Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/7/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/7/01

By Barbara Grant

Lexie and Abe-The Battle Continues

Lexie returns home to Abe and starts yelling at him about the Marlo news bulletin.  Abe tells her that he had no choice but to broadcast the picture.  She sends Abe out to the car to get her packages.  When he comes back she starts going through her “gifts” in front of them.  When she tells them they’re from Stefano Abe asks what he wants in return. “Nothing…he wants to make up for all the years he missed.”  “You two are certainly spending a lot of quality money together.” Abe responds.   She asks once again why he can’t give her father a fair chance.  Abe asks her how she can expect him to forget all the things Stefano has done.  Lexie tells her that she can’t expect anything from him since he won’t even protect his own child.  They continue to fight about the dead body and Stefano.  Suddenly Abe realizes that Stefano might think the body is Marlo too.  Lexie then starts getting defensive.  She tells Abe that if the father comes forward they’re going to have to leave the country with Isaac.  Abe says that won’t happen no matter what.  Lexie says she’s out of there if someone comes after Isaac.  She tells him she would go without him if she had to.

 Baby Isaac’s Daddy (or should I say JT’s Daddy!)

Glen is getting out of the shower and picks up a newspaper with a phone number on it.  Barb—his girlfriend comes out and tells him she had fun in the shower with him.  When he tells her he needs to call about the picture on the news she gets angry and tells him to forget about Marlo.  She tells him she’ll give him a son to help him forget about it.  Glen is insistent on finding out about his son.  He calls the TV station to get the police information.  Barb tells him that if he really loves her he’ll forget about Marlo and her kid.

The Gang Leaves Brisco’s

Nicole and Victor are leaving Gene’s office as he gives her a playful squeeze.  “That girl is leading him around by the….nose,” Gene says to himself.

Austin chases Brandon and Sami into the parking lot telling her not to go after Kate.  He reminds her that they don’t have Will’s passport so they can’t run off with him.  Mickey tells her that Austin’s right and they don’t have to worry about Will being kidnapped.  Sami agrees not to barge in but says she still won’t give Lucas a chance to run.  They all agree to go to the mansion “quietly.”

Kate is driving home telling herself to focus.  All she has to do is get that tape locked away and she is “home free.”

The Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole and Victor are lurking outside the mansion.  She leaves him to listen at the French doors as she goes to enter the front of the house.  It starts to rain again and Victor leaves to go to the car.

Lucas enters the mansion and Henderson is at the door with Will.  He picks him up and tells him that “their big adventure” is going to happen tonight.  He has a drink with Will.  (Very pathetic sight—hopefully it’s orange juice in Will’s glass)  He toasts their “excellent adventure” as Will asks him if something is wrong.  Lucas tells him how smart he is.  (Makes Dad look like a genius)  He tells him that daddy did something wrong and needs to go away as a punishment.  But he tells him that Will is going with him because they are “partners.”  Kate comes in and Will runs up to her saying that  “are going on an adventure.”   The phone rings and Kate gets a call about Lucas’ trip to Belize.  She angrily tells the person on the phone the trip is cancelled.  She looks at Lucas in disgust and sends Will away.  Kate tells him he can’t go because Sami will give the tape to Roman.  Lucas is his usual indignant self.  She tells him she can’t let Will grow up on the run with a drunken father.  Lucas tells Kate she’s only out for herself.  “And you’re not,” she says.  “Why don’t you think—for once?  Are you doing this for Will?  Or are you doing this for yourself?” (How did Kate FINALLY buy a clue?)  She tells him Will deserves a better life.  She admits that at least Will will be living with someone who loves him.  Will comes back in with cookies and Lucas tells Kate to tell Will what’s going on.  Kate tells him he’s going to live with mommy.  Will goes over to Lucas and asks if he’ll come too.  Kate tells him that he can’t. Lucas hugs him and asks Kate to let him take him. She says no.  They brought this on themselves and they have to pay the price.  At that point Sami barges in and starts mouthing off.  “Not in front of him.” Lucas says.  Sami grabs Will and tells him how excited she is that they’ll be living together.  Will asks her if she’s going to be “staying here with me and daddy.”  Sami hugs him and looks at Lucas angrily.  Sami explains that daddy can’t come.  Will returns to Lucas and Kate asks Sami why she had to come there. Sami responds, “It’s more like who’s here.  Brandon..Mickey…and guess who else…Austin!”  She smugly goes back to Will and Lucas.  Sami calls Mickey in with the custody papers.  Lucas wants to know how they were drawn up so quickly and Mickey explains that Kate already agreed to the deal.  Kate signs the papers first and then tells Lucas to do it.  Lucas yells at his mom for having this all worked out ahead of time.  Kate tells him that she had to think for him.  Lucas tells her that he won’t do what she tells him.  Mickey picks up the papers and holds them out to sign again.

