Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/26/00



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/26/00

By Christy

Lexie and Abe are driving to Bo and Hope’s wedding. They are affectionately talking about Isaac. Lexie tells him how proud she is of him for going despite Brady being there. She reminds him that it was accident and that he should forgive himself since John forgave him. Lexie says Bo and Hope have waited so long for this day and nothing should ruin it. Lexie receives a call from her mother, which makes her a little frazzled. They have a flat tire and they’re not happy about the risk of being late to the wedding. Abe tries to fix the tire, but the spare is also flat.

The Horton’s celebrate Christmas by hanging their traditional ornaments. Bo and Hope arrive a little late, but everyone is happy to see them. They talk about how happy they are to be getting married tonight and how very important family is. They are about to hang ornaments, but Shawn accidentally sits on them. He feels really bad about what just happened and apologizes profusely. Hope and Alice reassure him that he didn’t mean to and that it’s all right. Alice gives him a hug and Shawn feels better. They are about to give a toast when Tom tells Alice that he hopes he’s not too late. Alice is surprised to see her late Tom in his chair.

The Horton’s hang their Christmas ornaments. Abby hangs her ornament and wants to hang Jack’s one as well. She asks Jennifer if her daddy is thinking of her right now and she reassures her that he is. Shawn hangs JT’s ornament for him. Alice “talks” to Tom about how he’s always with them, especially during Christmas time. He is the greatest blessing she ever received in her life.

The Horton’s are having a wonderful time until they realize that it’s time to get ready for the wedding. Hope becomes a little frantic, but Alice tells her to relax. The women leave for the church, but Bo and Shawn decide to play some basketball. In the limo, Hope and Jen are singing the twelve days of Christmas, but Julie is worried about her primping. Hope suggests that she do her hair in the limo to save time. Hope suggests that they take the scenic route to the church because she doesn’t want to step out of the limo in rollers. Just then, Julie remembers what Alice said to her - “See that the limo gets to the church on time and no dilly-dallying.” Since they’re running a little late, Hope suggests that she just get dressed in the limo.

Alice arrives at the church with Mickey and is surprised to hear that Bo and Hope aren’t even at the church yet. Bo and Shawn are still playing basketball. Bo asks his son about Belle, but he tells him that she’s just one of his good friends. Hope and Jen convince Julie to make a pit stop at Burger Barn. They’re happily eating until Julie accidentally spills ketchup on Hope’s wedding dress. They attempt to fix the ketchup stain, but club soda splatters all over her. Julie suggests that she stick her head through he sunroof. She tells Leonard to stop the limo because she sees Abe and Lexie stuck on the side of the road. They tell them to ride in the limo with them. Leonard starts the car just as Hope is putting lipstick and it gets on her face.

Bo and Shawn enter the church and get scolded for being late. He’s surprised that Hope’s isn’t there yet. They begin to worry that the bridal party’s late and Roman suggests calling an APB. But they get there in time. Alice begins to scold Julie, but there’s not enough time. Alice gives Hope “something borrowed” - her mother’s earrings. She gives her “something “new” - a new diamond bracelet. The ladies go into the bridal room for some heavy-duty restoration. Alice and Julie give each other a hug. Alice tells Tom that they could use a little Christmas miracle right about now. Just then, Alice hears Tom’s voice saying, “And a little bit of faith.”

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