Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/18/01



Days of Our Lives Update-- U.S. Wednesday 4/18/01

By Barbara Grant

Jack and Greta

Jack, Greta and Abbey are still in Salem Place.  She tries to leave and Jack wants to go with her.  He gets his way and they go back to her apartment.  Jack starts checking out and critiquing the décor.  He is acting very strangely and Greta looks very confused.  He teases that he’s trying to get dirt for the tabloids on the princess.  He then tells her that she’s “the woman for him.”  Greta is even more confused until Jack explains that he wants Greta to decorate his house to make it the way Jennifer would like it.    She resists at first but somehow Jack charms her into it.  The catch is that he’s only giving her 24 hours! 

Sami and Austin

Sami and Austin back to Sami’s apartment with Will in tow.  Austin wants to call the hospital when there’s a knock on the door.  Sami distracts Austin with Will when she goes to answer the door.    It’s Lexie.  She came by to drop off a gift for Sami to congratulate her on getting Will back.  She then tries to bond with Sami by telling her about her situation with Isaac.  Austin interrupts when he comes out of the kitchen with Will.   When they remind him that Lexie is a doctor he asks her to “take care of daddy.”  Lexie tells him that there are great doctors taking care of him and he’ll get better soon.  Austin then takes Will back to his place to leave them alone to talk.  Lexie then starts to ask Sami what Brandon had to do to help her get Will back.  She asks her if Brandon did anything illegal.  Sami avoids the questions but finally tells her that they used methods that not everyone would agree with.  Sami tells Lexie that he would do anything for a friend.  Sami tells Lexie to do what she needs to do to keep her son.  They hug and Lexie leaves to go meet Brandon at the Blue Note.  Austin and Will then return.  Sami opens her gift and it’s a picture frame.  She immediately goes to put a picture of Will and Austin in it. She holds it to her chest and says, “My two guys.”  Will then runs in and they have a goofy but sweet bonding session about dinner.   Sami is thrilled at their pretend family moment.

Nicole and Henderson

Nicole and Henderson are riding in the limo.  Henderson is dressed up in a jumpsuit and baseball cap.  Nicole teases him about his look.  Henderson then congratulates Nicole on becoming president of Titan.  Nicole then flashes back with glee to her fight with Kate.  She tells Henderson that “life is good.”  She gloats over everything that Kate has lost.  Henderson is disgusted by her behavior.  He tries to lecture her and Nicole won’t hear about it.  Nicole then tells Henderson that Kate has killed to get what she wants so he shouldn’t pity her.  Henderson then lectures Nicole about karma and how it will come back to haunt her.  Nicole then tells Henderson that she’ll haunt him if he doesn’t show up.  Nicole then lectures Henderson on his loyalty. She threatens him and he assures her that his loyalty is in the right place.

Kate Scavenges

Kate goes into the Kiriakis stables looking for valuables.  She takes some blankets out of the chest.  She then looks for her saddle and can’t find it.  She realizes that Victor took everything.  She is still wincing in pain.  She sucks it up and continues to look for stuff she can sell.  She starts plotting how she can start using men to get what she wants again.  She tells herself that she still has Victor’s son over Nicole.  She goes back to the house and digs through the ashes.  She finally finds a diamond bracelet and slips it in her pocket just as Nicole walks up.  They then have their usual hateful exchange, as Nicole demands to know what she put in her pocket.  Kate reaches in her pocket and throws soot in Nicole’s face.  Things continue to get ugly even though Kate is obviously still in pain.  A great catfight then breaks out.  The bracelet falls to the ground and they both grab for it.  It breaks in half and they continue to fight until Kate falls to the ground in pain.  Kate quickly recovers and runs away as Henderson comes in.  He tells Nicole he would have been there sooner if he didn’t twist his ankle.  He then asks if Kate found something and comments on how Nicole’s clothes are ruined.  Nicole tells him that she’s leaving to clean up and will be back in a few hours.  Henderson whines, “You’re leaving me alone?”  Nicole answers, “Yes Braveheart.”  Henderson asks what he should do if he finds something of value.  Nicole then threatens him to lose any thoughts of skipping town with the family jewels.  She then leaves him to dig through the ashes for valuables.

Hope and Jennifer

Brandon shows up at the Blue Note and sees Hope and Jennifer still talking.   Jennifer is telling Hope that there is no chance of them reconciling.  Hope tells Jen that Jack is trying to win her back.  Jen still believes that everything Jack is doing is purely for Abbey’s benefit.  Hope starts to tell Jen that maybe it would be better that Jen moves on with her life instead of  “in” with Jack.  At that point Jen notices that Brandon is at the bar.  Hope starts talking him up as a hot single guy.  Hope then calls Brandon over to their table.  Jen is totally embarrassed.  Brandon is his usual charming self and even compliments Jen.  (He remembered meeting her at the hospital)  Hope tries to leave them alone to go to the bar.  Jen won’t let her and confesses to Brandon that Hope is trying to convince her she should be dating.  Brandon compliments Jen again but confesses that he’s there to meet someone.  Hope starts fishing for details but Brandon won’t give up a name.  All he talks about it how beautiful she is.  She finally shows up and much to their surprise it’s Lexie. 

Lexie and Brandon

Lexie joins Brandon at a private table.  She immediately starts crying that she’s afraid that she’s going to lose Isaac.   She fills him in on the whole story of Barb and Glenn.  Lexie tells Brandon that he’s the only one that can help her.    Brandon responds, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Close-up:  Lexie with a real “DiMera” look.  Credits Roll