Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/12/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/12/01

By Barbara Grant


Lucas Says Goodbye to Will

Kate and Lucas are crying over the custody papers.  She tells him that as long as he continues to love Will he will never lose him.   Lucas finally signs them with tears in his eyes.  Sami looks in from the next room.  She turns to Brandon and tells him Lucas signed.  She runs to go get Will.

Lucas then hands the papers over to Kate and pours a drink.  Kate tries to stop him and takes his car keys.  Lucas then tells her that he has to figure out a way to say goodbye to his son.  He wants to tell him how much he loved him and how much he didn’t want to do this.  Kate leaves to go get Will for him.

Sami is already putting Will’s jacket on to take him away.  Sami tells Henderson to pack up Will’s stuff and she’ll get it tomorrow.  She goes to leave and Austin tells her that Will should get a chance to say goodbye to his father.  Sami refuses and tells Will it’s time to go home.  “Daddy’s going to cry again,” Will says to her.  Sami tells him; “Sorry—but you’re staying with mommy now.”  She then starts to go out the door as Austin asks her to rethink this one more time. Brandon then rushes past Austin and tells Sami that he’ll take her home.  Kate comes in demanding to know what happened.  When she finds out that Sami left with Will she starts to get hysterical.  “Sami and Will should both be in parenting class…” Mickey says.  He calls Sami’s act “unconscionable.”  Austin weakly apologizes also—saying that he tried to stop him.  At that point Lucas comes in looking for Sami and Will.  When he finds out that they left he falls to his knees sobbing and screaming for his son.   Austin tries to help him up and Lucas tries to leave to go get Will.  Austin tells him to go lay down and he leaves saying, “I need another drink.”  Mickey tells Austin, “There are no winners here tonight…I’m really disappointed in Sami.”  Once again Austin defends her saying she’ll do the right thing for Will.  He then asks Austin if he sees a future with her.

Lucas is sitting by the fire getting drunk crying about Will.  He picks up a toy and has a nice flashback sequence of memories.  (They go all the way back to when she found out he was Will’s father)  Kate comes in and comforts him.   Lucas walks over to the fireplace and picks up the poker.  He flashes back to the murder and says, “this is where it all started.”  Kate tells him that all their lies and secrets are now locked away for good.  They each have a clean slate.  She tells him that although this cost him his son, they will continue their lives and rebuild because they are survivors.  Lucas breaks down again saying, “I just want my little boy.”  He falls into Kate’s arms.

Lexie shows up at Stefano’s and tells him about her fight with Abe.  Stefano tells her that she shouldn’t panic.  He assures her that no one will recognize Marlo.  He tells her that she needs to discipline herself not to imagine the worst.  He adds that if someone comes forward they might not even care about the baby.  They would still need a DNA test if they wanted Isaac.  Stefano assures her that they would tie the whole case up in court.  When Lexie reminds him that it would take a lot of money to do that he adds, “That’s what you have daddy for!”  He hugs her and Lexie starts feeling better.  Stefano reminds her that she must not slip up and let Abe find out what she knows.  Lexie goes to leave and Stefano stops her.  He tells her that she shouldn’t go home right away.  He tries to give her a credit card to go shopping.  She refuses and says she’ll try and stop by Bo and Hope’s.  He agrees and sends her on her way.  When Bo and Hope don’t appear to be home—she decides to go to the Blue Note.

