Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/19/01

By Barbara Grant

Barb and Glenn

Glenn goes to the honor bar to get a beer when Barb comes in wearing a towel.  She tells him how great the place is.  He starts to give her a massage and tells her that staying there wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  Glenn starts getting busy with her when Barb brings up Marlo again.  Glenn gets really defensive and Barb once again reminds him that Marlo drank and did drugs so the condition of her child could be really bad and he doesn’t deserve to deal with it.  Glenn says that if the baby was handicapped it was all the more reason to find him and take care of him.  (Ah…could Glenn actually be a nice guy?)  Barb then tells him that the baby has probably been adopted and it wouldn’t be fair to take him from his new parents.  Barb then pulls the “let’s make our own baby” card and tries to seduce him.  (She and Sami could be best friends)  They get busy and afterwards Glenn wants to go to the lounge to have a drink.

Abe and Lexie

Abe and Lexie are driving to Green Mountain Lounge.  Abe tells her how happy he is that they’re bringing Isaac with them.  He then tells her that he is completely devoted to her and Isaac.  He hopes that things will get better for them now.  He says that he hopes even Brady would drop his lawsuit now that he’s getting better.  He feels hopeful “as long as no one else makes trouble.”  Lexie picks up that he’s talking about Brandon.  Lexie defends him saying that although he’s carrying around a lot of anger he really is a good guy.  She hopes he can get past his anger and settle down.  Abe responds, “I can’t imagine anyone taming Brandon Walker.”  Lexie still feels hopeful that things will turn around.    Abe even tells her that he’s even considered moving to Paris.  They arrive at Green Mountain Lodge and the concierge immediately offers to send a babysitter to their room Lexie hesitates but Abe convinces her.  They then go to the lounge and have a drink.    Barb and Glenn show up in the meantime and sit at the other end of the bar.  The babysitter calls the bar and tells them that Isaac woke up.   They ask her to bring the baby down to the lounge since it’s “non-smoking.”  They giggle over wanting to “show him off.”  When the scene returns to the bar later—Lexie is getting off the phone with the babysitter.  She tells Abe that Isaac fell back asleep that fast.  Abe say that he’s happy just stealing some time with his wife.


Barb and Glenn are drinking.  She reminds Glenn again that he doesn’t need a baby when he has her to keep him happy.


Greta and Alice

Greta is in Salem Place when she runs into Alice.  She asks Alice why she’s out so late.  Alice tells her that she’s giving Jack and Jennifer some time alone.  When Greta gives an “Oh yeah” type response—Alice asks her how she knows about Jack and Jennifer.  Greta explains that they met at the Java Café.  They continue to talk and Alice apologizes for not making the coronation.  Greta tells her that considering that she barely survived it-it was better that Alice wasn’t there. Alice tells Greta that there seems to be something new about her and asks her if there’s a new man in her life.  She then guesses that it’s Austin.  Greta tells Alice that they are nothing more than friends.  Alice then calls Austin “a hottie.”  (You gotta love Alice!)  Alice gets Greta to admit that she finds him attractive and that cares for him more than she should.  Alice tells Greta to be careful with Austin because of what happened with Carrie.  Alice also calls his relationship with Sami “messy.”  (That’s an understatement)  Greta tells Alice that there’s no way that Austin could really be in love with Sami.  She tells Alice that Austin deserves a woman that will be honest and faithful and appreciate him.  Greta believes that if Austin can’t see that he doesn’t belong with Sami, it’s her responsibility to make sure Sami doesn’t get her hooks in him.


