Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/9/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/9/01

By Barbara Grant

Belle and Mimi are heading back to dotcom when they see Brady yelling at Chloe. Chloe calls her a witch and wonders how guys can stand the way she treats them. She then tells Belle that maybe Sean needs a nasty girl like that who can make him feel bad about himself.

Brady demands to know where Victor is. Chloe pleads with him to let it go. She swore she wouldn't say anything. Belle and Mimi come up to them and ask what's going on. Brady tells Belle that Victor is alive and Chloe always new. Brady spews more venom until Chloe finally tells him that Victor is staying with his lawyer. Brady hobbles off when Belle demands to know what's going on. Chloe tells Belle that she promised not to tell anyone. Belle reads her the riot act for not letting Brady know about his grandfather. She then tells Chloe that she's sick of the way she has been treating Brady. Much to Mimi's delight, Belle and Chloe continue to argue about Brady. Chloe tries to defend herself and brings up how Philip lied to her up until they were in the barn. Belle tries to dig deeper and Chloe says she doesn't' want to talk about it. Belle tells Chloe that it's all secrets and lies with her. Chloe asks Belle why she isn't mad at Mr. Kiriakis since it was his secret. Belle continues to trash Chloe and tells her that she can't trust her. Chloe says, "maybe we shouldn't be friends?" Belle says fine and Chloe walks out. Mimi shows a look of delight-but plays it cool with Belle. Belle tells Mimi that she was so right about Chloe. Mimi is polite about it and says that she's lucky that she didn't know Chloe longer or it would hurt a lot more. Belle tells her that she can't put up with Chloe anymore. Mimi tells her that if Chloe can't appreciate their friendship-it's her loss.
At the Cabin
Gene is asks Victor and Nicole what their plan is. Nicole says it's "building our new house." Gene then asks them if they're planning on living together. Nicole tells him that there's no reason for her to pay rent if Victor's house will sleep 20. They then talk about Victor's "coming out" into the land of the living. Gene also asks if Kate will keep from telling the truth. Victor says that she will because if she doesn't it will mean not seeing Philip. After a few nasty comments, Nicole tells Victor that he can't judge all women by Kate. "How should I judge them? By you?" he responds. Gene changes the subject by asking when Philip will be back. Victor says he hopes to use the trip to keep him away from Chloe. Nicole is skeptical that it will work saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Brady then shows up at the door. He tells Victor that he's angry and relieved at the same time. When he sees Nicole he then gets even angrier saying that everyone knew except his own grandson. Victor then tells Gene and Nicole that he wants to be alone with Brady. Victor apologizes and said that he was planning on telling him that day. Brady tells Victor that he was the only person that loves him for exactly who he is. He tells Victor that he treats him the way his mother would have wanted him to be treated. He tells Victor that he's happy that he's alive but very angry at the same time. Victor asks him who told him the secret and Brady tells him it was Chloe. Brady tells Victor that Chloe only cares about herself. Victor then asks Brady to do everything he can to keep Chloe away from Philip. Brady tells him it will be hard but he'll give it his best shot. They make nice and Brady asks Victor what he's going to do about a home. Victor tells him he'll rent something. Brady says he has been thinking about renting too. Victor tells him he's welcome to stay with him anytime but he should really work things out with his family. They hug and Victor reassures Brady that he loves him. Later, as Gene is leaving Victor goes to pour drink. Nicole insists on doing it for him. Gene sees this and says to himself, "I hope you know what you're doing." He then leaves. Nicole asks Victor to join her in the kitchen for some food. He tells her he'll join her after he makes an "important phone call."

On the dock
Chloe is on the dock crying. She wonders why she believed that Belle would understand her. She tells herself, "You've been alone your whole life. Why does it feel so much lonelier now?" Brady then shows up and hands her a tissue

Sami's Apartment
Sami and Brandon are waiting for the babysitter at her apartment as Brandon pours more champagne. Brandon showers her with his usual compliments and Sami soaks it up like a sponge. She then catches herself and tells Brandon that she doesn't want to talk about how Austin doesn't appreciate her. Brandon tells her he's through talking about Austin. Sami is happy and tells him now they can focus on being "two best friends out on the town." She then offers him a snack of Will's favorite cereal. Brandon encourages her to drink her champagne and "let loose." Sami tells him how happy she is except for the fact that Kate "got off the hook." Brandon tells her that they should focus on fun.

Fun at Tuscany
John and Marlena are about to leave Tuscany when they hear Maggie coming. John then whisks Marlena over to the bar to avoid her. They then start to talk about Brady getting a job. John is skeptical that he can with everything against him right now. John still reassures Marlena that he'll talk to Brady about getting a job tomorrow. They then start a big love and gush fest. Marlena asks John to dance and tells her that the music is too slow. Maggie overhears and asks if they have a problem with the music. Maggie offers to "mix it up" for them. John agrees and she walks away saying, "He's never satisfied."

Austin and Greta enter Tuscany and Maggie fawns all over her. She embarrasses both herself and Greta. Austin intervenes and asks for their table. Greta requests the corner table and Maggie calls it "the lovers table." (Since when did Maggie become so annoying?) Greta asks Maggie not to tell anyone that Austin and her are there-particularly Sami. (I guess Austin is in the bathroom at this point) Maggie tells Greta that "she and her family have created enough damage in this restaurant," and she'll keep Greta's secret. Austin returns and asks what's going on. Greta tells him nothing and hands him the menu telling him she's treating. They then have a bunch of mindless banter.

Brandon and Sami arrive. Sami compliments Maggie's dress while she calls Sami's "unique." Sami doesn't miss the opportunity to brag about how Brandon helped her get her son back. She calls him her hero. Brandon intervenes this time and asks for their table. Maggie almost slips and tells them about Greta and Austin. She acts strange trying to cover herself and Brandon tries to whisper, "Maybe she knocked back a few before dinner." Maggie then informs Brandon about how she's a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for over 20 years. He apologizes and Maggie leaves. They both order immediately and then Sami starts chowing down on bread. (Not very ladylike-I must say!) When the meals arrive they have a very weird eating scene. The close-ups of Sami and Brandon's mouths eating are really gross. The action culminates with Sami getting sauce all over her chest. When Brandon notices she says, "My boobs are in my spaghetti" and they both chuckle. Later, she comes back from the bathroom perfectly clean. (They must have dry cleaning service in the stalls!) Salsa music then comes on and they start dancing. They bump into John and Marlena on the dance floor. John congratulates her on getting Will back. Marlena thanks Brandon for his help. They then return to dancing. (Brandon is quite good!)

She then tells Austin that she met Brandon at the hospital and he seems like a nice guy. She then tries to ask Austin how he feels about Sami's friendship with him. Austin tells her that he won't tell Sami what to do with her life. Austin then defends Sami saying she's very naïve and has been hurt a lot. She would never think that someone has ulterior motives. He then reminds Greta about what Franco did to Sami. Greta tells him that maybe she learned from the experience like she herself did with Eric. Austin tells Greta that Eric wasn't her fault. Eric was very confused. Greta then tells Austin he's not confused. He wants Sami. "Simple, right?" Austin doesn't quite know how to answer and says, "nothing is simple." Brandon and Sami are dancing closer and closer. He starts grinding her and Sami practically climbs inside his mouth. Greta then notices and says to Austin, "for someone so inexperienced at dating…how did Sami learn to dance so well?" Austin then stands up and looks to the dance floor just as Brandon dips Sami to the floor. Close-up: Austin's stunned face. Credits Roll.