Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/02/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/2/00  

by Christy 

On the phone, Marlena and Roman talk about their plan to set up Brady. Roman phones the undercover cop outside the penthouse and tells him to be ready when he sees Brady. John comes downstairs, ready to have dinner with Doc at Tuscany (little, does he know that this is all part of Marlena's plan to get him out of the house while the cops arrest Brady). He tells her that they need this time to be together because of all the problems they've been having. Marlena agrees and they head out. 

Brady, lurking outside the penthouse, sees Marlena and John leaving into a limo. Just when the coast is clear, he starts to head back to the penthouse. The doorman tells him that he almost didn't recognize him with his costume get up. Brady tells the doorman that he's ready to sleep after a long night on the town. Just then, an undercover cop notices Brady and stops him from going in the penthouse. Brady stands in astonishment. 

Roman and Sami have a father-daughter conversation at Salem Place. Roman is concerned that Brandon is going too far to get Will back for Sami. Sami reassures her father that Brandon knows what he's doing. Roman tells her that its so obvious that Brandon is in love with Sami and is willing to risk his life for her. He questions his daughter on her feelings for Brandon, and Sami tells him that she loves him as a friend and she's in love with Austin and he knows that. However, Roman doesn't believe her. Does she realize that if Brandon tries to get out of his marriage with Angela, Moroni will see to it that he's dead? This makes Sami rethink their original plan because she doesn't want that to happen to Brandon. 

Meanwhile, Brandon and Fay have a mother-son time together. They discuss how much Brandon was trying to protect her all those times his father was abusing her. Brandon wishes that he could've done more. Fay tells him that she hopes that his revenge against Abe Carver is over. However, Brandon still blames him for not doing enough to save them from his father.   

Curtis squeals with delight as he watches Austin and Greta kiss. He continues to coax them to take it a step further, while Austin and Greta try their hardest not to succumb to the temptation. It appears that they might suddenly give in, but they both stop themselves and scream "No!" They refuse to let Curtis win! Austin starts to attack Curtis and both duke it out. Greta steps in to help out and does a bit of her own kickboxing. Austin chokes Curtis to death, but his ghost arises and tells them that evil will always exist no matter what they do. Later, Austin and Greta receive the next golden envelope, this one containing the word "chastity". 

Victor notices Nicole harassing his assistant. He tells her that he wants to discuss business at Tuscany. She gladly accepts his offer and tells him that shell be ready in 2 minutes. She quickly changes into a hot dress. 

Sami and Roman run into Brandon and Fay. Sami tells Brandon that she needs to speak to him right now. She pulls him aside and tells him that it's too dangerous for him to marry Angela, so she wants him to back down now. However, he has no intention of doing that. He tells her that he's never back down from anything in his life and he's not going to especially now. He wants to prove to Sami how much he cares for her by getting her son back. Sami tells him that she loves him so much for doing this for her. Then she gets an idea that shell try to get Angela to open up when they get together for a bridal shower. 

Fay knows that Roman disapproves of his children being involved with hers. They discuss why Roman doesn't like Nicole because of all the horrible things she did to Eric. Fay cant believe how much trouble her daughter has caused. She remarks that Nicole has been asking questions about Victor Kiriakis. This grabs Roman's attention. He wants to know more, so he persuades her to have dinner with him as a start of making amends. He tells her that they will have dinner at Tuscany's. 

At Tuscany's, Maggie greets Marlena and John, and naively asks about Brady. John gets upset at Maggie's insinuations about his son, but Marlena tells him that Maggie was just being nice. They both begin to argue about Brady, but Marlena stops because she wants this night to be special. She tells him that she knows everything will work out the way its supposed to especially concerning Brady. John wants to call the doorman so that hell let him know when Brady checks in. Marlena opposes this idea and John quickly grows suspicious. But she convinces him that Brady will get home safely and wouldn't want it to seem as if they were spying on him. 

Nicole and Victor enter Tuscany with Nicole holding on to his arm. All the men in the restaurant gawk and stare because she is obviously hot. Nicole, trying to get a reaction out of Victor, wonders if he's seen Sami since she got home from Italy. He reacts strongly, demanding to know what she knows about Sami being in Italy. She changes the subject by telling him that he should say hi to some important business people sitting at a table nearby. Quietly, to herself, Nicole knows that her plan is working-- she'll get the 5 million back from Victor and Kate and Lucas will be thrown out on the streets. The cop tries to arrest Brady but he breaks free. The doorman thinks he should let John know what has happened to his son. Brady runs into the alley and loses the cop. He realizes that Marlena, and maybe even his dad has set him up. Angrily, he decides to give his parents a surprise visit at Tuscany.