s life.  Rolfe asks her what she’ll do if she leaves.  He wonders why she’d leave all her friends.  Hattie tells Rolfe that he just doesn’t want to see her happy.  Rolfe starts throwing compliments at her and she softens up for a moment.  She then tells Rolfe that she’s calling the shots and is tired of Rolfe telling her what to do.  She threatens to go to the police and tell them about his plan for Marlena.  Rolfe grabs her arm really hard and scares her.  He threatens her to keep her mouth shut about the plan.  She gets really scared and promises to keep her mouth shut.  Rolfe then gives her a big wad of cash to placate her.  Hattie is stunned and back under Rolfe’s spell.  She runs off to go shopping.

The Penthouse

There’s a replay of John almost falling off the balcony.  He recovers quickly much to Brady’s relief.  John is impressed with how quickly Brady rushed to “rescue him.”   Belle then comes in looking sullen.  John asks her what’s wrong and she says “high school in general.”  All she says is that “Brady was so right about Chloe” when the doorbell rings.  It’s Brady’s lawyer with “good news.”  She tells them that she believes that Abe will testify against Roman.  John is skeptical.  Cameron believes that he’ll do it to avoid trouble with his custody battle.  Belle tries to leave when Cameron asks her to wait.  She wants Belle to testify and Brady wants to keep her out of it.  Belle says she’ll help.  Brady still plays the nice guy and doesn’t want her to do it.  Cameron tells Belle that she could just make a written statement.  She then tells Brady that she can get Roman off the force and also get his pension and 1 million dollars.  Belle thinks that would be too harsh.  She tells John that he can’t let this happen.  John tells Brady he can get what he wants and still be the “bigger man.”  Cameron wants to still go after the pension and tries to joke about her “commission.”  Belle finally tells John that if the case is settled it will be “one less thing.”  John then tells Cameron to go ahead as she leaves.  Brady then tries to find out what happened with Chloe.  Belle doesn’t want to talk about it and goes to her room.  John then asks Brady if he’ll be upset if Chloe stops coming around.  Brady pleads the 5th so John leaves to go check on Belle.  Brady thinks how happy he’ll be when Marlena comes home and finds out they settled the suit against Roman.

Chloe goes into dotcom and immediately gets taunted by students.  Phillip comes in and starts defending her.  They easily go away in a huff.  Mimi is still standing there and Phillip yells at her too.  They both walk away as Jan comes up.  Mimi asks her why she’s so happy.  Jan says it’s due to the fact that Jan has the tape.  Mimi wants to see it immediately.  Another couple comes up and the guy asks where Jason is. Jan says she doesn’t know but the other girl says he’s resting after their game of “one on one.”  Jan starts shooting venom at her and says that Jason was taking his little brother somewhere.  The guy then says, “I thought you didn’t know where he was?”  The other girl then tells him to decide who is lying before they both walk away.

Phillip and Chloe sit down and try to catch up on what happened while he was gone.  Chloe tells him that it was awful without him.  She quickly becomes overly sensitive and things get tense.  Phillip then tells her that Victor told her that he couldn’t see her anymore.  Phillip thinks that Victor will get over it as Chloe starts looking guilty.  She tells Phillip how she blurted out Victor’s secret to Brady and he must be really mad about that.    Phillip is angry and jealous.  They inevitably get into a big fight and Jan and Mimi are thrilled when they notice.  They try and eavesdrop and only get parts of the conversation.  Finally Chloe walks out very upset.  She runs into Susan and talks to her about the diet buddy system.  She invited Susan back to her house to talk about it and Susan agrees.

Jan finally shows Mimi the tape of Chloe in the shower and Mimi finally has second thoughts.  Jan is guilt-free of course and continues to look at the tape with a big smile.
Credits Roll.