Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/2/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/2/01

By Christy

Jan and Mimi sneak into the school and talk about their plan to build a website exposing Chloe. They go into the girl’s locker room to install the camera. Just then, a security guard enters and suspects that someone’s there. Mimi freaks out and tells Jan that she’s out of there. She can’t risk being homeless again. Mimi convinces her to stay. Mimi becomes a human pyramid as Jan installs the camera.

Phillip tells Chloe that he’s in love with her. Chloe starts to skate away from him, but he stops her. Philip asks if she feels the same way. Chloe tries to explain to Philip how she feels about him. The only thing she’s afraid of is that the two of them together are just a dream and that they’re people around them who are against them. Philip knows she’s talking about Mimi and Jan. Philip reassures her that he won’t let them hurt her. He asks her what she’s afraid of. She recounts when she was so angry with Jan for putting that dead rat in her locker that she wanted to shove the rat down her throat. She admits that sometimes she’s afraid of herself. Philip tells her that he doesn’t want her to ever doubt herself. He just wants to make her happy and she can always count on him. Philip tells her that she’s made his life better. Chloe wants to go back. He doesn’t want to because he has to give her Christmas present. He wrote her a poem. Chloe listens adoringly as he reads it to her. She’s surprised that he knows her better than she thought he did. It’s because he’s in love with her. She wanted to give him a Christmas present, but all she wants to do is kiss him. They kiss.

At Bo and Hope’s wedding reception, everyone is having a grand time. Lexie and Abe plan to have a romantic evening. Bo and Hope are very blissful. Shawn and Belle are enjoying their time together. Shawn wants to tell everyone the big family secret and asks his parents for permission to do so. It has something to do with JT, and Hope grows a little worried. Shawn just tells them the secret was that Bo and Hope wanted to get married before JT was born, but that couldn’t happen. Hope is relieved and she and Bo continue on with wedding tradition by cutting the wedding cake. They joke about smashing the cake on each other’s faces. Shawn and Belle engage in a little friendly bickering as Hope watches. Hope tells everyone that she’s not planning to throw the bouquet and wants to give it to Alice. She tells her thank you for helping her and guiding her throughout her life.

Jennifer is crying because of what Hope just said to Alice. Abby asks about when she could see Jack. Jen tells her that she’ll see him soon. Jen and Roman talk about Marlena. Roman hopes that things will work out between her and John. However, there’s a part of him that hopes he and Marlena had a second chance. Jen starts to talk about Jack, but she stops herself.

Belle and Shawn ice skate. Shawn tells her that he brought a surprise. He asks her to dance on the ice. They play around with snow and dance happily together. It starts to be romantic between them. They almost kiss, until Shawn spots the freaky tin can under the frozen ice. He wants to get it out with his dad’s ax.

Bo decides to do the garter toss. Shawn catches it but gives it to Roman. Abby wants the garter so that she can send it to her dad. Shawn asks Bo for his ax and explains there’s mystery out on the canal. Lexie wants to join them with Abe.

Bo and Hope have their wedding dance to their song, “Tonight I Celebrate My Love.” He says that being married to her makes everything perfect.

Shawn and Belle head out to the pond. Abe and Lexie want to join them, but Shawn convinces them that they have everything under control. Shawn starts to pick at the ice and is shocked to find that the can is attached to something. Lexie asks what’s wrong and screams in horror. They’re all shocked to find a dead body in the frozen water.

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