Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/26/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/26/01

By Barbara Grant

Kate and Lucas are back in the mansion.  Lucas suggests that Kate doesn’t act so cheerful about Victor’s death so the lawyer doesn’t get suspicious.  While Lucas goes to answer the door Kate puts drops in her eyes and works on the crying act.  Victor’s lawyer comes in and Kate puts on the waterworks.  Even Lucas seems impressed.  She then asks him to expedite the settlement of the Will for “Philip’s sake.”  The lawyer then says there was no provision for them in the will.  Kate says she knew that everything was left for Philip.  Kate tells him that Victor did give her an envelope and told her not to open it unless something happened to him.  She gives it to Gene (the lawyer) and the lawyer says it’s a codicil leaving everything to her.  Kate then puts on her best surprised act!  Kate says she was more hoping it would be some sort of love letter that she could cherish forever.  The lawyer says, “I’m sure you’ll cherish Titan forever.”  Kate pleads ignorance and the lawyer explains that Kate was going to own Titan.  The lawyer then questions whether or not the codicil is valid.  The tears stop and Kate gets very angry.  The lawyer then adds that the only person that can invalidate the codicil is Victor himself.  The lawyer still questions everything and said during his last contact with Victor, he still wanted everything to go to Philip.  Kate yells at him that unless he has another legal document—he better follow Victor’s wishes.  He calls Kate rude and leaves in a huff—saying he’ll do whatever she wishes.  Lucas then compliments his mom on her performance. 

The lawyer is outside on his cell phone calling Kate Hepburn.  He tells the person on the line that he was almost convinced she was human.  We then see Victor on the other end of the phone-- very much alive.  He tells the lawyer that his revenge is going to be crueler than her “cold little heart.”  (Victor is po’ed!)

 Sami is back at Brandon’s.  He goes to take a shower and she starts fantasizing about the last time she caught him in the shower.  She then flashes back to other moments kissing him.  She then says to herself, “Thank you for understanding how I feel about Austin.”  She then flashes back to moments with Austin and wonders where he is.  (Could Sami be more fickle?)  Brandon comes out of the shower wet and in a towel.  Sami turns away embarrassed.  “You don’t like what you see?” he asks.  Brandon takes the opportunity to ride her about Austin and Greta.  Sami gets upset and tells him to stop it.  Brandon tells her that they’ve both been with the wrong person and it needs to stop.  Sami decides to proclaim her love for Austin again and says that she’ll understand if he’ll forget about her.  Brandon reminds her that it’s him who’s there for her now and not “her teenage crush.”  He tells her that she’s looking at her future now.  Sami is speechless as Brandon gets closer.  He tells her he loves her and drops his towel.  They start kissing passionately and he carries her off to his room.  There’s a knock at the door and Sami comes running out throwing her clothes back on.  “What was I thinking?” she says to herself.  Brandon responds, “All good thing I hope.”  She yells at him to get dressed as she goes to answer the door.   It’s Mickey.  Sami asked him to come over to play him the tape.  Mickey agrees that Kate could still drag things out in court.  Sami gets upset and Brandon once again reassures her.  “Don’t you know I always keep my promises?”

Marlena is still fighting with John in his hospital room.  He’s yelling at her for attacking Brady.  She tries to defend herself by saying he called her names. John said she still had no right to hit him.  John then gets hysterical and stops coughing up blood.   Marlena calls for a nurse and Belle, Shawn and Brady come running in too.  Brady says, “Doc, what the hell did you do to him?”  The nurse then pulls Marlena aside and yells at her for upsetting him.  Marlena says she’s a doctor herself and didn’t think she would agitate him so much.  The nurse walks away disgusted at the thought that she’s actually a doctor.  Of course this is much to Brady’s delight!  Brady and Belle surround John as the nurse says that John shouldn’t have so many visitors.  Marlena leaves the room with Shawn.  Shawn tries to comfort her and apologizes for the nurse’s behavior.  Marlena thanks him for his concern for everyone including Mimi and Belle.  They then compare notes on the trouble with Brady.  Shawn tells her not to blame herself.  Mimi rolls in on her wheel chair and gets all awkward and embarrassed.  Shawn gets up to help her and rolls her down to another lounge to talk.

Mimi and Shawn chat a bit about the kiss. Mimi gets all goofy and asks him if it was good.  Shawn dances around the question as usual before they roll off to see Belle.  (Nothing more to say there!)

Brady leaves John’s room to go back to the hotel.   He makes one more stab at Marlena before leaving.  “You’re down now Doc—and soon you’ll be out.”  Marlena then tries to ask the nurse about John and she completely gives him the cold shoulder.  Her pity party begins as she flashes back to all of her ugly confrontations with Brady and John.  She starts blaming Brady for telling John.  “You put your father’s health in danger just to make me pay.”  (She just never wants to be wrong!) 

Chloe finds Philip in the hallway of the hotel and goes to comfort him.  She asks him what happened to his father’s ashes and Philip says someone stole them at the café.  He said he tried to run after them but couldn’t catch them.  Chloe gets very sympathetic and then apologizes for asking him so many questions about what has been going on.  Philip tells her she doesn’t need to apologize and that he doesn’t want any secrets between them.  Chloe then asks if that means he wants to tell her now.  Philip then says he wishes he could tell her—but he still can’t.  Chloe apologizes for feeling like Philip doesn’t trust her. He says she’s the only one he trusts.  The love fest starts up again and he tells her he is afraid of losing her.  Philip gets a call on his cell phone.  He tells her it was Nicole saying they caught the people who stole his Dad’s ashes.  Chloe wants to go with him but Philip says no.  Chloe then becomes more suspicious.

Brady hobbles into the hotel hall and collapses in front of Chloe.  She watches him struggle and doesn’t help.  She flashes back to her own run-in with him at the hospital.  It doesn’t motivate her any more—so she continues to watch him struggle to get up.  A hotel guest tries to help him and Brady yells at him to get away.  “I can only depend on myself,” he says as he finally gets up and hobbles away.

Philip comes into Victor’s hotel room and asks him if he’s okay.  He talks about having a cracked rib and that Nicole went out to get him a prescription.  He was apparently wearing a bulletproof vest at the coronation.  Philip starts feeling guilty and Victor says, “You just came from Chloe didn’t you?”  Victor reminds him that he can’t tell anyone.  Philip says he knows and tells Victor he loves him.  They then hug as Victor grunts in pain.

Belle comes out of John’s room to talk to Marlena.  She asks Marlena what really happened between her and Brady.  Marlena confesses that she hit him.  Belle says, “accidentally right?”  Marlena says she did it on purpose and hit him hard.  Close-up on Belle’s completely stunned face.  Credits Roll

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