Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/06/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/6/00  

by Christy  

Chloe questions who she is as she thinks about what both Philip and the mysterious guy said to her. Just then, a masked Brady appears on the pier and they start arguing again. He makes a comment, which prompts her to believe he was the guy she met here a few weeks ago. Brady, however, denies it. He then tries to relate her situation by quoting from an opera and Chloe is surprised by their common interest in music. Later, the tension between them eases up as they start quoting an opera back and forth. Chloe pauses for a moment but Brady tells her that she knows what happens nextso she slaps him and Brady is impressed that shes feeling the words that shes singing. By the time they've finished, they're laughing and joking about having to quote opera in order to get along. Just then, Brady sees a cop lurking in the distance and tells Chloe to go with her feelings before making a quick get away. She wonders who the mysterious guy is. Then the cop questions Chloe about the masked guy she was with and she surprisingly covers for him and doesnt know why she did so.

Hattie and Rolf (he is disguised as Colonel Sanders), show up at Tuscany for their big date. Throughout the evening Rolf encourages Hattie to study Marlena's gestures and mannerisms and Hattie practices on the waiter, which to her surprise actually works. She is frustrated that she cant order what ever she wants when Rolf orders salad for her. He tells her that she needs to lose weight and someday soon, with the right body and some practice, Hattie can "be" Marlena. Later, Rolf tells Hattie that she must consider getting a nose job. At first she refuses, but Rolf convinces her to rethink otherwise. Hattie spots Roman and Fay having dinner together and Hattie wants to do everything she can to win the man of her dreams.

Fay and Roman decide to greet Nicole and Victor at their table, but Nicole quickly turns hostile towards her mother. Victor orders her to stop it. Nicole explains to him that she really hates her mother and Victor questions her why, but she refuses to open up. He later has a talk with Nicole, telling her she's got to resolve her problems with Fay, or else let it go. Nicole commends Victor for being a sensitive, powerful and attractive man. Meanwhile, Roman is still trying to get more information from Fay about Nicole. Fay makes a comment that prompts Roman to believe that her husband used to beat her, but Fay doesnt want to further discuss it.

The evening starts to progress nicely for John and Marlena until Roman shows up with Fay. John notices the looks Marlena and Roman share, and he calls her on it. John accuses his wife of keeping secrets from him with regards to Brady and has convinced Roman to get involved. He knows that Roman would be willing to do anything for Doc, but Marlena denies his accusations. She tells John that she wants all of their children to be safe. Later, they get quite a surprise when a costumed Brady shows up and threatens Marlena with his sword. Roman jumps in and struggles with Brady until John breaks them up and attacks Roman. An all-out battle ensues as a frightened Marlena observes.