Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/28/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Barbara Grant

Bo is back at work. (Isn’t it about time he earns his paycheck?)  He’s talking to another officer about the body found in the lake.  He wonders why they still can’t find out who she is.  The officer says Commander Carver is in charge and playing it “very close to the vest.’  Bo looks in Abe’s office and sees him staring at his computer.  “It looks like he’s seen a ghost,” he comments.    Abe flashes back to Lexie telling him to change the picture so it doesn’t look like Marlo.  At that point Bo comes into his office and asks him if he’s okay.  He offers to take the photo to the papers for him.  Abe gets very defensive and says no one can see it.   Bo asks him why he doesn’t want to publish the picture.   Abe starts to look guilty and Bo backs off.  He tells Abe to do what he thinks is right.  With these words Abe tells Bo to go ahead and publish the picture.    He leaves with it.   Abe sits at the computer staring at the photo apologizing to Lexie.  He says to himself that this is the right thing and nothing will make them lose Isaac.

Bo runs into Shawn in the hallway of the station.  They go into an interrogation room and Shawn tells him that he is worried about him.   He says he wants him to know that he doesn’t have to hide his feelings about Victor.   Shawn tells Bo that he can talk to him if he wants.   Bo says that both Victor and Shawn were strong men but in different ways.  He tells Shawn he inherited that strength.  Bo then says thanks and that he does need to say a few things.  He tells him it has always been difficult to talk about Victor.  He said Victor’s whole life was always like some sort of chess game.  He told Shawn he pretended to be a loyal son to Victor before he was born.  He said he was trying to do it in order to put Victor in jail—but in reality he wanted to get to know who his real father was.  He said he never really succeeded in knowing him.  When he found out Bo was only pretending to be his loyal son—Victor still forgave him.  Bo said, “he loved me.”  Shawn acknowledged that Victor really loved his family.  Shawn said he’s sorry he never got to know Victor better.  Bo then says that part of him doesn’t really believe that Victor is dead and this is another one of his deceptions.  (Well---ah duh!)

Lucas is brining suitcases to the door carrying Will when Kate comes in.  Kate demands to know what’s going on.  She tells him it’s too soon to go to India.  Lucas says he’s leaving the country but not to India.  “They don’t have cable TV there.”  He then tells her this is the last time he’s running away from Sami.  Kate tells him not to worry.  Now that she has Victor’s money---Sami doesn’t stand a chance.  A woman comes to the door and Lucas mistakes her for the driver.  It’s Kate’s designer and she immediately gets demanding and pushes the woman around.  There’s another knock at the door and it’s an officer serving Lucas with papers.  Kate tells him there is nothing he can do about the papers. He demands Will’s passport and Lucas gives it to him angrily.  He then yells at his mother for giving in to them.  Kate tells them it’s a small victory but they can’t compete with Victor’s money.  Lucas asks her what he should do now?  She tells him that she could care less—she has better things to do.  Lucas leaves in a huff.

Nicole, Philip and Victor show up at Gene’s vacation home.  Victor goes to get a drink and a nurse comes up and scolds him.  (I guess she was already there)  He tells Nicole that he told her he didn’t want her there and then threatens to fire the nurse for treating him like a child.  She goes away in shock.  Philip then tries to fawn over him and Victor stubbornly insists that he’s fine.  He then tells Philip he’s going to stay there and rest while Philip goes to see his mother.  Philip protests saying he isn’t going anywhere and that he never wants to see Kate again after what she did.  He tells her that he can’t be sure she did try to kill him.  Philip then asks him why he is still playing dead.  Victor explains that he wants to go to his own funeral and hear his own eulogy.  Philip agrees that the thought of being able to do that is pretty cool.  (Huh?  That’s enough to satisfy him!)  Gene then comes to the door with a newspaper for Victor.  It has his obituary and Victor chuckles with glee.  Gene answers the phone and it’s Kate.  She yells at him for the court order for Will’s passport.  Gene reassures her that they can tie Sami up in court for years.  He even suggests going after her for blackmail.  Kate then gives Gene the details about what’s on the tape.  Nicole and Victor are giggling as they listen on speakerphone.  Gene then agrees to her.   Victor commends his performance when he gets off the phone telling him he’s “playing Kate like a violin.”  Gene leaves and Victor decides to gets busy with Nicole on the couch.  Afterwards they are lounging around the fire and talk about what Philip is going through.  Victor says he hates Kate for what she put Philip through.  Nicole then says she has another idea on how to make Kate pay.  It’s a way to have some “real fun.”

Brandon and Sami are walking into a restaurant when she tells him she doesn’t really feel like going out.  He tells her that maybe she’ll change her mind when she sees who’s here.  Mickey is waiting for her at a table.  Mickey tells Sami that he put the first part of their plan in motion.  Kate won’t know what hit her.  Mickey tells Sami to focus on getting Will back and to stop obsessing about revenge.  At that point they notice Lucas at the bar having a drink.   Sami points out to Mickey that he’s drinking right in front of her.  Lucas comes over and tells Sami she’ll never see Will again and throws a drink on her.  Brandon grabs him and tells him to apologize.  He starts beating him up until he does.    He then throws Lucas towards the bar in a pathetic display.  Lucas tells Brandon that “mommy” is going to take care if everything.

Philip shows up at the mansion with obvious signs of guilt.  He finds Kate throwing a fit with a decorator.  He hears her gloriously proclaim, “out with the old. In with the new!”    She says she’s going to tear down this museum “of unnatural history” and hopes Victor is looking up from hell when she does it.  When the designer protests---she talks down to her and throws her out.  After her display Philip walks in looking disgusted.

Lexie is holding Isaac obsessing about the situation.  She tells herself she needs to “do what she has to do.”  (Very evil look on her face!)  Hope shows up at Lexie’s with JT’s and she notices how sad she is.  Hope asks if it is because Abe found out who the body.  Hope tells her how Roman showed them the picture and she hopes someone will recognize her.  Lexie flips out and says she hopes they will leave it all alone.  She asks Hope if she would help her if she had a good reason.  Hope starts putting the pieces together and asked if she thinks the woman in the picture might be Isaac’s mother—Marlo.  When they bring up the Stefano connection—Hope then says anything could be possible.  Maybe she was even murdered.  Hope then reassures her that in worst case scenario she has nothing to worry about with Isaac since it was a legal adoption.  Lexie brings up the scenario, “What if Marlo’s family comes looking for her?”  Hope then suspects Lexie is hiding something.  At that point Lexie makes Hope promise not to repeat the conversation to anyone—not even Bo.  Lexie looks like she is about to have a nervous breakdown!  Hope says she’ll do anything she can to help and will keep her promise.  She leaves and Lexie goes to the phone in a panic.  She calls Abe at work.  She asks him if he took care of the situation and Abe said it was too late the picture was being circulated.  She hangs up on him after saying; “I can’t count on you for anything.”  She then says to herself  “ there is only one person I can count on for help…. Father.”  Close-up of Lexie.  Credits Roll.