Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/15/00



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/00  

By Marcie

The show opened with Alice and Jen talking at the hospital. Alice is talking about a dress for Abby, and Jen picks up on the fact that this isn't why Alice called her. Alice agrees and says that she wants to know what happened with Jen while she was in Africa/Ireland. Jen won't open up about Jack, but she tells her about what happened in Ireland, and Alice is shocked that her family was in so much danger and she didn't even know about it. Jen says that it's nothing compared to Africa, but clams up when Alice asks her if what happened in Africa was Jack's fault. Alice accepts this and they go off to do rounds. As they pass Brady's room, Alice explains to her what had happened, as Jen had only heard a little bit about it and when they've finished making rounds, Jen thanks Alice. She tells her that seeing all the children, and everything that they have to deal with has helped her to put her own problems in the proper perspective, and they hug.

Next comes Brady and he's throwing a tantrum in his hospital room. He throws his book at the wall as Carl, his physical therapist, comes in. He introduces himself to Brady, and Brady wants to know what he's going to do for him - flop his legs around a bit? Carl says that he'll try to improve Brady's spirits, and Brady doesn't want to hear it, as he throws the guy out, refusing his help. Carl swears that he'll be back, but Brady says, not if he has anything to say about it. Grandpa Victor comes in and tells Brady how he understands, and he wasn't always the best patient either. He understands why Brady is frustrated and he empathizes, as he's been there too. He gives him a pep talk about how he needs to channel his anger and use it to get better. It seems to have worked as Brady apologizes when Carl returns, and tells him that he's ready to get started. He asks about the success rate with disabled patients walking again. Carl tells him it's a case-by-case basis. Brady seems determined and Victor leaves, telling Brady to call him if he needs anything. In the hall, Victor promises Isabella that her son will be just fine.

Salem Place is bustling again as the teens are all there, as well as Hattie (more below). We first see Chloe purchasing some bottle of something, as the man at the register warns her not to get any of it on her skin, as it's highly dangerous. She says she'll be careful and he again mentions how dangerous it is. Belle and Shawn (this time with much more packages) run into Phillip and he tells them that he and Chloe separated to get gifts for each other. They all discuss the wedding as Phil asks Shawn who will be his date for the wedding. Back to Chloe as she runs into Mimi and as Mimi cowers in fear, Chloe tells her that she's not after her, she got Jan, and that's all she wanted. She's sickeningly sweet as she says it's the holidays and she's got better things to do. She tells her she'll see her at home later as Mimi runs off saying whatever. He says he's going stag since he's in the wedding party, and a date would just be bored while he dealt with his responsibilities. Belle looks disappointed as Jan runs up screaming for Phillip to be careful as he's in danger. They ask what's up with the mouthwash and the WAY too much perfume as Mimi comes up and explains about Jan's "dead rat facial." They don't buy it, but when Chloe comes up and Jan and Mimi take off, she admits to it casually, saying it was simply revenge. Belle is appalled and tells her that that isn't how you do things and besides, things have been better for Chloe since she was crowned Queen of the Last Blast, but Chloe says "excuse me miss most popular, but when was the last time you found a deceased rodent in your locker." Phil jumps in that he thinks Chloe did the right thing and Jan got what she deserved, but Shawn and Belle just look appalled. Shawn and Belle start to go on about how wrong it was and Shawn says she should've just told someone about them. She snaps at them about "what would you have done, go confront Jan, and then have to deal with his best bud Jason?" She tells Belle how her "best bud" Mimi was in on it too, and she hasn't learned her lesson yet. Belle tells her to let it go, and Chloe assures her that she will. "Tis the season and all." Phillip and Chloe walk off to do what they came for get some shopping done. After they walk away, Chloe and Phil talk about whom they still have to shop for and what they're looking for. She spots Jan and Mimi and assures Mimi (to herself) that she hasn't forgotten about her, and she'll get her present early - tonight. Shawn and Belle stop to donate money for the Salvation Army, and Belle tells him that she still has a million presents to buy. He says he offered to help, and they should continue, after telling her that hanging out with "Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, cheerleaders" is good for his image. She whacks him and threatens to take back his gift, which he would've loved as he teases her and tells her that he got her something she'll really hate. They smile, and he takes her hand as they continue with their shopping.

