Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/17/00



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/17/00  

By Christy

In the virtual garden, Austin and Greta awaken from their sleep.  Greta’s touched by the flower Austin gives her.  Greta still has a fever and a terrible headache.  She almost collapses and Austin yells for some help.  The voice from the sky tells them to go through the door to get some help.  Greta’s skeptical about what’s on the other side, but Austin says they have to go home.  On the other side of the door, it looks like they stepped back into the castle.  Greta:  Maybe this means we passed all the tests.  Charles asks Greta if she’s ready to stop the journey.  Greta is adamant because they have proven themselves for the orphans over and over again, but Charles says it’s not enough. 

Charles offers them a deal:  if they give their quest now, Greta will receive the title as Princess and her money and tells them to go back to where they belong.  Greta gets upset and Austin runs to her defense.  He wants to talk to the person in charge of this road show right now.  Charles tells them that the person in charge is not available.  Austin wants to talk to Charles alone.  He asks him who will get the money if they don’t complete the mission.  He tells him that he can’t tell them the details.  A female voice orders him to tell them who gets the money. He screams out, “I get the money!”  Greta angrily exclaims, “You selfish pig!”  Greta tells Austin that they have to finish their quest for the orphans.  Austin asks her if she’s sure and they decide they’re going back to the virtual world.  Charles tells them that they won’t make it.  Greta says they’re going to fight for the children and they’ll die trying.  They make it back to the virtual garden. 

Sami runs into Roman at Salem place.  She questions her father about what he told Hattie about her and Brandon.  Roman questions Sami about her feelings for Brandon and she’s insists that she’s in love with Austin and that she’s not falling for Brandon.  Roman asks her to be careful for him and Will.  He asks her again if she’s going to be okay and she reassures him that she will be.  After Roman leaves, Sami hopes that she’s not too late. 

Since everything is happening too fast, Angela asks Brandon if this is true love between them.   Brandon convinces her that she’s the best thing that’s happen in his life.  She’s elated and wants to get married right away and that she promises to give him the tape as soon as the wedding’s over.  Brandon questions her about her father, but she reassures him that Moroni just wants her to be happy.  She reminds Brandon that he will become part of the Moroni family.  A disguised Sami trips by Brandon and Angela and Brandon helps her out.  Sami manages to get Angela’s bag.  Sami meets a shady looking man in the alley that Brandon had set up.   He will replicate the key for them. Sami tells him to hurry before Angela realizes her purse is missing.  Angela wants to powder her nose and realizes her purse is gone.  Brandon covers and says they can go to the manager’s office.   She doesn’t want to and Brandon suggests that he go because it’s too dangerous.  Brandon meets up with Sami and tells her that Angela knows that her purse is gone. Angela grows impatient and decides to join Brandon.   Angela searches for him.  The guy finally finishes and Sami gets the key.  Brandon joins Angela and covers up.  They find her purse in the trashcan.  She makes sure the tape is in her bag.  Brandon says he has to go take care of something and Angela decides to go shopping.  When she leaves, Sami is thrilled that their plan to get Will back is working.

Outside the penthouse building, Shawn tries to persuade Will to let him into the apartment.   He finally gives in and takes Shawn upstairs.   Later, Shawn thanks Will and Will tells him, “good luck.”  Shawn visits Belle and gives her new buddy bear.  Just as he leaves, she awakens and tells him, “Don’t go.”  Shawn’s happy that she’s awake and wants to get the doctor.  She tells him no because they would want him to leave.  Belle thanks him for bringing her new buddy bear and she’s remembers the night he gave it to her.  Shawn wants to forget it because she was so mad at him.  He starts to playfully tease her about the way she looks, and gets slightly worried.  Shawn tells her that he’s just kidding and that she looks great.  Belle asks Shawn what’s been happening since she was in a coma.  He fills her in on Mimi still staying at the Wesley’s.   She jokes about rather being in a coma, but Shawn doesn’t think that’s funny—she must’ve been really scared especially since… Shawn stops from further discussing that night of the accident, but Belle doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Marlena is asleep by Belle in the hospital room.  John manages to sneak a peek inside, but decides not to enter the room.  He asks the doctor about Belle’s condition, and the doctor tells him the good news that Belle awoke from her coma.  Dr. Blaine “Didn’t your wife tell you?”  John avoids the question and thanks him for everything he’s done for Belle.  He questions the doctor about the ramifications of an induced coma, of people not acting as their normal selves.  The doctor reassures him that it’s normal for Belle to be experiencing all these side effects.  He also asks him if Roman Brady’s been by and he tells him that he has.  The doctor tells John that it’s okay to see Belle, but John makes an excuse that Belle needs sleep and he’ll return later.  Roman joins Marlena and the doctor tells him that John’s looking for Roman.  Roman begins interrogating Dr. James about what John said.  Dr. James tells him exactly what John said.  John didn’t want Marlena to wake her and Roman tells her that he’s doing everything he can to protect his son.  He tells her to not feel bad going against John.  This has to be done.  Marlena defends her love for John.  She’s sorry that she dragged Roman into all of this.  Roman tells him that he’s doing this because Brady broke the law and has to face the consequences.  He’s just doing his job and with that he leaves.  John meets up with Marlena

In the motel room, Brady wakes up and surveys his wound.   He realizes that it wasn’t a bad dream after all—his father was there to dress his wound. He notices the note John left for him and misinterprets that his father is planning to turn in him to the police.  Brady starts to get up, screaming in agonizing pain.  He heads for the door but he collapses to the floor.  John returns to find Brady passed out on the floor.  He puts him back to bed and scolds him for doing such a stupid thing.  Brady tells him that he wanted to escape because he thought that John would turn in him.  John reaffirms that he’s doing everything he can to protect Brady because he is innocent.  He also tells him that Belle’s awake and that she’s okay.  Brady worries about John, especially because of Roman’s involvement.  He tells him that Roman would sacrifice him if it meant getting back in the sack with Marlena.  John tells him not to worry.   He brought him a fresh new change of clothes and tells him to stay in the room.   Brady tells him to be careful out there and John’s very touched.  Brady wants to be there for Belle, but he hopes she understands if he can’t stick around.   Brady turns on the radio and hears the announcement that he’s a wanted man.