Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/21/00



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/21/00

By Christy

In the waiting room, Hattie is excited about getting a new nose and looking like Marlena.  Rolf enters and tells Hattie that the preparations are being made for the plastic surgery.  Rolf tells her that he will perform the surgery right here in his office.  Hattie adamantly disagrees and storms out, with Rolf coming after her.   Hattie reasons that she would feel more comfortable if the procedure was done in the hospital.  Rolf mentions her financial situation and how she can’t afford staying at a hospital.  He continues to persuade her to go through with it and she will have everything she wants—including Roman.  Rolf takes a picture of Hattie as a before shot, but it’s more difficult than he thought.  Rolf prepares for the procedure and Hattie’s excited.   A nurse who flew in from the other side of the world comes in to assist. Hattie refuses anesthesia and Rolf suggests to put it her under a “floating, semiconscious state.”  Hattie goes in to change, and Rolf and Ingrid flirt.  Hattie comes out and is ready to begin.  She can’t wait to look like the beautiful Marlena Evans. During the procedure, Hattie fantasizes about being Marlena. 

At the radio station, Marlena is on the phone, very impatient and grouchy.  Nancy watches and comments about Marlena being in rare form today.  The station manager scolds her for being unsympathetic and tells her to give Marlena a break because her daughter’s in the hospital.  Nancy tells him that she’ll spread a little sunshine her way.  The manager is very skeptical about today’s show.  Nancy confronts Marlena about her awful mood lately and calls her a royal bitch.  Marlena tells her that she should empathize since Nancy has had problems with her own daughter.  Nancy tells her that she doesn’t connect with the people any more and that she’s taking out her anger on everyone else.  She’s not handling her problems very well.  Roman unexpectedly stops by and tells her that Brady got away.  With 2 minutes to air, Marlena leaves.  Nancy takes over.  Nancy gets off on a rocky start by telling a pathetic caller exactly how she feels.  The manager panics, but realize that the callers can’t get enough of Nancy’s tough love campaign.

Roman tells Marlena to relax when they arrive at the hospital.  Roman tries to comfort her and tell her that things with John will be alright.  She tells him that she’s been selfish with her heart.  Roman:  “That’s not the Marlena I know.”  She insists that the way she’s feeling isn’t because of Brady.  She mentions that she couldn’t give John unconditional love and support.   Roman tells her that she’s being way too hard on herself.  She’s seeing herself through John’s eyes and it’s not too pretty.  Marlena wants to make a phone call.  Hope goes to see Marlena and tells her that she knows that truth that John is Johnny’s father.

Hope plays with baby Johnny and remembers John telling her that he’s the father.  It all makes sense that Bo’s been awkward with baby Johnny.  She worries about his obsession with Ireland.  She doesn’t want to hurt Bo, but she has to live a lie for Bo and baby Johnny.  Shawn D. overhears the end of what Hope said and jokingly asks, “What about me? Am I part of the equation?  Are you trying to give me an inferiority complex or something?”  Shawn jokes about who his mother’s favorite is.  She thanks him for being with her through the crisis with Johnny.  Hope shows Shawn the poster he made when he was little.  Shawn asks Hope what’s changed about her and if she spoke to Bo yet.  Hope tells him not really.  She thanks God for having a man like Bo and explains why Bo’s in Ireland—to help others in pain.  Shawn tells Hope his plans to spend part of Thanksgiving with his friends, but she senses that something is still wrong.  Shawn explains that Roman thinks Brady caused Belle’s accident and that Belle can’t remember anything from that night.    Shawn tells Hope that he doesn’t think Brady caused the accident and that John, Roman and Marlena were arguing outside of Belle’s room earlier.  Hope says it’s the last thing that Marlena needs right now.  Alice stops by and asks Hope if she’s heard from Bo yet and when he’s coming home.  Hope tells John secretly that she makes sure the truth never gets out.

Annie tells Bo and Jennifer that they’re heading for another storm.  She entertains the both of them with anecdotes.  Bo inquires about heading back to port.  Annie doesn’t give him a straight answer and leaves.  Jen asks what he meant about heading back to port.  “You’re thinking about going back to Dublin, aren’t you?”   Annie starts having chest pains and takes her pill.  She just needs a little more time for the work to be finished.  Bo exnsaio tn Jeatthe& h46#1 o;ston om shiet angutboiM Da.erpaesbs&n xp einlatos en Jha tbat Jbynnoh#1y&;s46he tea rn soy whMeDi hra tasgoo ow d Jn. tenlselim hha titt 14&#s 6;cabee us Jofk&ac46#1 s;sfielnesh tsst hae shd anbyAbre an ie thesprt entusiioatthn &#ey6;14 irep;bs/s pae Shntcoueintos co s hld aimutboei b sngfiel&#sh1;15&#he6;14 rllk iss hifelior fiM Da&er46#1 s;se akd anavleHoe ape hnd 2ishi creldben ndhisp.< sanletyms="spo-erac: uns"yenb>&; spspHan#1e&;d46et br teadheom hane ned r veokloac bp;bs/s pa tBolseler hha tsht nee s ed gtobao tckSao m.lepaesbs&n whane,ilnn A cielsalne of oe thugthans tad s lk hto aimutboha wjut hstpeapd ne hby berthoaseousp.< sanletyms="spo-erac: uns"yenb>&; spsp