Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/22/00



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/22/00

By Christy  

John visits Belle who’s delighted to see her father.  She says she keeps falling asleep and dreaming. She wants to know what happened to her.  He tells her that he doesn’t want her to worry about a thing.  She drifts in and out of sleep.  He asks God to help her remember.  John assures her that Belle is fine.  She questions him on what he won’t tell her.  She asks where Brady is.  John tells her that Brady can’t be here right now, but that he loves her.  He tells her to get some sleep.  She asks for Shawn.  She tells her dad that she likes Shawn. She asks him if he likes him too.  He does.  She expresses how lucky she is to have such a wonderful family.  John meets Gary outside the door and he reports on what they’ve been trying to do to protect Brady from the cops.  He thanks him.   As long as Brady’s safe in the hotel room, no one can hurt him.

The driver asks Brady to fix her CD player.  They joke around and Brady laughs in pain.  She asks him what’s wrong, but he hesitates to answer.  He doesn’t want to turn on the radio and insists on talking.  They talk about competitive horseback riding and the woman wonders if she’s heard of him before.  She presses on wanting to know his name. Brady quickly covers up.  He hears that the news will be coming up and immediately turns off the radio.  He wants to be dropped off the next stop. She insists that he stay with her during the long drive, but he doesn’t want to impose.  She drops him off.   He tries to hitch another ride.  The woman turns on the radio and hears the announcement of Brady Black.  She panics because she gave him her card.  She calls Roman and has information about Brady.  She tells him where she dropped him off and where he was heading.  An older woman picks up Brady and is excited about having fun with him. Brady has a look of fright on his face.    John hears the announcement on the radio about Brady and realizes that he escaped from the hotel room.  He calls the truck stop.  The drunken woman tries to hit on Brady, but of course he resists.  She pulls a gun on him, but he jumps out of the car.  John realizes that his son is okay for now.  Abe and Roman are looking for Brady on the roadside.  Brady hits the ground and is face to face with a deadly snake.

Roman and Abe talk about Belle’s condition. They argue about Brady—Abe doesn’t think Brady’s the prime suspect.  Roman accuses him of taking John’s side and Abe calls him on the fact that he’s not talking about Brady now.  Roman is concern about Marlena and how she might not be able to handle the pressure.  Roman tells Abe that Brady was a good kid, but he grew up to be an angry man and is afraid of what he might do.  Abe can relate since Brandon is Faye’s son, and saw how he treated his mother.  Abe asks him if he’s sure he’s not interested in Faye and insinuates that he may still have feelings for Marlena.  Roman denies it and that he just wants her to have peace of mind.  Abe asks what’s going with Marlena and why she’s upset about Bo and Hope.   Abe asks if they should try.

Hope now knows the truth and asks Marlena why she kept something that important from her.  She tells her that she wanted to tell her the truth the whole time, but John insisted on protecting Hope.  She accuses Marlena of wanting Hope to keep believing that Stefano’s the father so that it would be easier for her to deal with.  Hope tells her that she’s not the enemy here…they’re going through this together.  Marlena tells her that she doesn’t resent her for all of this, but it’s really difficult for her to deal.  Marlena’s afraid to say the wrong thing.  Hope just wants her to counsel her and that it was really difficult to talk to her today.   Hope tells Marlena that she’s been a great friend.  But she’s standing there like she feels nothing.  Marlena explains to Hope what she’s feeling.  She’s looking at the woman that had her husband’s child and she’s not sure what to do with it.  It bothers Hope that she sounds more like a psychiatrist rather than her friend.  She presses her on saying what she feels and Marlena snaps.   Hope understands because it was a healthy reaction.  She asks Hope how she feels…she feels violated, but her and John weren’t themselves.  Hope assures her that their love is strong and that’s how she feels about Bo.  She insists that if Bo finds out that John is the father of Johnny, it would be devastating for everyone.   He can never find out.  She pleads for Marlena to keep this is a secret from Bo.   Marlena thinks it’s wrong, but it’s Hope’s decision to make.  Marlena will respect her decision.  Hope really wants her and John to be okay.  Marlena continues to pour out her feelings about her awful situation with John.  Things are really bad.  Marlena leaves.

Jen reads Annie’s note saying how she wants to be buried at sea with her husband.    Jen feels bad about asking Annie to help them out when she was sick.  The boat starts leaking.  Abby realizes that Annie’s dead and starts mourning for her.  Jen shows her the letter that Annie’s ready to be with her husband now.  Bo says a few kind words about Annie and recites a bible passage before placing her body in the sea.  Something’s wrong and Bo goes to check it out.  The thug contacts Bo to tell him to enjoy his last days at sea.   He insinuates that Annie performed a final act of bravery.  Bo’s confused. They realize that the boat’s leaking.  Bo realizes that Annie drilled a hole, but Jen refuses to believe it.  Bo says there’s nothing they can do.  He tries to figure a way out.