The Kiriakis Stables

Philip and Chloe are asleep in the stables.  Philip dreams about telling Chloe that he just wanted to hold her.  Chloe wakes up and starts touching Philip.  He wakes up and she tells him that it’s late and she should go.  Philip then quotes Romeo and Juliet—much to Chloe’s surprise.  “Boy do you make me wanna stay.” She says as she falls back into his arms.  They gush over each other some more.  Chloe then commends Philip on not pressuring her into sex.  Philip tells her again that they don’t have to rush anything.  He then talks about “the rest of their lives” and Chloe smiles about it this time.  Philip then says, “My dad is going to love you.”  (Oops!)    When Chloe questions him, Philip says that sometimes he forgets he is actually dead.  (ahh..maybe because he isn’t!)  Chloe then gives him more sympathy for losing his father.  “Let me get to know him through your memories.”  They rest awhile longer as a car door stirs Chloe.  Philip reassures her that no one would come in.  She tells him that she trusts him.  More napping and then they wake up again because Philip’s arm gets tired.  Suddenly Victor walks in on them and Chloe screams hysterically.  Victor apologizes and says he’ll wait outside.  Chloe goes totally nuts on Philip for lying about Victor.  She accuses him of setting her up to get her in bed.  “I helped you keep up a big lie!”  Philip can’t get a word in edgewise.  (She’s pretty pissed)  She quickly gets dressed and shoves her bra in her jacket and runs out and straight into Victor.  At first he tries to calm her down.   He then gives her a pretty serious threat.  “You are dealing with Victor Kiriakis and that can be very dangerous.”  Chloe promises not to say anything and runs away saying, “I think I’m going to be sick.” 

Victor returns to the stable to find Philip beating up a hay bail with a shovel.  He blames Kate saying this all happened because of her betrayal.  Victor apologizes for ruining the night.  Philip tells him they didn’t make love—they just held each other.  He then tells Victor that he’s going to lose her now.  Victor tells him to give her time.  When he tells her the whole story she’ll forgive him.  Philip tries to go after her and Victor tells him to wait.  They need to let it cool down for a little bit.  Victor confesses that he threatened Chloe.    Philip gets angry and goes after Chloe.

Craig and Nancy Hunt for Chloe

Craig continues to ride Nancy about keeping Chloe’s father a secret.  Nancy notices that Chloe’s purse is on the couch.  She gets upset and believes she was kidnapped.  She goes to call the police and Craig grabs the phone from her hands.    He suggests that she call Belle.  Belle tells them to look for her and Philip at Salem Place or dotcom.  They leave to go find them and see muddy footprints outside.  Nancy once again determines that Chloe was kidnapped and gets hysterical.  Craig plays the voice of reason and they go to look for her.

Craig and Nancy find Chloe by the side of the road.  Craig jumps out of the car.  When he tries to hug her she screams at him not to touch her.  He keeps trying to calm her down when Philip comes running up with his shirt open.  Chloe screams and runs away.  Craig starts asking Philip what he did to her and Philip runs back to his car.  Craig goes after Chloe and she gets more hysterical.  Nancy comes running up and starts comforting Chloe.  She asks her what happened.  She asks her if Philip hurt her and she says yes.  Nancy finds the bra in her pocket.  Chloe says she can’t tell Nancy what happened.  Nancy starts filling in the details.  “You don’t have to say.  I know what happened.”  (Could this be the first clue of what happened with Nancy and Chloe’s father?)  She finally asks Chloe flat out, “He raped you—didn’t he?”  Chloe looks up into Nancy’s face and says, “Yes.”  Camera pans to a very angry Craig.  Closeup: Chloe hysterical in Nancy’s arms.