Skip to Stefano who's talking to Rolf about Hattie. Rolf is telling Stefano about how much progress he's made and Stefano says it's not good enough. He wants her changed NOW, so that he can have his mercenary back and have Soldier Black take care of his son-in-law, then help him to orchestrate the complete destruction of the Brady's. He's worried though, as John hasn't been to see him in a while, and he's determined to find out what changed, as before, he was so desperate to keep the truth from Hope and was almost ready to remove the brain chip. Stefano reiterates that something must have changed and Rolf suggests that maybe Bo learned something in Ireland, and told John, which Stefano says is impossible. He does say, however, that an unidentified Irish woman helped Bo, and that when he learns who she is, she will pay. Hattie arrives, after flirting with every guy in Salem Place and admiring herself, and Stefano goes back into a room behind a two-way mirror to observe, after telling him that their time is running out. After a few minutes, Stefano says that it will never work, as the woman is a loser and will never possess Marlena's dignity and grace. While there, Rolf has a bunch of professional fashion and beauty experts there to help show her the end result, and when they're finished, Rolf gives her a pep talk and leads her to the mirror, where an excited Stefano says that it might just work after all.

All is not well at the Black's, as usual, as John is bitter that he hadn't gotten the chance to tell Bo, as Hope burst in at the last second and threw him out. Marlena is relieved that Hope got there in time and tells John that she was there earlier, while he was at Bo's. John is furious with her for telling Hope where he was, and why he was there, and he tells her so. Marlena tells him that she only said that he went to talk to Bo, and Hope shot out of the house. He tells her she had no right and Marlena tells him that she's not the one that made the mistake - he had the affair. She says Hope doesn't want Bo to know, and that's her decision, not his, and he needs to let go. He won't accept this and tells her that everyone is getting what they want - except for him. He acts like a spoiled child as he blows up at Marlena about everything. She tries to get through to him, but he says she'll never convince him to lie about the paternity of his son. She wants him to let go to avoid the destructive consequences, and he says, fine he'll do anything he can to leave it alone and convince himself he never fathered a child that he'll see every day for the rest of his life. He'll bend to the mighty doctor's will and deny his own son, as he slams his hand on a table. She tells him that he's acting like a child and it is not his decision, it's Hope's. He goes off about how the rights of the mother are more important than those of the father and she tells him that it's the CHILD's welfare that matters - not the parent's. She says that the needs of the child must be placed above the needs of the parents and he angrily shakes his head as we fade out to credits.

Meanwhile, Bo is suspicious and is trying to get the truth out of Hope (as to why she threw out John). She says she won't let anyone destroy the happiness that they've worked so hard for and he asks why she thinks that John would. She tells him that Marlena told her John was coming here to do something that could ruin their chances at happiness, and she couldn't let that happen, as Bo looks confused. She lies that John wanted to ask them to help him get Stefano, and, as Dimera has been quiet for a while, she doesn't want to antagonize. She says she just wants to forget about Stefano, and maybe he'll leave them alone now, as Bo informs her that as long as Stefano lives, he will never leave them and the other Brady's alone. He then says how John wants to be a "second father" to JT and reprimanded Bo for taking off to Ireland. Bo says that John flipped when he suggested that John spend less time there and that he was about to say something else when Hope threw him out. She lies again and says that she knows what he wanted to tell Bo, he wanted to talk about Stefano. She tells Bo how she loves him and she believes that he's committed to giving JT the same love that he gives Shawn. She says she can see it in his eyes, and she always believes what she sees in his eyes, as that's how she knew he was keeping a secret from her to begin with. He says he'll never keep anything from her again, but there's something else he feels guilty about - not helping out with the wedding. She assures him that everything is taken care of and that the bridesmaids are wearing red and green - really festive - as he jokingly wants to know if he should dress up as Santa and she answers only if she can sit in his lap and tell him what she really wants for Christmas. They talk about the secret church wedding, and they're first wedding with traditional vows. They talk about their untraditional lives and love and all the things they've been through in the past and how they've survived it all. He says that this time, their vows will be more experienced, loving, and meaningful, and there's nothing he would rather do than pledge his vows to her in front of all of they're family and friends as she agrees and they kiss.