Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/13/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/13/01

By Barbara

***ONCE AGAIN—Philadelphia’s NBC news ate up a chunk of the show with what they consider “BREAKING NEWS”—but here are the highlights of what I got.  (Is everybody’s local news as bad as Philadelphia with these constant interrupt?)

Salem High

Jan and Mimi continue to plot against Chloe.  As part of Jan’s deal with Kevin she must kiss him.  He tells her that he is looking forward to their kiss for the “data.”  Jan continues to insult him but he stands strong for their deal.   He tells her that it must be a minimum of 10 seconds.  Jan looks disgusted as he breaks out the breath spray.  He hands Mimi a watch and says the alarm is set to time them.  As they are kissing—Jan is obviously getting very into it.  The beeper goes off and she doesn’t even stop.  When they stop—Kevin is ready to walk off immediately and Jan wants to stop him.  She is acting all giddy and silly now.  When Kevin leaves, Mimi asks her what’s wrong with her.  She tells her that their kiss was like “magic.”  Mimi tries to talk sense into her.  Jan is all googly over Kevin.

Sean questions Chloe about what is really going on with Phillip.  Chloe tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it just wants to forget about it.  Two students come up to them and tell Sean to be careful around Chloe.  They throw out some insults and Chloe walks away.  Sean’s not amused and walks over to Belle.  Sean tells Belle that he’s worried about Chloe and Belle spews her own venom about her.  Sean tells her that Chloe really needs her “best friend” right now.  Belle tells Shawn that Chloe doesn’t need her as long

as she has Sean to pick up the pieces.  Belle tells Sean that if he keeps hanging out with Chloe—he won’t have any friends either.  Shawn is disgusted by her attitude.  Belle tells Shawn that he’s dying to go out with Chloe and she’s sick of seeing Chloe use him.  Shawn tells her that he likes Chloe a lot more right now than he likes her.  Belle tells Shawn that Chloe played Phillip and now she’s doing the same thing to him.  She walks away saying, “Sometimes you can be so—YOU!”

The school’s new heavy study comes walking down the hall to chants of “Gigantor” as Chloe and the kid’s Mr. Woods looks on.  The teacher screams at them to knock it off.    (This is one viscous high school)  He tries to interrogate one of the students about the incident.  He wants to know why all the students teasing has started up again.   She responds in a defiant manner and tells him she has her own life to worry about.

Chloe sits down in class alone and starts missing Phillip.  Just then her cell phone rings and it’s him.  The bell rings and Mr. Woods comes in with the students close behind.  He tells Chloe the phone is against school rules and tells her to shut it off.  When she hesitates he grabs it out of her hands and hangs up.  He then starts lecturing some other students about being late when a student throws something at the back of her head.  She retaliates by throwing a book at him.  It hits him in the nose and he starts bleeding.  Chloe just smiles.

Lexie Starts Plotting

Lexie shows up at the hospital to start plotting how to fix Isaac’s DNA test.  She shows up at the nurse’s station with baby pictures.  One of the nurses asks to see them later because she has to handle a lab pickup.  Lexie plays innocent and says, “Oh---the lab pickup.  That is about now right?”

Marlena and Hope Face Off

Marlena goes into her office with her secretary following close behind.   When she tries to tell Marlena about some important messages Marlena is very short with her and sends her our of the office.  Marlena sits at her desks and stares at a picture of John.  She flashes back to finding John holding Hope at the hospital when there is a knock at the door.  It’s Hope.  She defends herself about what happened with John.  She tells Marlena that she doesn’t remember anything about the night JT was conceived.   Marlena tells her that she can’t be expected not to be upset about it just because Hope doesn’t remember.  She tells Hope that she wonders if Hope wants to remember what it was like to sleep with John.  Hope is shocked and tells her that she just wants to stay angry.  She then reads Marlena her own riot act.  Marlena then tells Hope that she’s great at playing the “martyred mother.”  She then reminds Hope that their secret will eventually come out anyway so why don’t they put it out in the open now.  Hope storms out threatening Marlena to keep her mouth shut about JT.  Just as she’s saying that Lexie comes around the corner.  Marlena slams the door in Hopes face.

At the Penthouse

John, Brady and their lawyer are at the Penthouse talking about their case against the Salem PD.  She tells them that the police are anxious to settle out of court and Brady says no way.  She asks him if it’s about revenge and tells him that he won’t get Roman’s badge.  Brady tells her to just get Abe to testify against Roman.  The lawyer tries to reason with Brady telling him that the point of this case is to get damages for his injuries.  Brady says he has an idea of how to make this work.  Marlena walks in and says, “I’m glad to hear the high-mindedness of your legal strategy.”  Brady tells her that eavesdropping isn’t very respectful.  (As per John’s “House Rules”)  The lawyer goes to leave when Marlena sees that her mail has been opened.  Brady says that he did it and tells Marlena that she was invited to some convention in New York.  They start to fight when John tells them to hold off until Mrs. Reese leaves.  She goes and John starts trying to give his “I’m sure there’s an explanation speech.”  Marlena tells him to leave this between her and Brady.  When she asks Brady why he opened her mail—he says he did it because he was bored and wanted a cheap thrill.  The battle starts and John is playing referee again.  Brady accuses Marlena of reading his mail too.  Marlena tells him he’s lying until she remembers finding a dirty magazine he received when he was 12.  Marlena finally gets frustrated and gives up.  She tells everyone she’s going to that conference in New York and goes up stairs.  As she’s packing—she tells herself she can’t take it anymore and she needs to get out.

Downstairs, John starts yelling at Brady.  Brady then apologizes and confesses that he opened the envelope “by mistake.”  John tells him to go apologize to Marlena then.  Brady says it may not be a good idea.  John tells Brady that he wasn’t telling him to apologize—he was ordering him to.

Lexie Quizzes Hope

Lexie then goes running after Hope.  She wants to know what happened and Hope begs her to let it go.  She tells Lexie that it’s better that she doesn’t know.  Lexie tells Hope to lean on her.  She then explains that she heard enough to know that Bo isn’t JT’s father.  She asks Hope who JT’s father is.

Close-Up: Hope  Credits Roll.