Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/01  

By Deanna

Alexandra goes to Stefano's house to discuss the problem with the sketch of Marlo. She tells her father that she demanded that Abe alter the sketch or they may lose Issac. Stefano is surprised that Lexie confided so much in her husband and insists that Abe cannot be trusted. He is even more upset when he learns that she has told Hope about her fears. Stefano wants her to choose between saving her marriage or son. He wants to leave for Paris immediately. He guarantees no harm will ever come to her son, his grandson. Their happiness is his #1 priority. Stefano wants to silence Hope and Lexie is worried that her father means to harm her friend. She tries to convince Stefano that this will all blow over. He hopes it will, but wants her to be prepared to do whatever is necessary.

Shawn runs into Belle outside the coffee shop. He admits that he was hoping to run into her. They ask each other how family members are doing now that they are home. Belle wants Shawn and Phillip's other friends to listen to and help Phillip as much as possible. She says that she knows from experience that friends help more than anything. On that subject, she asks Shawn about the bear he brought her while she was in a coma, and wonders how he knew what she needed. Shawn claims that they have been friends for so long, so he just knew. Shawn invites Belle to come in the coffee shop with him and she agrees. Their conversation drifts to Brady. Belle tells him that Brady is getting stronger, but that there are still problems between him and Marlena. With some coaxing from Shawn, Belle tells him about Marlena losing control and hitting Brady. She then asks him to promise not to tell anyone about this. He promises and takes a hold of Belle's hand. Shawn changes the subject by asking Belle to see a movie with him.

Mimi and Jan are at the coffee shop at the same time as Shawn and Belle, yet only Mimi sees them. Jan points out to Mimi how it looks like Shawn is falling for Belle. Mimi does not want to believe this but can't help seeing how happy Shawn and Belle look together. At the same time, Jan is trying to convince Mimi to get back into the game of revenge against Chloe. Mimi is reluctant, claiming that her ordeal in Paris has changed her perspective on life. Jan is persistent and uses Mimi's hurt feelings about Shawn and Belle to get her agree to help her with their revenge plan. She shows Mimi the "Opera Girl" web site that will include nude photos of Chloe. Part of the plan is to make it look like Chloe set the site up herself in order to make money to go to a music school in New York. When Mimi sees Shawn and Belle holding hands she goes to them. Shawn and Belle try to make small talk and invite Mimi to sit with them. Mimi tells them she needs to go. Belle wants to follow Mimi and talk to her. Shawn is confused as to why Mimi is upset. Belle clues him in to the fact that he led Mimi on with the kiss he gave her in Paris. Belle takes a rain check on the movie and chases after Mimi. Yet, Mimi is too far ahead for her to catch.

Nancy is happy to see Chloe home and tells her how worried she was about her. Chloe acts like it was not that big of a deal. Nancy tries to draw her out and express how she feels about what she has been through. The two argue about how talking about things will only make Nancy feel better. Chloe admits that she is having a hard time relating to Phillip's loss due to the fact that she never had a father. She then pressures Nancy to give her information on who her father is. Nancy refuses to talk about it right now and Chloe tells her mother that she will never love her. Nancy leaves the room and Chloe looks out the window, into the rain. She sees dripping wet Phillip walking up to her house.

Phillip comes home to a surprised Kate. Phillip is surprised and upset to see that his mother has re-decorated the house, getting rid of his father's things. She explains that she thought it would be best for Phillip's sake that there not be too many reminders of his father and of his death. They argue and he tells his mother that he blames her for his father's death. He asks her why she had his father killed. Kate denies being responsible for Victor's death and says that she loved him and wanted to be a family. When Phillip brings up his suspicion of Vincent Maroni's involvement in the shooting, Kate surprises him with the news that Maroni is dead and so is his daughter. As far as sleeping with Maroni, she did what she had to do, and she did it for him. Phillip wants to know how it was possible that Kate cheated on his dad for his sake. Kate claims that after Victor told her that he would not remarry her she panicked. She was afraid she would lose the security she had a Titan - so she slept with Maroni to secure a job he offered her. When Phillip tries to leave Kate tells him that they need each other. Phillip tells his mother that he wants to believer her, but her stories don't add up. He then accuses her of having his father's death planned even before she slept with Maroni. Kate asks him how he can accuse his own mother of planning his father's death. Phillip states that she is no longer his mother and that she means nothing to him. Wit that he storms out of the house, into the rainstorm. He tells himself that he doesn't belong there. This is not his home anymore. Kate looks at a picture of Phillip and at a picture of Victor that has fallen on the floor and broken. She vows to get her son back. She won't let Victor win.