Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/4/97

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/24/97


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Franco talks on his phone outside saying their mission is accomplished since Bo and Billie got married. He says this was the first chance he had to call and knew he'd be pleased. Franco states that Hope is devastated but he will help her get over Bo and fall in love with him.

Hope walks through the park and thinks back to a past time with Bo there. She wonders out loud if Bo remembers their dreams and then concludes that he doesn't or else he never would have married Billie. Hope declares that she has to say goodbye but it's so hard.

Billie searches for Bo, wondering where he is since she has to warn him that it's known he is working undercover. Billie recalls the corrupt agents and decides she must warn Bo before it's too late.

Bo waits on the docks for the shipment to come in and wonders where his backup is.

In the garden, John approaches Susan who is believed to be Kristen in a wedding gown. John tells her that he's sorry she had to listen to all the accusations from Laura. She worries about Laura coming back but John assures her that no one believed her. John promises that nothing will ruin their perfect day. Abe talks to the crowd in everyone wearing costumes and then Laura went off the deep end. Maggie wonders how Laura got out of the hospital. Caroline questions why Laura believes such terrible things about Kristen. Carrie worries about Mike and Jennifer having to see their mother like this.

Mike and Jennifer walk Laura out of the house as Laura begs for them to try and believe her. Laura insists that Kristen has hidden Marlena somewhere in the house. Mike tells her to calm down as he takes her to the hospital to rest. Laura shouts that she did not flip out but was drugged out and she had enough. Laura begs him, saying Marlena needs them now. Jennifer tells her that Stefano has already taken Marlena. Laura says they are wrong because Marlena is there. Laura wants to get Abe to search the house but they have to stop Kristen and Stefano. Laura declares it's time to bring the DiMeras down.

In the house Ivan and Vivian talk to Stefano, who is disguised as a waiter, about leaving. Stefano says he will hide until John and Kristen go on their honeymoon and then when they leave, he will get Marlena out of the secret room and take her away. Ivan wonders why not now. Stefano reminds him that security is tight. Stefano wonders what the rush is since Marlena is safe in the secret room and they have all the time in the world.

In the secret room, Marlena and Kristen both lie unconscious.

Lexie finds Celeste in the garden and asks if she's okay. Celeste says she's puzzled, confused, and sad for Laura. Lexie states that Laura lost all touch with reality but Celeste is not sure. Celeste believes Laura was right about Stefano as she's sensed his presence all day and he knows he's there somewhere.

Vivian blames Laura for causing a scene and worries that people will come in. Stefano decides to go hide in the kitchen. Ivan and Vivian talk about Stefano leaving and Laura causing a scene. Ivan comments that "Kristen" was acting a lot like Susan but Vivian reminds him that she pulled her hair and it was real so it couldn't be Susan and if it was then where would Kristen be. Vivian decides she doesn't want to know.

Abe asks John what he makes of everything with Laura claiming Stefano was in her hospital room and that Marlena is in the house. John would like to believe it but he thinks Laura has lost touch with reality. John brings up Laura's accusations and wonders why Stefano would go to her hospital room. John says they've checked every room of the house and if Marlena was there, he'd know it. John points out that Kristen saw her leave and insists they can believe her.

Susan as "Kristen" talks to herself saying that Kristen is mean and she's glad she dumped her in the secret room.

Kristen starts to wake up in the secret room, calling out John's name for help.

Laura wants to find Marlena but Mike insists on going to the hospital. Laura refuses to be sedated again. Laura says it's normal for her to feel what she's feeling. Laura adds that her dearest friend is in there in danger and they need to help her. Laura tries to go in but Mike stops her and says the police already searched and she's not there. Jennifer tries to calm her down but Laura argues that Marlena needs them now. Mike suggests they go home and talk it out calmly. Laura agrees to go home. Jennifer says she'll go get the car. She steps aside with Mike and she still wants to take Laura to the hospital. Mike tells her that they can't break their word right now. Mike turns around and Laura is gone.

John promises Carrie that they are doing everything they can to find Marlena. Carrie knows he really cares about her. John says he and Kristen are going to change and head for the airport. They agree that people will understand. Carrie calls it a very strange day. Laura returns and goes after "Kristen" saying they are not getting rid of her this time because she knows Marlena is there. John tries to stop her but Laura begs everyone to listen to her as "Kristen" continues drinking.

