Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/19/01

By Barbara Grant

Philip and Nicole are going into the hotel when Philip says this is the worst day of his life.  He asks her how all this happened.  “How did everything go so wrong?”  (Watch these hints—there was some plot going on between them!)

Chloe is in her room wondering where Philip is.  She tells herself that it seems like Philip knew what was going to happen.  She tries leaving him a message in his room when there’s a knock on the door.   Philip is at the door and Chloe throws her arms around him.  Philip tells Chloe how his dad is dead.  Chloe poors on the sympathy saying how Victor seemed invincible.  She asks what she could do and he says just hold me.  Philip continues to get very mushy with Chloe.  He tells her how he was thinking of her when he listened to a love song.  Chloe tells him he will always be there for him and said she really really cares about him.  He comments on how honest and heartfelt she is.  He admires her strength and integrity. 

Kate is packing and making plans when there is a knock on the door.  “My God, mourners,” she says to herself.  She quickly fixes herself and opens the door to find Lucas.  “Anything to drink around here?” were his first words.  Kate tells him she could smell that he was drunk as soon as he walked in.  Lucas starts reading Kate the riot act.  He asks what are they going to do now?  “Get the Will doll out of mothballs?”  (Pretty funny thought)  Kate tells them that they are going to leave for Salem right now.  She then tells him that everything is okay now because Victor is dead.  Lucas tells Kate that he should be thrilled Victor is dead.  Now she can have everything she wants.  Kate proclaims how she won’t let Sami win and will intimidate her with her newfound wealth.  Kate said, “no one brings Kate Roberts down—not even you,” to Lucas.  (Better be careful there Lucas)  Lucas is thrilled that his mom is back in “Terminator” mode.  Now he’s sure to keep custody of Will.  (Or so he thinks)  Kate says his love for his son is admirable.  Lucas says how much it means that Kate will help them.  Lucas asks where Sami and Brandon are and warns that they could be playing the tape for the authorities.    Kate says she has a strong feeling she won’t play the tape for anyone.  Lucas says what’s to stop her from playing it for Will.  Kate says one simple fact—Will’s not there.  There is a knock on the door and it’s Chloe and Philip.  Philip brings in Victor’s ashes and says this is what’s left of him “thanks to you.”

Bo gets off the phone with the hospital and tells Hope and Shawn that Greta is stable.  Hope tells Bo she is anxious to get back to JT in Salem.  Bo suggests she go ahead by herself.  She says no—and she won’t let Bo go through this alone.  There’s a knock on the door and it’s Nicole.  Nicole explains to them how Victor died on the way to the hospital.  Shawn asks how Philip is doing and Nicole says he is hanging in.  She says Philip is doing all the arrangements and Bo offers to help.  Nicole says no and Philip insisted on doing it himself.  (Sounds suspicious to me!)  Hope asks how Kate is doing.  Nicole says she wouldn’t know.  Hope asks if she was even told and Nicole gives a very cryptic, “believe me—she knows.”  Nicole then apologizes for her attitude towards Kate.  She says her main concern is Phillip and she’ll stay behind to help him.  Hope then asks if anyone told Brady.  Nicole says she isn’t sure.

Marlena and Belle are in the waiting room anxious to hear news about John’s condition.  The doctor comes in and tells them that the surgery went well and the John should be fine.  He says he’s groggy but anxious to see him.  He tells them that a gentleman called inquiring about John’s condition and would be by soon.   They go in and see John.  John proclaims his love for Marlena and they kiss.  Belle comments on how the hospital thing is getting old for the family. John then starts asking questions about shooting.  Marlena calls it an act of terrorism. John then asks for updates on everyone.  They tell him Greta and Mimi will be all right but there’s no news on Victor yet.  The doctor comes in and pulls Marlena out of the room to discuss John’s care.  In the meantime, Belle puts on a cute French accent and asks her dad if she and Mimi could get an apartment and live in Paris.  John says, “how do you say ‘fat chance’”?  Belle and John then talk about Brady and Marlena’s problems and their hopes that they can resolve them.