Jennifer and Jack

Abbey comes down the stairs wearing a dress.  She reminds her mom that “Daddy bought me this dress.”  Jennifer tries to calm her excitement about seeing her father when Jack comes to the door.  They have a very sweet reunion that even seems to warm Jennifer’s heart.  Jack gives her a stuffed tiger and tells her that he wished he could have taken her on a real safari.  Abbey tells him that they can still go “after you and mommy make up.”  Both Jack and Jennifer look stunned.  Jack tries to joke around some more with Abbey and she tells him that he and mommy need to talk so they can be together again.  (Very intuitive little girl!)  Abbey tells him that she knows that he’ll make them a family again.  She then puts Jack’s hand in Jennifer’s and leaves them alone.  They then step outside to talk.  Jack tells her that it’s too bad it’s cloudy.  He was hoping for a falling star for them to wish on.  Jennifer tells him that she doesn’t waste her time making wishes anymore.  (Boy is she bitter!)  Jack tells her that because he’s still a child at heart he understands their daughter so well. Jennifer tells him that he shouldn’t fill her head with dreams.  She tries to attack Jack more when he tells her that he isn’t the bad guy.  It was Jennifer that stole his daughter away.  She defends herself saying she had no choice because Jack had already abandoned them.  She tells Jack that she needed someone she could count on the way Jack could count on her.  Jack refuses to take all the blame and tells her she’s just as guilty.  Whatever she says can’t justify stealing his daughter away in the middle of the night.  Jennifer continues to rip him apart.  (In a pretty hurtful way I must say!)  Jack finally gets frustrated and tells her that he can’t talk to her anymore.  He runs back in the house and starts calling for Abbey.  She comes out and asks if they are still fighting.  They both tell her how much they love her when she says, “We’re not going to be a family are we?”  Abbey asks them why they don’t love each other anymore. “Is it because of me?”  Jack and Jennifer are left speechless with guilt.


Brandon and Nicole

Brandon plays the message that Sammi left on his answering machine.  He smiles and says, “Missing me already,” to himself.  There’s a knock on the door and he thinks it’s Sammi.  It’s actually Nicole.  She wanted to see if he’s okay after what happened with Sammi.  She calls Eric and Sammi the “heartbreak twins” and tells Brandon he needs to get over Sammi.  Brandon gets really defensive.  She then tries to cheer him up with “comfort food.”  Outside of the health food—she finds hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Brandon then goes down memory lane about skating with Sammi.  Nicole tells him to snap out of it.  Brandon still insists that Sami just needs time to sort things out.  Nicole tells Brandon that she’s making time with “preacher boy Austin.”  Nicole continues to try to talk sense into him telling her that Sami only loves the one she’s with.  Brandon wants to believe that Sami is only concentrating on Will that night.  Nicole continues to try and give Brandon a reality check.  She tells Brandon that Sami knows that if she can get Austin into bed he will be hers for life.  Nicole tells Brandon to face the fact that he lost her.  Brandon still won’t listen.  Nicole then tells him that Sami will never be with him as long as he has a vendetta against Abe Carver.  She would have to go against her family if he doesn’t.  Nicole tells him that he needs to choose his vendetta or Sami—he can’t have both.  Brandon tells Nicole that she has it all wrong and that she will get back at Abe and get Sami.  Nicole tells Brandon that it wasn’t Abe’s fault.  It was their father’s.  Brandon won’t listen and shoves Nicole out the door.  She tells him one more time to forget Sami and let Austin have her.   Brandon tells Nicole, “If you see Austin, tell him he can start looking for a new woman.”


Sami and Austin

Sami is still throwing herself at Austin when he has an attack of conscience and tells her to stop.  She hands him her usual dribble about how he’s the only man that she has loved since she was 15.  (She’s laying it on really thick here)  Austin asks her how she really feels about Brandon.  He tells her that there’s no way she could spend that much time with him and not have feelings for him.  Sami tells Austin that she only cares about him as a friend and that Austin is the one that she loves.  Sami keeps trying to seduce him telling him that she’s waited a long time for this.  Austin tells her that he waited a long time too but he needs to make sure that they have a future.  She keeps laying it on thick telling him that all she wanted was to get Will back so they could be a family.  She starts grabbing at his shirt and kissing him.  “Take me now,” she says over and over.  (Ugh—make me ill!)  She finally gets Austin half-naked and he tries to stop again.  She talks him into it and Austin tells her that they need to be “careful.”  (Ahh..the old birth control topic) She tells him not to worry and that she’ll take care of everything.  She leaves to go to the bathroom and returns saying she handled it.  Austin tells him once again that he’s still not sure.  She continues to throw herself at him until he says, “I can’t take it anymore” and carries her off to bed.  As the camera focuses on them rolling around the bed Brandon appears in the left corner saying, “ I’m not going to lose you Samantha” while Greta appears in the right corner saying, “I can’t let Sami have you Austin.”