Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/08/00



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/8/00  

by Christy 

Today is the 35th anniversary of Days of Our Lives. Alice is visiting Johnny and telling him how happy and grateful she is that her great grandson has made a miraculous turn for the better. She tells him that he is lucky to be alive and be a part of such a wonderful, extended family. She also tells him that she is also grateful for all the people she has met along the way and how they have touched her life. He will experience the same. Alice flashbacks to highlights that have happened in the Days of "Their" Lives: everyone from the early days and now in the present are shown in a montage of special, happy moments.

Doug and Julie celebrate their belated anniversary on the cruise ship they've been sailing across the world on. They reminisce about years past and the good times they've shared. Julie recalls that their second wedding was more special because the time they were apart made them realize how much they truly loved each other. There is a flashback of their second wedding. Doug tells Julie that he cherishes the good and even bad times they went through. They needed to go through the rough times to help them become the people they are and made them realize how much they really mean to each other. Julie tells Doug that they never really lost each other. With that, Doug has a special surprise for her. He gives her an Irish friendship ring which symbolizes their relationship and tells her that their next stop is Ireland. Julie is elated.

Meanwhile in Ireland, the receptionist of the Dimera factory, Mrs. O'Shea questions Jennifer on what she really wants. She is suspicious and doesn't believe that Jennifer wants a job there. Outside, the security guards, pointing their guns, question Bo on why he's there. Bo tries to cover, but the security guards don't believe him. They tie him up to a tree.

John visits Belle and tells his daughter that her big brother is in trouble and that she may be the only person to help. He knows that Brady loves her very much and he would never hurt her. He tells her that he is so grateful to have the people he loves in his life. He mentions that Brady is a lot like him, but maybe they wouldn't want to admit that. He tells her that she is her mothers daughter and that she's the only one that can bring their family together. He remembers a time when he thought Marlena was gone forever (he flashbacks to when he told Carrie that Marlena just died). John thought that his life was over when he realized that he wasn't Roman Brady he had been living a lie. Then Isabella changed his life and then Marlena, Brady and Belle made him realize that love is the most important thing in life. He flashes back to when he was on the pier and found Marlena again after she was presumed dead. John tells Belle how much he loves his daughter and he knows that shell get better soon. Brady watches from outside the glass window.

Hope questions Marlena about her past as Gina and whether she slept with another man. Marlena is uncomfortable talking about this and tells Hope not to pressure her because of all the chaotic things that have happened to her recently. Marlena tries to brush her off. Just then Hope sees Alice and she tells them that she will visit Belle. Marlena volunteers to go with her, but Hope tells her that they need to finish their conversation. After Alice leaves, Hope continues to press Marlena for information about her life as Gina. Marlena inadvertently blurts out that the true identity of Belles father ruined her marriage to Roman and with that, Hope, in shock, realizes that she's in the same situation: Bo's not the father after all. She wonders if Stefano could be the father of her baby.

Mrs. O'Shea goes to answer a phone call, and Jennifer decides to make a break for it. She manages to escape from the factory, but Mrs. O'Shea sounds the alarm. Bo hears the alarm go off from outside and tries to get his hands free. The security guards decide that there's only one way to get rid of him and start to pull the trigger.

Alice comes in Belles room and tells John that Brady's outside. John and Brady meet up and he asks his son why he's here. Brady jokingly says that has here to finish the job since Doc and everyone thinks has out to kill his sister. John scolds him for the bad joke and Brady apologizes. He justifies why he tries to make light of the situation because of his generation. John asks why he didn't go straight home and Brady tells him that he couldn't because Roman and Marlena set him up and had a cop come after him at the penthouse. John is shocked when he hears this and Brady knew that Marlena wouldn't let him know about that. Brady tells him that Grandpa Vic sent his lawyer to get him out and he would be in the clear if he stays on his best behavior. Father and son have a bonding moment when they joke about Tuscany being Fight Club. Brady thanks his dad for sticking by him and asks him for a favor. He needs to buy new clothes to go along with his clean image and John willing gives him his bank card and pin number because he trusts his son. Marlena, on her way to tell John that Hope knows the truth, witnesses the father and son moment between John and Brady and walks away in shock.

Alice visits Belle and talks to her about Shawn D. She tells her to be patient with him because time is relative. She flashes back to Bo and Hopes early days and when she and Tom shared a wonderful life. She tells Belle that love is what makes the days of lives worth living. Frances Reid thanks the viewers for being so loyal to Days of Our Lives for 35 years.