Brady hobbles in on crutches and Marlena throws him a very nasty look.  They begin a very ugly exchange where Marlena actually tries to take the high ground.  (For a change!)  She pleads with him to get past this anger for his father’s sake.  Instead, Brady lets loose.  Marlena said that if she knew he was coming she would have had a car meet him at the airport.  Brady says that’s untrue considering she didn’t have the decency to call him about his father.  .  Marlena said Belle tried but got the machine.  Brady said that she could have pushed harder to track him down.  Marlena tells him it was really busy there.  (Could she have a lamer response?)  Brady asks if she’s curious how he actually found out.  He said he found out from her “boyfriend’ Roman.   Marlena said he’s not her boyfriend and Brady says is “lover” more appropriate?  He goes on to say Marlena was disloyal to his father.  He says it’s staggering that’s she’s a shrink since she’s so clueless about people.  He comments on her cold icy stare and that her crying fits are selfishly motivated.  He says she only puts up with him so John doesn’t throw her out.   If John knew how she really felt about Brady—she would have been long gone.    Marlena says all she ever wanted was to help Brady.   Brady says why would he want her help if she has no respect for his father.  He reminds her that she is not the only one on earth who is important to him.  (She needed to hear that one!)  Marlena tries one more time to make nice for John’s sake or even Belle’s or the family.  Brady says she is not his family.  She brainwashed John into thinking she is a decent person.  He then tells her she has a compulsive problem where she needs to seduce every man.  Marlena proclaims her love for John and Brady says she only loves herself.  He says he’ll do everything possible to make sure Belle doesn’t turn out like her. He then brings up her child rearing skills with Sami and Eric.  Says between Eric’s sister, girlfriend (Nicole) and mother Eric must have felt like he was hanging out with Sluts Inc.  Brady then says he will warn Belle about turning out like her mother--a whore.  Marlena hauls off and hits Brady VERY HARD.

Brandon and Sami are in the café talking about the shooting.  Brandon comments on how the most shocking part was Victor’s shooting.  Sami once again comments on how it’s all Angela’s fault for not giving them the tape. Brandon tries once again to bring her back to reality.  She apologizes but goes back to the tape in two seconds!  Sami points out that Brandon sacrifices a lot too.  Brandon responds, “Yeah but I just happen to still be breathing.”  He then points out that he gets to stick around only to be reminded that Sami still has a thing for “what’s his face.”  Sami just throws him some thank yous—realizing herself that it sounds hollow.  Sami tells him it’s his selflessness that makes her love him.  Brandon asks her if that’s all.  She gives him a speech about how they can’t choose who they love.  Brandon then asks where is “Mr. Superhero.”  When Sami tells him that he’s with “the princess”—he asks if that bothers her.  She commends Austin’s sense of responsibility and compares him to Brandon.  Brandon says he’s very different and if the girl he loved was almost shot to death—he’d be with her.  (Well—Austin is with Greta isn’t he?)  Sami changes the subject and asks for another soundbite from the tape.  Sami savors the idea of getting Kate.  She tries to make plane reservations right away to go back to Salem.  Brandon tries to bring Samantha back to earth—saying the tape still doesn’t prove Kate and Lucas killed Franco.   Plus, they could tie up the whole case in court for years while Lucas retains custody. He told her to first get her lawyer to draw up papers to transfer custody.  Sami thinks once she plays the tape for Lucas he’d have to sign custody over. Brandon reminds her that it won’t be easy.  She asks why is he being so negative.  He says because he’s her friend and wants to keep her from playing into their game.  Sami decides to call Will and gets Henderson.  When she finds out that Henderson isn’t there Sami goes ballistic.  Henderson says he has no idea where he is, Kate made all the arrangements.  Sami says she’ll “rip that bitches heart out…if I can find it.”  Close-up: Sami’s crazed face.

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