 Bo and Hope at the Police Station

An officer comes in and tells Bo that someone recognized the woman in the picture.  He said the tip told him the name was Marlo.  Bo doesn’t recognize it but Hope tells him that she’s Isaac’s mother.  Bo then asks her what she knows about Marlo.  Hope says all Lexie told her was that she left town right away.  Bo believes that Stefano murdered her.  He then gets very excited and says he can use this to finally hang him.  Hope tries to talk him out of thinking that way.  She tells him that they can’t be sure yet that it’s Marlo.  She gets upset at Bo’s need for revenge.  They continue to argue the point until Hope tells him that if he continues on this quest he will destroy Abe and Lexie’s lives.  Hope explains that if this person is Isaac’s father they could lose their baby.  When Bo asks if Lexie knows something Hope slips and says, “Oh God, I’m betraying her.”  She then makes Bo promise not to repeat their conversation.  Hope goes on to explain that Lexie has been afraid all along that the body was Marlo’s.  Bo then insinuates that Lexie may have known all along that Stefano murdered Marlo.  Hope defends Lexie saying she is nothing like her father.  Bo apologizes for the insinuation but says that he still needs to check the lead out.  Hope convinces him to keep it from Abe until he finds out if the lead it correct.  Bo agrees since Abe is on vacation.

Sami Returns Home

Sami starts taking off Will’s jacket and he asks for his father.  Sami explains to him that he’ll be living there now and she hopes he’s happy about that.  Will tells her, “I don’t know.”  Sami is speechless until Brandon picks him up and puts him on his lap.  He tells him it’s okay to be unsure and that sometimes he’ll sometimes he’ll be sad—and that’s okay. (He really does have a way with kids!)  Sami sends Will into his room and goes to talk to Brandon.  She throws her arms around him and thanks him for “giving her life back.”  She tells him she’ll always love him.  Brandon finally buys a clue and says, “You’ll always love me because I helped you get Will back.”  She then tells him once again that she’ll always love Austin and he knows that.  Brandon gets angry and argues the point.  He finally tells her, “I wish you luck” and goes to storm out.  She tries to stop him.  “After all I’ve done for you—let me go,” he tells her.  She weakly lets go of his arm and he storms out.

Fun at the Blue Note

Rolfe and Hattie get a table at the Blue Note.  The waiter comes over and calls her his “lovely companion.”  Rolfe has to remind her to take it as a compliment.  Hattie then brags to the waiter about her new nose and teeth.  He walks away talking about the place “bringing out the weirdos.”  Hattie then tells Rolfe that she doesn’t deserve to be at such a nice place.  He then tells her how deserving and beautiful she is.  Hattie tells him that they should go to places with lots of mirrors so she’ll never forget how different she looks.  Rolfe tells her she needs to learn to be Dr. Marlena on the inside and out.  The waiter returns with their drinks and a bowl of nuts.  She digs in to the nuts and Rolfe tells her she needs to learn to stop eating like a chimpanzee.  Hattie starts to get suspicious about Rolfe’s insults and tells him he’s playing a game with her.  Rolfe defends himself saying, “has anything bad happened to you?”  Hattie then reminds him about the time that she saw the dead body in Stefano’s house.  She tells him she doesn’t believe his story about the body being a “prank.”  Hattie tells him she’s haunted by the image. Rolfe tells her she needs to forget about it because her life could be in danger.  Hattie then realizes that she was right and it was a body!  Rolfe once again tells her just to forget about it all.  Hattie then tells her she still thinks he’s up to something.   Rolfe denies everything once again.  Hattie tells him she wants to know why he’s looking at her differently now.  (It’s love baby!!)  Rolfe tells her that it’s because of her new look.  He then asks her to dance.  As their dancing he tells her that if she was Marlena, they’d be dancing closer.  They start doing some fancy footwork and Hattie is impressed.  He even dips her and her eyes start fluttering.

Brandon is at the bar drowning his sorrows. He flashes back to dancing with Sami when Lexie shows up.  “Is this seat taken?” she says to him.

Back at Sami’s

Sami finishes reading a story for Will.  She tries to put him to bed.  She gives him another pep talk about how great it will be living there when he asks for his daddy again.  Sami tells him that he can’t see him tonight but maybe he can visit him tomorrow.  (Gee?  You think she means that.”)  She turns the lights out and he asks for his daddy again.  Sami once again tries to distract him and hands him his teddy bear.  Will throws it across the room and says, “I want my daddy!”  Closeup-Sami’s disgusted face.  Credits Roll.