Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/5/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/5/01

By Barbara Grant

Lexie joyously tells Stefano that someone identified the missing woman as someone other than Marlo.  They hug with joy.  Lexie tells him that he was absolutely right in getting rid of the remains because now this person won’t have a body to look at.  Stefano says they should open some champagne and Lexie suggests they go shopping instead.  Stefano lights up and says; “you don’t mind being in public with me.”  Lexie responds, “I may even let you buy me something.”  Lexie and Stefano continue their love fest and Stefano tells her, “you’ll always be my little girl.”  Lexie tells him he’s changed and it’s shamed that no one will believe it.  Stefano tells her, “face it…your father is one hell of a nice guy.”  …And they giggle some more.  Lexie then tells him that he needs to warm up the “house of usher.”  She suggests some flowers and pictures.  Stefano whips out photos of Isaac and Lexie is delighted to find out he carries them in his wallet.  Stefano then shows her that he carries her picture too.  Lexie then jokes about the photos of Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin…and says they should leave to go shopping.  When they are done they go to a bar and Lexie orders a cappuccino.  Stefano tells her they should have martinis.  Lexie reminds her that it’s only 5 0’clock.  Stefano tells her a romantic story about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor having a martini every day at 5.  Lexie is enthralled and says that they need to do this more often.  The bartender brings their martinis and asks if he can turn the TV on to watch the end of the game.   News alert comes on the TV and they flash the picture of Marlo.  Lexie goes back to panicking.

Scene shifts to a man watching the TV.  He leans in to the screen and says, “Marlo?”

A soaked Chloe and Philip go into the Kiriakis stables and start making out.  Philip goes into a chest and pulls out some blankets.  As he smiles back at her Chloe flashes back to playing in the rain when Philip.  Philip tells her how much he wants her.  Philip then comes over and takes her hand.  They start kissing passionately and Chloe breaks away.  She apologizes and says she’s new at this.  Philip tells her it’s okay because he is too.  Chloe is shocked to find out that he hasn’t been with anyone else.  He then tells her how glad he is that they will share their first time and they’ll have that for the rest of their lives.  Chloe thinks that’s a little heavy but Philip defends how much he loves her.  They move closer to the blankets and he starts undressing her.  Chloe looks terrified and tells him she’s really scared.   She explains that whenever she kisses him that something takes over that she doesn’t understand.  Philip reminds her that it’s all good because they love each other.  Even though she hasn’t said it—he can feel it.  She looks back at him silently and then Philip wonders if she really does love him.  Chloe tells him that’s not true.  She just isn’t sure what love is.  Philip tells her that love is what they feel for each other.  Chloe tries to explain how she feels about him…blah, blah, and blah.  More of their love fest.  Chloe and Philip are half-naked and she still looks really unsure.  He finally calms her down telling her how beautiful she is inside and out.   He asks her one more time if she wants him to stop.  He says he’ll still be the luckiest guy in the world just to have her in his life. They start kissing again.   He finally calms her down enough and they fall to the blankets in a passionate embrace.

Mickey arrives at Gene’s office early.  Mickey tells Gene he should be concerned about the evidence that Sami is bringing to their meeting.  He tells Gene that Kate will have no chance of winning the case.  Gene tells him that there will be surprised for everyone that night.    Nicole and Victor are watching on close-circuit television.  Nicole tells Victor that Kate will go into cardiac arrest when she finds out that he’s still alive.

Kate and Sammi run into each other outside Gene’s office.  Kate fantasizes about pulling a gun on her and shooting her as Sammi laughs at her.  She then tries to strangle her as Sammi continue to giggle.  She returns to reality as Sammi says hello.  “Nice suit.  Going to a funeral?” she says to Kate.  Kate storms into the office.  Brandon then shows up and they start to gloat about getting Will back.  Lucas shows up and says, “Over my dead body.”   They have their usual hate fest and Lucas tells her that he only had “sympathy sex” with her.  Brandon gets all “he-man” and tells Lucas that any man would be lucky to have a woman like Samantha.  “Yeah, if she comes with a choke chain,” he replies.  (Good one Lucas!)  Lucas walks away bragging about his money and power.  Sammi then tells Brandon that she told Austin that they’re close to getting Will.  Brandon asks her if he told her to still work it out with Lucas.  “Big surprise!” he says when she agrees.  He then tells her that if he really cared he would be with her now.

Everyone gathers in Gene’s conference room as Victor and Nicole contine to watch with glee.  Nicole tells him that Gene deserves an Academy Award for his performance.  Victor laughs so hard he starts wheezing. Of course he’s fine…just a cracked rib thing. 

Gene starts the meeting out by calling the allegations preposterous.  He calls the timing insensitive considering that Kate just lost Victor.  Kate plays it up much to the disgust of Sami.  Nicole even calls her a hypocrite while watching.  Mickey then starts playing highlights from the tape as Sami snarls at Kate and says “Gotcha.”   Kate calls the tape ludicrous.  Gene asks Sami how she got actors to do such a good job impersonating them on the tape.  Sami goes ballistic and it’s now Kate’s turn to gloat.  Mickey gets her under control as Gene suggests Sami enroll in an anger management course.  Brandon then finally calms her down.  Sami then plays the rest of the tape where Kate says she didn’t really care whether Sami lived or died and then she only wanted Roberto’s confession to save Lucas.   She really wished Sami “was already dead.”  The room is silent for a moment.  The tape shocks even Nicole and Victor.  Lucas starts quietly yelling at Kate for what she said on the tape.  “Did you know what was on that tape?”  Kate gets so frustrated she screams out “Fine, I said it and I meant every word of it.”  Gene gets up in disgust and tells Kate that he can no longer represent her.  “I refuse to stand by…for the destruction of Victor’s legacy.”  He leaves telling her that she won’t be able to use any of Titan’s assets for her non-business-related defense.  He wishes her luck and leaves.  Sami’s turn to gloat again as Nicole gives Kate a standing ovation.    Victor tells Nicole not to count Kate out yet.  Mickey calls the meeting over and Sami adds, “Just like your life Kate.”  She lunges over the table and tells Sami it’s far from over.  She will use every penny she has…even if it takes selling Titan to keep her from winning.  She then tells her that she’ll never get her son back.  Kate keeps going and tells her she regrets that the executioner never got to finish the job.  She storms to the door and opens it to see Austin’s face.  “How long have you been there?” she asks.  Austin then yells at her, “You did everything you could to make Sami lose her son.  You’re now going to find out what it’s like to lose a son. …I’m no longer going to think of you as my mother.  One more shot of Sami gloating and then a close-up of Kate.  Credits roll.