Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/19/01  

By Marcie

The show opens with the teens back at Salem high. Someone puts a sign on Chloe's back that says "Last Blast, First Freak" and Mimi considers taking it off B4 Chloe notices, but remembers her hair, under its scarf and walks away. Phillip rips it off and starts to yell at the class, but no one will fess up, and the teacher starts class. Belle asks why Mimi didn't take the sign off Chloe's back and the teacher asks her a question when he sees her talking - which she answers correctly. He asks Jan a question b/c she's sleeping and she snaps at him, then gets thrown out of the class. Chloe answers the question, and the teacher asks what Phil thinks - he says "she's very interesting, perfect," and the class "aww"s, but that wasn't what the teacher wanted an opinion on. Phil tries to recover, but not very well and Chloe starts to rapid-fire answer questions. The teacher teases Phil about Chloe getting better al the time and Belle looks annoyed. The students talk about how they're sick of her ruining the curve, and they all seem to agree. Belle asks Chloe if she's okay with the sign thing, and Chloe acts really snobbish about it and how much better she is than everyone. Belle says she reads too, but Chloe makes a crack about your brain being able to concentrate more if you're not worried about cheerleading and basketball as she flashes back to Phil giving her his letter jacket at the Basketball game. Chloe says that she doesn't even like basketball, she only watched it for Phil and Belle is getting more and more annoyed with her. She walks away after Phil comes up going on about how amazing Chloe is, and Shawn follows her. He asks if Chloe said something to upset her, and she talks about how they really don't know anything about Chloe, and sometimes she (Chloe) can be really cruel. Shawn sticks up for Chloe saying that Belle is just being suspicious and they notice Jan and Mimi talking. Belle is sure that those two are up to something, and Shawn says he thinks that deep down even Jan is okay, so Belle tells him "Why don't you just date Jan?" and walks away. Shawn just figures that the pressure at home is getting to her.

Jan is telling Mimi how she tested the camera and it works. Mimi doesn't want to hear it, and she doesn't want involved anymore. Two girls come over and Jan hints that she's going to take care of the ghoul. Mimi mentions Shawn and Jan can tell that Mimi is interested. Mimi points out that Shawn likes Belle and Jan tells her to give him the one thing Belle never will. Mimi catches no to what Jan's insinuating, and she's shocked that Jan would suggest it. Mimi says she's waiting until she's in love with someone special, and Jan tells her that Jason follows her (Jan) around like a puppy because she puts out for him (she insinuates this, she doesn't actually say that she's slept with him). Mimi doesn't want to talk about her sex life so Jan gets back on the subject of their plan. Mimi informs Jan that Chloe has gym last period, so she never changes or showers, she just goes home and Jan says that she'll fix that.

Greta and Austin are still with the orphans and they think it's sweet that the children are sharing the play food. Ingrid tells them that they never forget to be grateful, unlike kids that have everything. She talks about how, if the children aren't adopted, they'll never know a parent's love. Greta is worried about what the orphanages will be like - she's read about the horrible ones with horrible people, and Ingrid assures her that the foster children will be happy and loved. She mentions that the children will be at the coronation, and Greta is thrilled. The orphans are playing soccer, and Greta wants to join them, but Ingrid tells her to relax at this wonderful restaurant (the one Sami/Brandon/Angela are at) instead.

Kate and Moroni are still talking/kissing at his place. She tells him "business before pleasure" and he talks about killing Victor. He pulls out some papers he had his lawyer draw up, and she signs them immediately. She asks if anything could go wrong and he tells her his motto is "Shoot through the heart." A messenger comes with the invitation to the coronation and tells Kate about it. Kate knows the name "Greta VonAmburg" - a friend of Bo's and calls Henderson to see if she and Victor were invited to the coronation. They were, of course, and she says that Moroni can take care of Vic while he's there in Paris for the coronation. They seal it with a kiss, but are interrupted by her cell phone - it's Victor. (More below)

Angela isn't worried about her papa giving Kate the tape, and she wants to talk about the wedding. Sami says she has a one track mind and Angela tells her (Sami) that she does too "the tape, your son, the tape your son." Sami gets annoyed, but then Angela says that she and Brandon will get married tonight, and Sami can have everything she ever wanted - the tape AND her son. Angela rushes off to make wedding plans, and Sami is worried about Brandon and what will happen to him. He says it's too late to back down and he has a plan that will make the Moroni's want NOTHING to do with him and they won't come after him either. If everything goes alright, he'll be back in Salem with Sami soon, and she'll have Will back. Austin and Greta walk in, and Sami sees them, so she grabs Angela and Brandon and they exit through the kitchen, but, Austin still spots her and he tells Greta. The waiter confirms that they were Sami and Brandon (and that Kate and Victor were there too), and Austin gets upset. He says that he knew she was lying to him, but he won't get upset until he finds out why. He's worried about Sami, and says that she can't really take care of herself, although it seems that way. They talk about the coronation, and they're both excited. Greta tells him to go see Sami now b4 they have to leave, but he tells her that Sami has someone to take care of her and he Austin) is Greta's escort.

Nicole is still hitting on Victor, this time with her divorce in hand, and she's annoyed that he wants to go back to Kate. She doesn't understand why he is going to marry someone he doesn't want - she knows what that's like. Faye is brought up and she talks about how she couldn't be like her mother, and she doesn't want kids and she would be a horrible parent. He talks about her and her mother being wonderful people, and even if her childhood was unhappy, she can make wonderful memories with her own family. She says she'd be a nightmare as a mother and would pity any child she had - she has no maternal instinct. He tells her that she's just waiting for the right man, and talks about the love she has with her brother. She talks about his "great kid" Phillip, and asks how Phil would feel about the sacrifice his dad is making. Vic says that he and Kate are companions and she says that Dogs are companions. He says he misses his family and wants to go home, and leaves to call Kate. Henderson tells him about the coronation and he says he would never say no to the Von Amburgs. Henderson mentions that Ms. Roberts left the country, and Victor calls her cell phone demanding to know where she is. She's honest about where she is, but she says that she's just there to keep Angela and Brandon from getting married and to get the tape, since he rushed off to Mexico. He says that he needed to handle the crisis personally and asks how she's planning on handling hers. She remembers asking Moroni to kill Victor and showing him the codicil, but tells him about how she'll play up the family angle- not letting Angela ruin her life. Victor tells her that there better be no discussion of that territory and she just smiles and tells him that Moroni knows she has no control over Victor's property. He tells her that he'll see her in Paris, and they'll continue the discussion there. After he hangs up, she says there's nothing more to discuss. Back in Mexico, another earthquake tremor hits and a bookshelf lands on Nicole.

Angela comes in with Sami and tells her papa that she's getting married tonight, everything is arranged and he's going to walk her down the aisle, but he tells her that there will not be a wedding tonight. Angela tells him that she's been waiting so long, and he corrects her "Weeks" are not that long. He says he doesn't want to miss the wedding as he'll be in Paris, and Sami shouts that no one is going anywhere until she gets what she came for as all eyes turn on her and the credits roll.

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