Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/13/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/13/00  

by Christy

In the Virtual Garden, Austin and Greta talk about the test they just passed: the test of chastity. A young fairy appears and tells them that they have come a long way and passed all their tests. She tells them that the stakes are much higher now. The fairy makes a clothing rack appear and they are allowed to choose any outfit they like. The fairy disappears and Austin and Greta try on a couple of outfits. The fairy reappears again to fix their hair. The fairy disappears yet again. Austin says that he wants this thing to end and all of a sudden the sky turns dark. Austin confesses his frustrations to Greta because he misses Sami so much. Greta questions why he does since she was dishonest to him, but she envies the fact that he has someone to miss. Austin tells her that whoever Greta ends up with will be the luckiest guy in the world. Austin grows impatient, but Greta tells him that things will be okay as long as they are patient. She believes that all of this is a good thing and they just have to be patient. Austin tells Greta: There's no one else I'd rather do nothing with than you. An envelope falls from the sky and this time they passed the test of patience. Greta's wondering if her father will appear to her and suddenly, Princess Gina appears. She tells Greta that she'll find out about her father because she has patience. Austin questions her on who her father is.

Sami and Angela discuss Austin. Sami is distracted that Austin is with Greta in Europe. Angela questions her about it, but Sami knows that Austin loves her and Greta isn't like that. Angela: You can never be too careful when it comes to another woman. Sami: You're not thinking of me when you say that, are you. Brandon and I are just friends. Angela tells her, to her surprise, that she decided to give her the tape that Roberto made before he died. Angela tells her that she will give the tape to her in 2 weeks, on her wedding day. Sami tells her that she can't believe she doesn't trust Brandon enough to give her the tape before the wedding. Angela tells her that she'll give her the tape on her wedding day because she's not going to let anything stop her from marrying Brandon. Angela pitches the idea that Sami should move into a house next to her and Brandon after the wedding. Sami requests to listen to the tape. Angela lies about not having the tape with her and it's in a safe place. She'll give her the tape after the honeymoon and they argue about trust. Angela says she's tired and needs to go to bed. She takes her purse with her and Sami is quick to figure out that the key is in her purse. Angela comes out all ready for bed and explains to her the plan on giving her the tape. Sami thinks that the answer to the problem with Kate and Lucas is in a locker at the Salem train station and Angela has the key to the locker in her purse.

Kate warns Lucas about drinking too much and maybe he should call his sponsor Maggie. He reassures her that he can handle it and that she should work on her relationship with Victor. Kate asks him where his better half is and is assured that Nicole and Victor aren't together because he loathes the woman. Kate tells Lucas that Victor is angry at them for not letting their plan of Sami's accident working and he's not going to do anything if they end up in jail. Kate tells him that the only solution to their problem is to let Sami have custody of Will. Lucas, of course, is adamant about it. He says he'll run off to Belize, but Kate bashes him for his failures, both professionally and personally. Lucas fires back that all of this is Kate's fault. But it turns out that Victor maybe a bigger problem than Sami is. He asks about the fake will and if Victor has signed it yet. Kate tells him that she's tried and failed. They know that if Victor dies, the entire estate will be left to them. Lucas retorts, "It's not like we've never covered up a murder before." Lucas asks Kate if she would kill Victor for money. She doesn't answer right away, but Lucas reasons that he treats her like dirt. Kate says that if the need arises, they'll know how to proceed. Nicole interrupts Kate and Lucas and Kate demands she get out. Nicole doesn't budge and Victor ends. She thanks him for a scrumptious evening and Kate and Lucas look at Victor with suspicion.

Meanwhile, Nicole is buttoning up Victor's suit while she's still naked beside him. She asks him if that was the best he ever had. Victor doesn't say a word as Nicole rambles on about knowing how he feels and she has made him feel alive better than Kate ever could. As Nicole freshens up, Victor thinks that this is the first time he made love to a woman since he got better and how stunning she is. He compliments her and she asks him if he regrets what just happened between them. She also reassures him that she won't do anything to harm him and he should worry about Kate and Lucas instead, especially since she knows what they know. Victor tries to cover his involvement in Sami's accident in Naples. Nicole expresses her worries and hopes that he does everything possible to protect himself. She tries to get more information about Sami's accident but Victor won't open up. They arrive home and she thanks him for a wonderful evening. Victor and his chauffeur discuss how beautiful Nicole is. He wonders how much tonight is going to cost him.
Jennifer and Bo are in the car, trying to lose the security guards after them. They finally do and Bo tells her that they can finally go back to Salem. Jennifer tells him that she can't go back right now and Bo asks her why. Suddenly, Jennifer screams, "Oh my God!" It's a close call and Jen manages to keep the car in control, but to no avail. The car stalls and they decide to walk to Karen, a friend of Jen's who might be able to help them out. Just then, a car stops and bullets are being fired at them. They run for cover when a bullet hits the gas tank and a fire starts. The goons check things out, but don't find Jennifer and Bo. They leave and Bo checks to see if Jen and her daughter are okay. They all make a run for it. They finally arrive at the house of Jen's friend, but meet up with Ian's goons, who hold them up at gun point. Jen's friend fires back and helps Bo escape. Jen tells him that soon he'll be home with Hope and his baby.

John tries to convince Hope to not leave town. Hope won't hear of it and John suddenly confesses, "You're not going to take my son away from me!" Hope: "You're not talking about your namesake are you?" John reaffirms that J.T. is his son and Hope stands there in total shock. Hope won't believe it but John tells her that it's the truth. He explains that they are victims of DiMera, but he loves Johnny so much. He tells her that they made love when they were in Hawaii, when he was on his honeymoon with Marlena. He retells her the events that happened in Hawaii and how he doesn't remember when they made love. Hope still can't believe it, but he tells her that he has medical proof-the DNA results show that he is truly Johnny's father. John knows that there's nothing he can do to make this right. Hope says that they're both Stefano's creations. She tells him that she could never look at him again without feeling humiliated. She asks him what does he think. He tells her that he sees her as a good friend who's always there for him and cares a lot about the people she loves. Hope finds out that Bo knows he's not the father of Johnny and that's why he left for Ireland. He suggests that they tell Bo the truth, but Hope says, "No, they will never tell Bo the truth, Never!"