Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/2/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/2/01

By Barbara Grant

Chloe and Brady spar at Salem Place

 Chloe walks up to Brady and calls him a master of deceit and intrigue after his conversation with Abe.  She tells him that the way he manipulates people is disgusting.  She tells him that he’s trying to push Marlena out of the family by ruining Roman’s life.  Brady then tells her that she won’t win any “daughter of the year” awards.  They continue to trade insults for awhile.  They even compare who had the worst childhood.  Brady tells her to leave and she refuses.  He then tries to go and she follows him.  Brady tells her that it’s no wonder she doesn’t have any friends.  Chloe tells him she does have friends and he says, “You mean Phillip?”  Brady tells her that one day Phillip will realize that he made a big mistake with her.  Brady once again spins his insults into “help” for Chloe.  He tells her that she should forget her petty behavior and be the best at anything she wants.   (He should talk!)  He finally leaves Chloe speechless.  Brady tells her that she doesn’t want to admit that they’re cut from the same cloth—“damaged goods.”  He calls their problems a gift.  Chloe asks Brady if he remembers the first time they met.  (Flashback to their meeting on the pier)  Chloe tells him that she saw part of herself in his eyes that night.  Brady then asks to “teach her.”  (The blind—leading the blind)  He tells her that he can make her a star.  At that moment, Ms. Reese—Brady’s lawyer—comes up and Brady sends Chloe away.  Brady tells her that he has some great ammo for their lawsuit against the Salem PD.

At Salem PD

Hope and Lexie show up at the station with Isaac.  Lexie sees Barb and Glen show up and grabs Isaac away from Abe.  She runs away with Hope just as Glen and Barb notice Abe.  At that point Bo shows up and asks Abe if he knows them.  Glen explains how they met at Green Mountain Lodge.  They all go into Abe’s office when Bo explains that Glen recognized the woman as Marlo.  Barb then does her usual complaining that Glen wouldn’t let it go.  Bo then asks Glen what he knows about Marlo.  He fills Bo in about her history of drugs and alcohol.  Barb interjects her usual commentary.  Glen tells Bo how he tried to sober her up right before she disappeared.  All he wants now is to find his boy.  Barb tries once more to get Glen to forget about it.  Glen once again refuses.  Bo then asks him what he’ll do when he finds his son.  Glen says that all he wants right now is to make sure that his son is safe and happy with whoever took him in.  Bo tells him that he can identify with his desire to find his son.  However, he reminds Glen that his son probably has a lot of problems.  Bo tells Glen about JT’s trouble with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  (Can’t anyone figure this out?)  He then pulls Abe out of the office.  Of course Barb then takes the opportunity to tell Glen that they can’t afford to take care of a sick baby. 

Bo tells Abe that he should tell Glen the truth.  Abe refuses.  Bo tells him that the truth will come out eventually.  Bo continues to try to convince him.  Abe once again refuses.  He tells Bo he’ll do whatever he has to and goes back in the office.

Glen immediately tells Abe and Bo that they know something.  Abe just stares at Glen making him angry.  He then demands to know where his son is.

Back at Lexie’s

 Hope demands to know what is really going on.  Lexie panics that Glen is going to take Isaac away.  Hope tries to tell her to stop thinking about the worst case scenario.  Hope tells her that they can’t take Isaac away because it was a legal adoption.  Lexie cites other court cases where adopted children were reclaimed.  (She does have a point!)  Lexie tells Hope that she would break the law to protect Isaac.  She explains how much Isaac means to her and Hope says she knows the feeling.  Lexie then tells Hope that she must somehow understand what she’s going through.  Hope says she can never really understand because Shawn and JT are her own flesh and blood and can’t be taken away.  (Little does she know!)  She still wants to help her any way that she can.  Lexie hugs her in tears.  Hope promises that they won’t let anyone take Isaac away.  Lexie then tells Hope that Stefano will know what to do.  Hope tells her that they can handle this without him.  Lexie tells her that although she doesn’t approve—she has to do what she thinks is right.  Lexie tells her that it’s best this way.


Mimi and Belle are looking at CDs and Mimi is bragging about Jan. Belle asks her why they are such good friends all of a sudden.  Mimi tells her that they share a mutual hatred for Chloe and refers to the rat incident.  Belle tries to defend her and Mimi gets defensive.  Mimi warns her that Chloe will go after Shawn.  Belle tells her that she doesn’t care because they are just friends.  Mimi tells her that she doesn’t believe her.  She tells Belle that if she doesn’t do something about her feelings for Shawn—she might go after him herself.  Shawn then shows up with JT and they both go running over to him.  Jan shows up and calls Mimi over to talk. Jan wants to talk about “Operation Opera Girl.”  Mimi tells Jan that she’s cutting into her “Shawn time.”  Jan tries to give Mimi a reality check about Shawn and Belle.  Instead, Mimi remembers the famous kiss in Paris.  Jan then shows Mimi some photos that she got in the locker room.  It turns out that they aren’t photos of Chloe.  They then make fun of the girl and talk about how much she eats.  (So mean!)  Then Mimi has an attack of conscience.  Jan once again tells her that she deserves it.  Mimi asks for more details on the plan.  Jan tells her that it all depends on Kevin Lambert—(seems to be the school’s computer geek).  Mimi starts to panic again thinking that they are going to get expelled.  Jan assures her that they aren’t going to get caught because everyone will believe Chloe did it all. 

Shawn and Belle sit in a booth and talk about JT.  (They are very cute babysitting!)  Belle suggests they bring JT someplace better than dotcom.  Shawn says that the doctor says it’s good for JT to be in stimulating environments.  Belle is impressed by what a good brother he is.  She even tells him that he will be a great dad someday!  Shawn tells her that there’s a lot that he wants to do with his life first. He tells her that he wants to see the world like his father did.  Belle gets upset and asks him if he’s really thinking of leaving.  Shawn says he’s not going anywhere until after graduation.  Belle is still upset at the thought so he asks her if she wants to travel. Belle says she does—but Salem will always be her home.  She also says that if she does get to travel—it will be with the right person.  (Shawn!  Shawn!  Shawn!)  Belle asks her if she can do anything by herself.  He thinks it must be a “girl thing.”  She goes to ask JT his opinion when she notices something is wrong.  Shawn gives JT to Belle and calls his mom.  Hope picks up the phone and Shawn tells her that JT is having hard time breathing.  She tells them to go to the hospital right away.  Belle and Shawn run out of dotcom to go to the hospital.  Close-up: Empty stroller.  Credits roll.