Franco approaches Hope sitting in the park. She thanks him for giving her time alone. Franco asks if it helped. Hope doesn't know as she thought she could rebuild her life but it's difficult because everywhere she looks, she's reminded of Bo. Franco tells her that she can't escape those memories. Hope cries that she feels like such a fool for holding onto the hope that they would get back together. Franco encourages her and says Bo is the fool for not returning her love. Hope realizes she has nowhere to go with no home or anything. Franco tells her it's not true and knows where she can stay. Hope asks where, Franco tells her to come with him and they walk off.

Bo talks with the drug dealer, King, on the docks and tells him the plan for getting their shipments in so he and Billie can they leave together. King disagrees and tells him it's his decision. King pulls a gun on Bo and warns that he will pay the price for double crossing him.

Franco brings Hope to his room and tells her to make herself at home. Hope says she can't stay in his room. Franco tells her that he got another room for himself but Hope wants to get another room for herself. Franco tells her to relax and accept the room. Hope calls him sweet. Franco promises to help in any way he can. Franco tells her that he's there for her. Hope thanks him. Franco suggests she take a bath to relax so she goes to do that. Franco goes to the phone and makes a call, saying Hope doesn't suspect anything and this will be a total surprise to her.

King forces Bo to hand over his gun which he does. King tells Bo that he almost nailed him. Bo pretends not to know but King informs him that his cover was blown. King says he has big plans for Bo and his family so he'll keep him around long enough to see Hope, his son, and Billie die. Bo questions his information but King tells him to shut up because he makes him sick. King adds that Bo could have had it all since he would've taken care of him with more money than he can dream of. King talks up all Bo could have done with the money. Bo reveals that King will be going to prison as corrupt agent Dean arrives, who Bo believes is his backup. Bo says he's been waiting a long time to take King down and instructs Dean to arrest him but Dean turns on Bo and points his gun at him as King says Bo is the one going down. Billie hides nearby.

Marlena remains unconscious in the secret room and dreams about John rescuing her only to end up leaving her there.

Laura tells everyone not to be fooled by Kristen because she's as evil as Stefano and they are working together. John tries to intervene as Vivian arrives with Ivan and Stefano behind her watching from a distance. Kristen continues to shout that Kristen has been lying to all of them as she knows Peter and Stefano are alive and where Marlena is. She swears to John that Marlena is in the house and Kristen knows where she is. Laura questions "Kristen" as to where she is. John tries to take Laura away. Laura cries that it's the truth. Mike and Jennifer arrive. Mike begs Laura to go home. Laura questions if anyone cares what happens to Marlena and if anyone wants to save her. Laura begs them to search the house again and then they will find Marlena. Mike sends Jennifer to get his medical bag. Mike tells Laura that he will give her something to calm down with but she warns him not to come near her. Laura demands "Kristen" tell them where she's hidden Marlena. Laura grabs "Kristen" and begins aggressively shaking her until her fake teeth go flying out and land in Vivian's drink leaving everyone in shock.

Hope relaxes in her bath as she has a dream about Bo joining her in the tub. Hope wonders to herself how Bo could marry Billie.

Bo talks about King selling out another cop and how it was so easy for him. King thinks Dean enjoys the good life. Bo thinks he should know better than to sell out. Dean tells Bo that they will never rid the world of drug dealers so he might as well enjoy the good life. He tells Bo that he could have had everything as well. King tells Bo that his family will now meet their end. Billie hides and prays to God to help her save Bo. Bo warns King to leave Billie and his family out of it. King tells Bo that he will have to suffer for his sins against him. Billie comes out and orders them to freeze or they are both dead.

Laura questions what's going on. John approaches her, now knowing she's Susan. Vivian concludes to Ivan that it is Susan. Ivan wonders where Kristen is. Vivian realizes Susan must have thrown Kristen in the secret room with Marlena. Laura admits that she thought it was Kristen. John calls it DiMera's work and questions who put Susan up to it. John asks her where Kristen is and if Stefano took her. Susan claims not to know but he was there yesterday. John declares that Stefano is there. Lexie tells Celeste that she was right. Vivian tells Ivan that they have to leave now and get Stefano out the back way. Abe orders all the exits to be sealed off so that no one leaves. Vivian worries that they are all trapped. Stefano tries to leave but a cop warns him that he's not going anywhere. Stefano claims to be going to the nursery to pick up trays for the staff before he goes to another wedding. The cop tells Stefano that he will have to okay it with Abe and tells him to go to the garden. Stefano says to himself that there's got to be a way out. Stefano declares that he'll be coming for Marlena soon as nothing will stop him from taking her to the island.

Marlena and Kristen remain unconscious in the secret room as gas leaks in through a hole in the wall.

