Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/07/00



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/7/00

by Linda K

Out on the balcony, Brandon reminisces about the Halloween date with Sami. He recollects their wonderful time together, dancing, kissing and being close. When he comes out of it, he says to himself, "This is crazy, I have to concentrate on getting the tape back from Angela." Just then he hears a knock on his door and it's Larry. He stopped by to visit his friend and is surprised when Brandon tells him that he found someone when he was in Italy and that he's going to marry her. Larry: "What about Sami?" Brandon tells him that he still thinks Sami is a terrific girl, but she wants to be with Austin. Besides, she might even leave town to live in Chicago. Larry doesn't think so because her son is here in Salem and plus, he misses her at the hospital. Larry tells Brandon that he's thinking of asking Sami out and asks if he stands a chance. Brandon, surprised by what Larry just said, isn't quite sure but Larry tells him that Sami is not like other girls. She's a wonderful, kind person and she wouldn't care if he cant walk. Brandon agrees and tells Larry to go for it. Then he asks Larry if he brought what he asked for and Larry hands him a folder, telling him that he worked hard on that. Later, there is another knock on the door and it's Moroni: he wants to talk to Brandon in private, so Larry leaves. Moroni's goons try to intimidate Brandon, but he tells them to get out or hell have to kick them out himself. Moroni is impressed that Brandon doesn't back down. Brandon tells him that he's marrying Angela, not her whole family. Moroni tells him that he's wrong and that his life will never be the same from now on.

At Tuscany, Sami is knocking on the door of the restaurant and asks the waiter what's going on inside. The waiter tells her that the restaurant is close now. Inside, Brady walks to John and Marlena's table and threatens her with his sword. Brady: "I've come to pay you back for the trick you played on my at the penthouse." Roman intervenes and attempts to arrest Brady, but John jumps in to stop Roman from harassing his son. Everyone is witnessing the brawl between Roman and John, who is in mercenary mode. Brady beats up the police back up that come to intervene. It looks like the Blacks are going to win out and John tells Brady to make a run for it. Brady hesitates but then he flees. He runs into more cops and finally they have John and Brady in cuffs. Marlena is crying hysterically at the sight. Sami and Angela are outside when the police come out, dragging Brady and John to the paddy wagon. Sami asks her dad what has happened, but Roman cant explain right now. He has to take the Blacks to the station. Sami runs into her mother and asks what's going on. Marlena is too distraught to even explain and Sami comforts her. Maggie tells everyone to stay and dinner and drinks will be on the house; better yet they're on John Black. Angela gives Sami support because of everything that has happened with her family. She insists that Austin be here to have dinner with them, but Sami tells her that she cant get a hold of Austin. Angela insinuates whether Sami is excited to see Austin, but Sami insists that she is and proves it by calling him. She calls Brandon and makes pretend that she's talking to Austin. Brandon tells her that she has the wrong number and is annoyed. Later Sami calls him to explain that she had to pretend that she was talking to Austin for Angela's sake. Brandon tells her that they'll figure a way to handle this situation later. Sami returns to Angela and finds the perfect opportunity to segue into talking about the tape. Angela is upset that she brought it up again. Sami tells her that if she really loves Brandon, shell do what he asks of her. Angela wants to get married first and in fact, they should get marry by a judge tomorrow!

Hattie is worried that Roman was getting beat up by John Black. Rolf informs her of the history between Roman, Marlena, and John and Hattie is surprised that Roman and Marlena used to be married. Hattie gets really annoyed, especially when Rolf emphasizes that Roman will always love Marlena. This prompts Hattie to want the nose surgery and now. She has even more incentive to be Marlena, now that she would have a chance to be with Roman.

Victor tells Nicole that hell take her home now, but she convinces him to stay. She wonders what all the commotion is about and Victor tells her that Brady is his grandson: he is the son of his daughter Isabella and John Black. Nicole wonders why she hasn't heard her name mentioned before, and Victor tells her that Isabella died of cancer when Brady was very young. Nicole apologizes for her rudeness and asks Victor what Isabella was like. Victor starts getting emotional when he tells her that things didn't always run smoothly with his daughter, but he never regretted the time he spent with her. Nicole is surprised by Victors sensitive side. He tells her that family is very important and that she should remember that. Nicole cant stop hating her mother and she can relate to Brady because she's familiar with the rage she sees in his eyes.

In the paddy wagon, Roman orders for shackles to be put on Brady and John when they get to the station. He hears pounding on the van and its probably John trying to find a way out. Roman cant take any chances. Meanwhile, John is busy trying to find a way out of the paddy wagon, but Brady is pessimistic. "Its no use, dad." But John wont give up. In true MacGyver style, he manages to free himself from the cuffs. Brady: "Where did you learn to do that?" John works on getting the cuffs off of Brady and tells him to follow his lead. When they reach the station, John comes out first and springs into action. He manages to get the cops under his control and orders his son to make a run for it. Brady, scared and confused, just sits there and looks at his father. He hesitates and it looks like he might not flee.