Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/20/00



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/20/00

By Christy  

Nancy finds Mimi screaming because her hands are stuck in her hair. Mimi accuses Chloe of putting glue in her shampoo. Nancy tries to calm Mimi down but realizes she's stuck in the window. Chloe finds the whole scene hilariously entertaining. She watches and laughs at the both of them. Craig comes home and to his surprise finds Nancy stuck in the window. He takes the ladder and attempts to rescue her. Nancy wants to go in to help Mimi out. Craig climbs down and scolds Chloe for her lack of concern. Craig attempts to break the door down, but can't because Mimi blocked the door. Chloe is just laughing away and Craig angrily demands some answers. They tell Mimi to move the dresser by leaning her body against it. Just then, it starts to rain on Nancy and she begins to slip out of the window. Mimi thinks Nancy fell out the window. Nancy's hanging on for dear life. Mimi opens the door and screams at the sight of Chloe. Craig tries to rescue Nancy and they both are on the ladder. They start kissing while Mimi screams in the background.

At Tuscany, everyone's busy preparing for Bo and Hope's surprise bridal shower and bachelor party. Bo and Hope are enjoying their romantic evening, dancing and telling each other how excited they are to get married on Christmas eve. Maggie interrupts them and tells Hope she needs her. Meanwhile, Roman takes Bo aside and tells him he needs to do a special undercover assignment. Bo and Hope are both surprised by everyone's plans for a dual bridal shower and bachelor party. They are very happy and appreciative. Hope is especially happy that J.T. is there to celebrate in a very adorable Santa suit.

Everyone is having a great time the separate wedding parties. They decide to merge the parties together. It makes it even better and everyone has a grand old time. Bo and Hope are deliriously happy.

Brady and Belle discuss Shawn asking her to save him a dance at the party. She wants him to come but he knows that he doesn't want to go to a party because he isn't able to dance. Marlena knows it's for the best that she stays at the Salem Inn for a while and give Brady some space. Belle tries to convince her to stay, but Marlena knows she has to do this. Brady tells John that he wants a minute alone to speak with her. He tells Marlena that he has something important to say.

John and Belle reminisce about old Christmas memories with Brady. Maggie gives John a call to invite him and Marlena to the wedding party. Brady knows how important Belle is to her and tells her that running won't make her guilt go away. He knows that she's running because she can't stand the sight of him in a wheelchair. She's the main reason why he's in a wheelchair. Marlena tries to explain to him how badly she feels and that if she could trade places with him, she would. He makes a threat saying that by the time this whole thing plays out by New Year's Eve, she's going to wish that she were in this chair. Marlena enters the elevator crying.

John asks Brady how it went with Marlena. He tells them that he tried but it's no use. Belle wants their family to be back together again. Brady just has one wish - to walk again. John reassures Belle that everything will be just fine and Marlena will come home soon. Brady says he hopes so too.

The manager of the Salem Inn welcomes Marlena with a little Christmas tree. She's too tired to talk so he leaves. She wallows in her misery.

Belle and Brady have ice cream and discuss John's leaving to see Marlena. They banter like brother and sister and almost have a food fight. Brady explains to Belle that he tried to convince her to stay, but once she sets her mind to something, she won't change it. Belle says that she's sorry Brady hates Marlena and John so much. But he can't help it because he's stuck in the damn wheelchair.

Marlena receives a surprise visitor-Maggie. She convinces her to attend the party so that she can be around people that love her.

Bo and Hope are dancing. Hope surprises Bo by brining out J.T. just as John walks in. Bo announces to everyone that he's happy that his boy is here. John silently says to himself that J.T. is his boy.

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