John stops Susan from continuing to drink and then meets with Abe. Abe tells John that there's no way in or out and he's got people searching the house so if Stefano's there, they will find him and find out what he's done with Kristen and Marlena. Shawn informs them that he's going to the Pub to check on the kids.

Laura questions Carrie as to who Susan is. Carrie explains that she was John Jr.'s baby nurse. Laura notes her looking just like Kristen and wonders where she is. Carrie suggests maybe Stefano kidnapped her too.

John demands Susan tell her what's happened now and why she's dressed like Kristen. John wants to know what happened to Kristen. Susan slurs her words that John doesn't need Kristen as he has her now and they can be a family. She starts crying hysterically. John wants her to pull it together so he can find Kristen. Laura begins questioning her about Marlena. Susan says they were going to burn down Graceland and she had to do whatever she could to stop her. Susan cries about being locked in a dungeon. John asks if she saw Stefano. She did yesterday. John asks about today. Susan points out Vivian and Ivan so John goes after them and grabs hold of Ivan, demanding to know where Stefano is and what he's done with Marlena and Kristen.

Hope sits in the bathroom in her robe until Franco returns knocking on the door and asking if she's better. Hope says she's feeling much better and will be out soon. Franco tells her to take her time. Hope appreciates his friendship and says she couldn't have made it through this without him. Franco responds that he's glad he could help as Hope thinks back to Bo arguing with her that Franco was no good. Hope looks in the mirror and decides Bo's wrong about Franco since he's been a really wonderful friend to her. Hope exits the bathroom and finds Franco has set up a candle lit dinner for them. and they exchange smiles.

Billie pretends to have a gun on King as she orders they drop their guns and let Bo go. Another man grabs Billie and discovers that she has no gun. King tells Bo that he warned him not to play games but he never learns. King declares it doesn't matter much since they are both as good as dead.

John begins questioning Vivian. Vivian suggests he shouldn't believe Susan. John continues asking where Stefano was. Vivian wants a lawyer but John doesn't give up. Vivian admits that Stefano was there disguised as a waiter but swears she doesn't know where he is now. Ivan adds that they're innocent as Susan continues rambling about a dungeon. John asks where it is. She tells him it's down in the house and that Vivian and Ivan helped put Marlena in there. Susan calls them vampires. John demands to know if Marlena is there. Ivan can't take it anymore and admits that Marlena is downstairs so he should go get her. John wants to get there now. Vivian insists that they didn't know anything about it but John takes them to show him where the room is.

Marlena and Kristen remain unconscious in the secret room.

Hope asks Franco what all this is. He wanted to do something special for her and hopes she doesn't mind. Franco insists that it's just for her as he has another room. Franco tells her to call if he needs him. Hope comments on all the trouble he's gone through for her. Franco calls it a pleasure and calls her special. Hope calls him special and wishes Bo would have gotten to know him. Hope talks about the pain of all of his accusations but he never believed him since it's obvious Franco never had any ulterior motives. Hope calls him such a good friend. He thanks her and tells her to enjoy as he then kisses her goodbye and exits. Hope sits down and wishes Bo was with her. Franco walks on and says to himself that Bo was wrong, he does have an ulterior motive and he will make Hope forget about Bo and fall in love with him.

King's thug puts Billie with Bo. She apologizes to him. Bo says it's not her fight. Billie couldn't let King kill him. Bo hugs her and is sorry she's in danger. King explains to them that they will get their drugs and then put Bo and Billie on a shipment to be dumped in the sea.

Caroline and Maggie walk Susan into the house as Susan cries about how everything was going right with the wedding and she'd never been so happy. She cries for all the vampires to leave her alone because they ruined everything.

Laura says she knew Marlena was there and she's not losing her mind. Jennifer and Mike comfort her as Laura thanks God for proving it to everyone.

Lexie talks with Celeste about Laura being right all along. Celeste says Laura was certainly right about Stefano being there as she feels his presence stronger than ever as if he's in the house now. Lexie wonders where but Celeste does not know.

Stefano hides as Abe searches the house with cops. Abe orders them to search everywhere as he wants Stefano found. Stefano looks out a window and sees a cop walk by. Stefano concludes there is no way out. He asks if it's possible that it's all over for him now.

Vivian and Ivan take John to the door of the secret room but Ivan says the door is stuck. John tries to open it. John calls for Marlena and Kristen and says he's going to get them out. Vivian informs him that the room is sound proof. John looks through a hole in the door to see them and worries that they are dead.

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