Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/21/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/21/01

By Barbara Grant

Bo, Hope and Roman

Show opens with Bo and Hope returning home with JT.  Shawn stayed behind in Europe to support Belle and Mimi.  Hope comments on how everyone is going to be fine and make it home.  Bo reminds her that “not everyone” will be making it.  He talks about how Victor was reaching out to him and he kept rejecting him.  The doorbell rings and it’s Roman.  (Not liking the new haircut!)  Roman tells them that he has something to show them.  He gives his condolences to Bo about Victor first.  Bo says he thinks it hasn’t really hit him yet.  He says although Victor was reaching out to him—he never felt like a son to him.  He then mentions how blood isn’t as important as being there for your son every day—as he grabs JT close.  Hope throws one of her usual guilty looks.  Bo then tries to change the subject to Brady’s lawsuit against Roman.  Roman says he doesn’t want to talk about it.  Hope decides to leave them alone to talk.  Bo says he wants to talk to Roman about John and Marlena. He says he knows that the problems with Brady stem from his desire to help Marlena.  Roman says he doesn’t want to talk about it and the whole situation is over anyway.  He says he’s moved and he’s over Marlena.  Bo says that Victor’s death reminded him that life is fragile and that you have to live every day to the fullest.  He then says he is worried about Philip—the child Victor actually raised. Hope returns downstairs to Bo and Roman.  Roman pulls out a drawing of the woman found in the ice and asks Bo and Hope if they recognize her.  They both say no.

Chloe and Philip

Chloe and Philip are still in Paris at an outdoor café.  Chloe starts demanding to know what secret thing Philip has to do.  Philip wants to know why Chloe is grilling him.  Chloe says he was hinting about some plan on the way to Paris.  Then when his father was shot he disappeared.  She then tells him that instead of grieving he is acting more like a man on a mission.  He has his father’s ashes cremated right away and then takes them over to his mother to torture her.  (Chloe has to be the only one on this show with an actual clue!)  Philip said it was something he needed to do to his mother.  Chloe then says he’s still running around mysteriously and she wants to know what’s really going on.  She accuses Philip of not trusting her and he starts to get angry.  He tells her he doesn’t need her bailing on him.  He tells her loves her and she is more important than anything to him but he can’t say any more.  He begs her to stop pressuring him.  Chloe then starts saying it was a mistake to get close to him since he won’t let her in.  Philip still won’t tell her anything but they start to talk about their feelings again.  Chloe starts to hint that she may be in love with him too—but she just can’t say it.  Blah blah blah—Philip wants to be held again.

Lucas, Kate, Sami and Brandon

Lucas is still yelling at Kate about everything that happened before he got there.  Kate tells him that he has no right to judge her and she did everything to save his skin.  “Not to mention your own,” he adds.  There’s a knock at the door and it’s Sami and Brandon.  “If it isn’t the Black Widow and her sidekick Mr. Cockroach,” Sami says to them.  Lucas tells her to get the hell out of here and Sami says they have to talk.  “I’m in mourning---I can’t talk.” Kate responds sarcastically.  Brandon tells her that he’s sure she’ll think of something to say.  Lucas tries to get all tough on Brandon and he pushes his way in.  He grabs Lucas and shoves him to the floor.  Kate tells Sami that it’s charming that she brought her own “bouncer” by.  Brandon then comments on how Sami needs protection.  They then whip out the tape and a player to torment Lucas and Kate.  They then play a part of the tape and ask them what they think.  Lucas rushes Brandon and tries to get the tape.  They struggle and Brandon hits Lucas.  Sami then demands to know where Will is.  Kate says he’s at a birthday party and that he’s home now.  Sami says she doesn’t believe her and goes to call him again.  Sami finds out that Will actually returned.  Even Lucas looks confused.  Sami and Kate then exchange some more hateful words to each other.  Sami lays it on the table and says she wants full custody of Will in exchange for the tape.  Kate gets back in Terminator mode and tells Sami that she isn’t scared and that Sami better have more than the tape to try and bring her down.  Just as Sami looks panicked—Brandon steps in.  Brandon gets eye to eye with Kate and tells him he knows how she operates and he isn’t fooled.   He tells Kate that if she doesn’t turn over Will, they’ll both be sorry.  They leave with Sami showing off her canary-eating grin; Kate licking her lips and Lucas once again looking lost.  Kate tries to tell Lucas not to worry and he starts losing it again.  He asks her why she had Will brought back home. Kate said she was trying to show Sami that Will could vanish at any time.  Lucas reminds her that they have the tape and that he’ll lose Will.  Kate reminds him that she’s rich and powerful now and she’ll never let Sami win.

Sami tells Brandon that she feels like she doesn’t even need the tape with Brandon by her side.  Brandon says she will need the tape—and that Kate will put up a huge fight.   Sami says she still believes she will have the tape back soon and throws her arms around Brandon.  He gives his usual “all this and I’m still not getting any action look.”

Lexie, Abe and Stefano

Lexie and Stefano arrive home with Isaac.  (They picked him up at Celeste’s)  Stefano asks Lexie if she understands how important their trip to Paris was.  Lexie agrees but hopes that relocating to Paris won’t be necessary.  She starts saying that “as long as no one knows that Marlo is dead…” when Abe interrupts as he comes in the door.  As usual, he didn’t hear what she said and just runs in all giddy to welcome her home.  Stefano interrupts to brag about how great Lexie was in Paris helping the wounded.  Abe notices a strange look on Stefano’s face and says, “What is it?”  Stefano says he’s just admiring the happy family.  Abe says nothing will get in the way of that.  Stefano asks Abe what he’s insinuating and reminds him that he’s responsible for bringing Isaac to them.  He also reminds Abe that he is family whether Abe likes it or not.  Abe changes the subject and tells Lexie she must be exhausted from their trip.  Lexie says she’s too excited to see him and Isaac to sleep.  Abe says he’s glad she’s okay and Stefano takes credit for her safety.  Abe said she could have died under his protection.  Stefano says the shooting was out of his control.  Lexie tells them to stop bickering and goes to put Isaac to bed.  Abe tells Stefano that he may not be able to do anything about the fact that he is his father-in-law but he doesn’t have to like it.  Stefano asks him, “Why not, after everything I’ve done.”  Abe tells him that he doesn’t buy the good guy act and will be watching him.  Stefano says they will be watching each other and lets out his great DiMera laugh!  Abe asks him what he wants.  Stefano tells him to stop trying to make him look bad in front of Lexie.  Abe said he doesn’t need help with that.  Stefano asks him when the last time he did something objectionable.  Abe says—when he walked into the house with his wife.  Abe then gets all “He-Man” and tells Stefano that he better not hurt Lexie of Isaac.

Lexie calls Hope and they talk as they are both fawning over their babies.  Hope tells Lexie that Roman is there and Lexie gets very nervous.  Hope tells her that Roman had something to show them.  Lexie brushes it off and changes the conversation to JT.    They talk about the trip and Lexie tells Hope that Paris really grew on her and she could see herself living there.  Hope said she heard her say that before but didn’t think she was serious.  Once again Abe walks in but this time he heard her talk about Paris.  They go down the stairs yelling about Paris.

Abe and Lexie return to Stefano in the living room.   They pretend everything is okay—even though Stefano obviously heard.  (Much to Stefano’s delight)  Stefano asks Lexie if it was Hope that called.  Lexie said Roman was over there and had something very important to show her.  Abe says he knows what it is and pulls out a drawing.  Lexie screams and says, “Oh my god, it’s her.”  Credits roll.

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