Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/14/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/14/01

By Barbara Grant

Lexie get a pulse back on Greta. Austin picks her up to take her to the car to go to the hospital. Finally a doctor arrives and tells Austin to put her down so he can examine her. Lexie runs up and actually says, "I'm her PEDIATRICIAN I can help." (I had to play the tape back three times to be sure-but that seems to be the flub!)

Chloe starts poking around looking for Shawn and Mimi. She finds them unconsciously and Belle falls to the floor screaming. Lexie leaves Greta to go check on them. Lexie says Mimi has two gunshot wounds. Lexie tells Lily to stop whining and sends her away. Shawn finally finds Belle with Mimi and she grabs him. Lexie says she's not getting a heartbeat and Belle goes into more hysterics.

Lily finds a detective she knew from the past. He assures her that they will find out who did this and make them pay. Lily then grabs Marlena and drags her over to help Greta. The French doctor says she is in serious condition making Lily more hysterical. Austin starts reassuring her as Greta wakes up. She keeps trying to tell Austin something but Marlena tells Austin to reassure her and just quiet her down.

Brandon finally lets go of Angela's dead body. He tells Sammi she saved his life and didn't deserve to die. Once again Sammi says, "At least we got the tape." Brandon holds it up saying "There's blood on this tape." Brandon gives Angela one last look and covers her body. Sammi tells Brandon not to blame himself. Brandon said she died for me and I didn't even love her.

The detective stops Kate and asks her what she remembers. Kate says she knows nothing. The detective asked her how many shots there were and how many directions they came from. Kate continues to insist she knew nothing. The detective said it was some sort of terrorist attack. He asks her if she noticed anyone out of place. Stefano comes up and says they barely announce themselves. He suggests that the detective goes and investigates the man who killed himself outside. Kate thanks Stefano for getting the detective to leave. Stefano asks Kate if she had something to hide. Kate storms off as usual. Stefano goes out and talks to the detective going over Moroni's dead body. Chloe is outside with him. Stefano asks him where Phillip is and Chloe tells him that his with Victor at the hospital. Stefano then tells Chloe that he wonders if Victor was the intended victim for this massacre.

John is stumbling around gurgling. He tells himself to "suck it up soldier. Civilians are hurting worse." He pulls his hand away from his wound and it is covered in blood. John stumbles back in and finds Shawn. John plays doctor and tells him he has a massive hematoma and possible concussion. Shawn just wants to find Belle. John then asks Shawn where his mother is. Shawn tells him that Bo and Hope left before the shooting. John starts helping people and has more army flashbacks. He is in massive Rambo mode now calling people soldier. He even orders Brandon to start dragging dead bodies out. Sammi of course takes the moment to ask him once again about the tape. He finally tells her not now.

Marlena calls John over to help Greta. They hear Belle scream and John runs over to Mimi. He starts CPR with Mimi. They get her back and Mimi starts coughing and doing gurgling of her own. John makes a complete diagnosis of her condition and Lexie says "John! That was my diagnosis. We have to get her to a hospital." (Hey Lexie-no surprise about John's sudden medical degree?)

Kate goes into a private room and starts boozing it up. Kate calls Lucas and wakes him up at home. Of course Lucas is loaded! When tells him what happened at first Lucas gets excited over their inheritance. Kate then tells him how Sammi got the tape and Lucas reads her the riot act. When Kate tells her about Moroni and Angela being dead---he calls it a St Valentine's Day Massacre. (Had to get the Valentine's Day reference in there somehow!) Kate says if the tape goes to a judge they might as well both be dead. Lucas goes nuts and says of course she'll use it. Lucas yells that he still won't give up and Kate tells him to stop yelling at her. Kate wants to come up with a new plan. Lucas says it's pointless and they lost. Kate reminds him that if Victor is dead they'll have his money to buy their defense. She says they need to make sure that Victor is dead. Lucas panics and said Kate is making him sweat. Kate says it's because he drinks too much and that has to change. She tells him to keep focused. Lucas says fine but she better make sure Victor is dead. Kate swears to herself that she will never be poor again. (Okay Scarlet O'Hara)


Stefano now takes Chloe under his wing and tells her this is no place for an impressionable girl. Chloe tells Stefano that she's numb and that's why she isn't reacting like everyone else. She tells him her mother told her she has ice in her veins. Stefano tells her it's nonsense and talks to her like he understands her and knows that she feels things more deeply than anyone else does. He says he could tell by the way she sings and it's in her eyes. He tells her she can express herself through music. She falls into his arms crying.

When the paramedics roll out Mimi, Belle stops them to talk to her. She tells her that although they haven't been tight lately-they'll be best friends again when she gets better. She then thanks Poppa John and Lexie for saving Mimi's life. Lexie also tells John good job and walks away. Belle then talks to her mom when she walks away Marlena notices he's gone. (It really isn't that big of a place for people to keep losing each other!)

We then she John slumped over in a corner looking like he's in a lot of pain. John puts water on a cloth and wipes it across his mouth. He returns to the ballroom and sees Chloe with Stefano. Lexie hears his comments and defends her father for comforting her and Lexie. Lexie reminds him of how he saved Hope. She tells him people can really change.

They start taking Greta to the ambulance and both Austin and Lily insist on going with her. Marlena yells at Austin telling him that other people need him too. Austin walks away and runs into Sammi still in costume. He says, "Sorry people need me." Sammi belts out, "But I need you Austin." Finally Austin buys a clue and recognizes her. Austin yells at Sammi asking her what she's up to. He asks her if she realizes what's happening-that people are dying around her. (Yeah-Sammi has needed a reality check for awhile) He even accuses her of having something to do with this. He even throws Greta's honesty in her face. He says it's the firs time in his life he can trust a woman and now she may die. (It's about time Austin wakes up!) He then tells Sammi to just get away from him.

Sammi then runs to mom to tell her "good news" that she can get will back. Marlena says she feels uneasy at the thought. Sammi says despite what's around her she can't help but feel happy. (This girl needs therapy!)

As Greta is loaded in the ambulance Austin begs Lily to let him go in the ambulance. Lily says she knows more of her medical history and she should go. The driver says he could give blood and Lily says her blood type is AB. Sammi comes running out and Austin actually apologizes. (Has Austin lost his mind?) Sammi once again thinks about herself and tries to talk about their "relationship." Sammi offers to give blood to Greta since she is the right type. (Gee-what do you think she'll want in return later?) Austin gets all excited and tries to find a car to the hospital.

Brandon is wheeling a victim out when he sees them together. He gives his usual jealous look. He comments to himself on how a smart man would have given up on her by now. "Love makes you do stupid things." (Isn't it the truth!)

Belle goes in the ambulance with Mimi and says she wishes Shawn could come. Belle thanks him for pulling together for her. They hug and Shawn says he'll go tell her parents where they are.

John starts yelling orders to the paramedics. He even yells at Marlena to go help people. Stefano looks on interested saying to himself that John has made him proud. Chloe comments to him on how he is always the hero. John moves to the center of the room and falls down gurgling! Stefano sees he's injured and screams for Lexie to come help. Lexie there is no pulse. Close-up to John-with blood going down his face.

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