Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/16/01



Days of Our Lives Update; -- U.S. Monday 4/16/01

By Barbara Grant

Salem High

There is a replay of Chloe assaulting a student with a book.  Mr. Woods sends the bleeding student to the nurse and Chloe to the principal’s office.  As she is sitting outside, two more students come by and tease her some more.  She tells herself that she can’t wait to get out of Salem and starts missing Phillip.  Nancy shows up and Chloe gives her the usual hostile attitude.  Mr. Woods comes out and brings them both into the principal’s office.  The principal starts lecturing Chloe.  Chloe is hostile and Nancy tries to make nice.  The principal threatens to call the police.  Nancy once again tries to make nice.  Chloe then rips Nancy apart and says that she doesn’t even consider her her mother.  Nancy then walks out in tears.  The principal then tells her that after her outburst—he wants to call the police.  Mr. Woods then intervenes and says he’ll handle it and take responsibility.  The principal reluctantly agrees.  They leave the office and find Nancy outside.  Nancy tries to talk to her and gets the usual cold shoulder.  Mr. Woods then asks to speak with Chloe alone in his office.  Mr. Woods tries to bond with her in his office.  He tells her that he understands her because he dealt with teasing growing up because of prejudice.  Chloe says that she was a bit “color blind” and always thought of him as just her teacher.  Mr. Woods told her that he learned not to let his anger control him and he rose above the teasing.  He seems to have touched a nerve as she asks to be excused.  She leaves his office and finds Nancy again.  She tries to talk to her and Chloe just walks away.

Shawn and Belle talk about the incident after class.  Shawn tells her that he didn’t blame Chloe for standing up for herself.  Belle is shocked that he is defending her.  Shawn then questions her behavior.  They argue over Chloe and Shawn walks away as Mimi comes up.  Belle tells Mimi that maybe Shawn was right about Chloe.  Mimi tells Belle not to get sucked into Chloe’s act.  Jan comes up and demands to talk to Mimi alone.  Jan tries to get her to say it in front of her.  Jan lies and says she wanted to borrow Mimi’s notes.  Belle picks on Jan before she drags Mimi off. 

Jan tells Mimi that everything is set for their plan.  Jason comes over and starts yelling at Jan.  He drags her off from Mimi this time.  Shawn comes up and wants to know what’s going on.  Mimi says it’s just “Jason being Jason.”  Mimi then tries to make small talk about history class.  Shawn then starts interrogating her about what’s going on with Jan.  He tells her that if it’s something to do with Chloe they better rethink it because Chloe will only get them back.  Mimi doesn’t listen and walks away.

Jason is hostile with Jan over some magazine.  Jan tries to play innocent.  Jason starts accusing her of being interested in another guy.  She assures him that he’s the only one for her.  She then flirts with him into coming over later.  Shawn then comes up and asks her what she sees in Jason.  He tells her that she can do a lot better.  Jan is surprised at his concern.  She asks him if he really means what he says.  He tells her yes—he really does care.  She thanks him before he leaves.  Mimi returns and Jan asks if she knows Shawn really well.  Mimi says he’s the sweetest guy she knows and very “smoochable.”  Mimi then asks if she’s ready for her second kiss with Kevin.  Jan breaks into a big smile as she thinks about it.  Kevin then comes up and tells them that their plan is set.  Mimi starts having doubts and Jan tells her that she better keep her big mouth shut because Chloe is going down.

Belle starts to rethink her position on Chloe and that maybe Shawn was right.  Shawn comes walking up and Belle stops him to talk.  Shawn is in a rush and she tells him that it’s really important to talk.

Back at the Hospital

Sami is back at work finally and reunites with Larry.  She tells him how happy she is to have Will back and how she owes it all to Brandon.  (As he walks up)  Larry then asks Sami if she’s seeing Brandon behind Austin’s back.  Sami plays the innocent and Larry seems to buy it.  Brandon asks Sami if she’s due for a break and they walk off together.  Brandon then asks her if she got in trouble with Austin.  Sami tells him that it was no big deal and Brandon is surprised.  Sami brags about how understanding Austin is and Brandon doesn’t buy it.  He tells her that Austin will never accept her for who she really is.  Sami tells Brandon that he should start dating again.  Brandon tells her that he has more important things to do.  Sami figures out that he’s talking about Abe and begs him to drop it.  Brandon changes the subject and asks her for coffee.  Sami tells him she’d love to but she has something more important to do first.  Sami goes into Lucas’ room and starts taunting his unconscious body.  (She is so cold hearted)

  Hope and Lexie

Hope and Lexie are talking in the hospital cafeteria.  Lexie asks if Bo knows that JT isn’t his.  Hope tells her yes and that they are slowly working through it.  Lexie says that now she understands why Marlena was so upset.  Lexie assumes it’s because she knows the truth and can’t tell anyone.  Lexie then wants to know who else knows the truth.  Hope tells Lexie that Bo doesn’t know the who JT’s father is and it has to stay that way.  Hope then tries to get Lexie to stop talking about it.  Lexie says she understands until she suddenly realizes that Stefano may be JT’s father.  Hope tells her that that is definitely not true.   She begs her not to talk about this anymore.  Lexie agrees one more time and Hope finally rushes off.  As Lexie is finishing her coffee she sees Brandon and joins him at a table.  Brandon asks her how she’s doing with the Isaac situation and asks if he can help.  Lexie tells him he can help by leaving Abe alone.  They don’t need any more stress.  Brandon agrees so quickly that even Brandon is surprised.  Brandon explains that Sami already broke his heart so he doesn’t want to lose Lexie as a friend to.  They then hug and make a date to meet at the Blue Note later. 

Kate’s Saga continues…

Kate is sitting in her new “home” putting on makeup.  She flashes back to a more tender moment with Victor.  She wonders how Victor could have turned on her.  She then remembers hitting Victor over the head with the poker and setting the house on fire.  She tells herself that all her problems are due to Sami.  As she’s putting her clothes away in the trunk she doubles over in pain.  She tells herself that it’s probably the stress she’s going through.  She stumbles back into the car and tries to start it.  As usual, it won’t start.

Later—Kate returns to the hospital to find Sami in Lucas’ room.  She tells her to “get the hell out.”  Sami continues to taunt both her and Lucas.  Sami then asks Lucas how the fire got started.  She flashes back to starting the fire—ONCE AGAIN!  Sami starts accusing Lucas of starting the fire in a drunken stupor.  Their exchange gets uglier as Kate starts wincing in pain.  They show blood dripping down her leg as Kate screams, “Damn you to hell!”  Kate starts threatening Sami some more before she passes out in a pool of blood.  Sami says (very matter of fact) “I wonder if she’s dead.” 

Close-up: Unconscious Kate.  Credits Roll.