Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/18/00



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/18/00

By Christy

Kate goes to see Victor at his office. She inquires about his closeness with Nicole but he brushes her off by saying that's not why he asked her to come. Moroni stops by, and Kate tells him to make sure that Angela is not making a mistake by marrying Brandon. Moroni says that he has everything under control and that he can never forgive them for betraying their friendship. Moroni proceeds to tell Victor about Kate's plan for Angela to find Brandon being unfaithful to her with Sami. Moroni accompanied his daughter and found out from Sami that the whole thing was a set up because they have evidence that Kate is out to frame Sami for Franco's murder. Kate tries to convince Moroni that Sami is lying, but Moroni is already sold. Victor tells Kate to shut up and asks Moroni what it is that he wants.

Brandon questions Sami about why she's avoiding him. She tells him that it's because he won't drop this vendetta against Abe - he's being so immature for letting it go on like this. He's wrong about Abe. Brandon continues to defend his convictions. Angela gives him a call on his cell, but he tells her that he won't be coming home because he's busy at work. He tells her that she needs to get a job so that she won't be bored, but she refuses to work. She asks where Sami is, but Brandon covers. After Brandon ends the call, Sami pleads that he should talk to Abe and find out what really happen between him and his mom.

Chloe and Phillip spend some alone time together. He asks her what's in the bag. Chloe says it's a Christmas present, but it's not for him. Phillip asks her to Bo and Hope's wedding. She doesn't know if she would fit in, but Phillip tells her that he wants her to go with him and jokes about her not wearing that red dress. Chloe tells him that he always manages to impress her and they kiss. It grows intense, Chloe pulls away, but Philip reassures her that he's not pushing her, especially if she's not ready. She rambles on that she is ready, but not for the thing she thinks he's thinking about. Philip is confused, but finds her inability to articulate endearing. She tells him that it's time to say good night and with some hesitation, Philip finally agrees as long as they have one last kiss. They kiss goodnight and Philip leaves. Chloe feels bad that she pushed him away, but she has to do something very important.

Shawn and Belle run into Alice, who tells them that Brady's with a beautiful woman in his room. They walk in and are surprised that Jen's in town. They have a brief and happy reunion. Belle and Shawn ask how Brady is doing. He tells them that he's about the same and sarcastically apologizes for not getting up to get them coffee. Jennifer leaves the room, and Shawn tries to convinces her to stay in Salem for more than a visit. He spots Mimi, who runs off. He goes after her and asks what's she's up to. She continues to berate Chloe, especially after she shoved the dead rat in Jan's face. Then she runs off again.

Belle continues to reach out to Brady, but he's not ready to talk because he wants to feel normal. He tells her that she's the only one who knows who he really is. He is depending on her to treat him the way she always has. She agrees and they briefly banter like brother and sister. She tells him that she really wants him to be home for Christmas, but Brady reminds her about who else lives there - it would be impossible and besides, he's not ready to go home yet. Belle excuses herself to talk to Alice about helping the homeless. While Brady gets his meds, Belle finds out from Alice that Brady's free to go, but he doesn't want to and especially doesn't want John to know. Belle's ecstatic and goes to tell Brady that he's busted; he can come home after all. He tells her the situation would be too crazy. Belle tells him that Marlena totally lost it because of her concern for him and that she truly feels guilty about what happened to Brady. This convinces Brady that he should go home after all, as long as Belle takes him and keeps his homecoming a secret. She is excited and goes to tell the doctor that her brother wants to go home. Brady now knows that Marlena is in pretty bad shape and can't wait to go home to stir things up.

Shawn defends Chloe to Mimi, but she's so adamant about Chloe's weirdness. Mimi is convinced that Chloe is out to hurt her. Meanwhile, Chloe puts rubber cement in Mimi's shampoo bottle.

Mimi comes home and tells herself that it's just a few more days and they're out of here. She locks her door.

Chloe meets up with Shawn at the hospital. Shawn suggests that she visit Brady, but she angrily tells him how much of a jerk he is. He tells her to not let any one get to her so much or else they will stop trying.

John and Marlena continue to argue about Hope wanting to keep J.T.'s paternity a secret. Marlena tries to rationalize Hope's decision, whereas John doesn't want his son to grow up not knowing who his real father is. John tells Marlena that she's the reason why he is the caring person he is. He is so passionately concerned for all his children because their love for each other taught him that. Marlena is very touched. John tells her that he doesn't blame her for Brady's accident. She feels really guilty about the whole thing and she doesn't know how she could ever make it up to Brady. He says it'll just take one step at a time and that it's time for Brady to come home. Marlena immediately opposes the idea - he can never come here. Brady will never accept her and so they can't live together. Marlena suggests that Craig offered to have Brady be a full-time rehab facility. John quickly opposes this idea. Marlena asks how are they are going to work through this. John tells her with lots of love.

Jennifer and Brandon run into each other. They introduce themselves and start getting acquainted. Brandon notices one of his patients and asks Jennifer to help out by all having a cup of cocoa together. Brandon convinces Stan to stay a while longer to receive the last of his treatment so that he will get all better. Brandon thanks Jennifer for helping out with Stan. Afterwards, Jennifer tells Alice that she forgot how nice people are in Salem and that she just met Brandon Walker. Alice tells her to stay away from him because he's trouble.

Sami comes home to a whining Angela. Sami scolds her for being a spoiled brat and that everyone has their own lives and don't have time to cater to her needs. Later, Sami comes out of her room and looks for Angela. Angela comes home to surprise her with dinner from Tuscany's. Sami tells her that is so sweet especially after she snapped at her. Angela tells her that what she said made her think about her priorities. She's so lucky to have her Brandon and Sami in her life. While having dinner, Angela tells Sami that she can't wait to marry Brandon at Tuscany's and give the tape to Sami so that they can finally live happily ever after.

In his bedroom, Philip is studying, but drifts off thinking about the time he spent with Chloe. He realizes that this must be it - he's falling in love.

Chloe thanks Shawn for the advice and asks him to walk her home.

Mimi locks the bathroom door and starts showering. While shampooing her hair, her hands get stuck to her head. She screams in fear.

Belle surprises John and Marlena with Brady's homecoming. Brady asks, "What, I don't get a welcome?" Brady gives Marlena a look that scares her. John and Belle are happy, but Marlena is too distraught and runs off upstairs. Brady definitely has a hidden agenda.

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