Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/14/00



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/14/00  

By Marcie

The show opened up at Salem Place with Belle and Shawn continuing there shopping excursion (holding hands btw). Phillip and Chloe were also at Salem Place. Philip brought her there to cheer her up when he heard about Brady insulting her singing. It seemed to be working and her spirits were improving until she spotted Shawn and Belle holding hands and turned an unflattering shade of green. Phillip noticed them too and wanted to go say hi, but Chloe said that she'd wait there while he went. He thinks she's uncomfortable around Belle since Brady hassled her and agrees to leave. Too late, as Belle and Shawn spot them, and come over to talk. Phil wants to know "what's up" with Belle, and Shawn says they're Christmas shopping. Phillip asks why they're holding hands and asks if they are on a "date." Shawn denies this as Belle looks disappointed, but then says that she's holding his hand to make sure that he doesn't get her with another can of silly string. Phil says it's like they're back in 3rd grade and Chloe looks jealous again as she realizes that Shawn and Belle have known each other they're whole lives. They break off into guys and girls and Chloe and Belle discuss the wedding. Belle points out that Chloe will be there as Phil's date, since Phil is Bo's half-brother. Chloe asks if Belle is going to be Shawn's date and she says that he'll be busy since he's in the wedding. They get on the subject of Brady and come pretty close to arguing. Chloe tells Belle about how her and Brady had sung something from "Marriage of Figarro" together, and Belle didn't even know that Brady was into opera. Belle says Chloe and Brady share a weird connection and when Chloe points out that she has a boyfriend, Belle reiterates that she said "weird connection" not love connection. Meanwhile Phillip and Shawn are discussing the Christmas gifts they're looking for for the girls (personal, but not too personal, nice but not too nice) and Phil teases Shawn about liking Belle, which Shawn denies (not too well though IMO, and in Phillip's too). They start to talk about what Brady said about Chloe and neither of them get how he could be so mean. They go back over to the girls. Phil and Chloe decide to go for hot chocolates, while Shawn and Belle continue with their shopping. 

Apparently Salem Place is very busy today, as we next see Abe and Lexie there. Abe is upset over everything that's been happening lately and Lexie is trying to comfort him. She tells him that Brady's paralysis isn't his fault and neither is Larry Morris'. After a minute, she picks up that it's about Faye and Brandon, as well as Brady. She wants him to lean on her and talk to her about it, but he says he can't. She says she trusts him and believes in him regardless and he begins to open up. He tells her about his affair with Faye Mendez/Walker, her abusive husband, how he just realized that Brandon was her son and knew about their affair, and blames him for his father's abusiveness. Lexie is shocked, but convinces him to talk to Brandon and ask for his forgiveness. She offers to call him, but Abe says he needs to talk to Brandon first. He thanks Lexie for her advice and realizes that she's right. 

Sami and Brandon are at his apartment and she's still trying to get him to open up to her about Abe. She tells him about her "weird" childhood, with John/Roman and her mom always gone. He finally opens about his and tells her how they were poor and his father was a sociopath and a wife beater. He doesn't want her pity and tells her how Abe played into it. He tells about the affair between Abe and his mom and how it ruined their lives when his dad found out. Sami tells him how that, from personal experience, she has realized that revenge doesn't always hurt the person that it's supposed to hurt. He says, as long as it doesn't hurt Sami, he doesn't care. She still tries to talk him out of it, and he says she can't ask him not to be a man now. She says they must have very different definitions of what a man is, and leaves.

While John and Bo were talking (see below), Hope had run to the Black's place to make sure that John wasn't going to say anything. She came to the door and said that she needed to speak to John alone. Marlena asked Hope what she would need to say to HER husband that she couldn't say to her and Hope agreed that what she had to say, she needed to say to both of them. A jealous Marlena tells her that John is out, but fails to mention where he has gone. Hope apologizes for dumping her problems on Marlena, but she says she really needs to talk. Marlena lets her in and Hope explains that her instincts were right - she talked to Bo and now she knows that he can't ever find out. They need to keep the secret. Marlena is being snippy with her about everything and Hope picks up that she's jealous of her. Marlena denies this and says that she knows the affair and the baby and everything were not Hope's fault, they weren't John's fault either. She tells her that she's just not ready to be having this conversation with anyone just yet. Hope says that she wants them to be "Uncle John" and "Aunt Marlena" but nothing more and that if John goes around thinking that he's the baby's father, it will ruin everything. Marlena asks what Hope will say if Bo asks who she thinks the baby's father is and she replies that it's already happened. She told Bo that John was busy planning his wedding to Marlena, and then on his honeymoon when she got pregnant and that he loves Marlena. This gets Marlena teary-eyed as she says "That's right, my honeymoon." Hope just continues that she and Bo are getting married and she's not about to let John or Marlena ruin her happiness. Marlena can't believe that Hope could think that she would do that; she's her friend and matron of honor. She suggests that if that's the way Hope feels, then maybe she shouldn't be that to her. It's Hope's wedding and Hope's choice. She offers (I'm not sure if she was being sarcastic or not) to leave town, and never come back, that way Hope won't have to worry about her slipping the secret out. They're both visibly upset now as Hope tells her that if that's what it takes to keep the secret, then do it. Marlena says that she will, but she can't speak for John and explains that she thinks that's where he may be - telling Bo. Hope is disappointed and furious that Marlena didn't tell her this as soon as she came in, and runs out the door to stop him, after calling Bo and finding out that John was indeed at the house. After she leaves, Marlena, crying exclaims that Hope will never forgive her, and neither will Belle and John.

John goes to the Brady home with the intention of telling Bo that he (John) is J.T.'s biological father. As soon as he gets there, he picks up JT and starts to play with him. He notices that Johnny got his first tooth and he's upset that he missed it. Bo points out that he's back now and John has his own family, Bo can take care of his own son. John defend s his actions saying that Bo should be glad that someone was there for JT while he was gone. Bo says that he gained some perspective while he was in Ireland, and now he's here for his family. John doesn't understand and Bo asks if he has to spell it out for him. He's there "too damn much" and Bo doesn't like it, Hope doesn't like it, and he's sure John's family doesn't like it. John looks surprised, and Bo says that he doesn't want to fight though, as John is his friend. They talk about Dimera and Ireland and John gets upset when Bo mentions going back someday. Bo tells him to worry about his own family, not Bo's. John comes this close to telling Bo that Johnny is his son, saying that there's something Bo doesn't know in about all of this. Suddenly Hope bursts in and throws John out, screaming at him to take his "mercenary memories and get the h*ll out of my house." She told him to stay away from her family - not his family, HERS and literally shoved him out the door. She came back in and ran to Johnny as Bo asked her what the heck that was all about.