Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/20/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/20/00  

By Christy  

Kate tells Lucas that he must give Sami full custody of Will. They have to do everything in their power to stay out of jail and to prevent from their lives being ruined forever. Kate must get Victor to sign his will so that she can be financially secured if things don't go as planned. Victor comes downstairs and is shocked when Kate tells him she's decided to stay in Italy for a while. She feels like her plans will be ruined if she goes back to Salem. Victor can't believe he's deserting her. He encourages Kate to face the future and fight Sami. The two argue and Kate admits that she feels cheated because she supported throughout his two strokes and he hasn't shown his appreciation or love. Victor tells her to stop whining and be the strong, independent woman she used to be the woman he fell in love with. Kate becomes even angrier after he says this, but Victor wont have. Finally, Kate comes around and agrees to go home with him. Angela arrives, eager to go to America with Brandon and Sami. She tells Brandon that she had an upsetting conversation with Kate. The woman tried to get her to turn against Brandon, but Angela says she could never do that because she loves him so much and she knows that he feels exactly the same for her. Sami and Brandon breathe a sigh of relief. Sami is uncomfortable watching Angela be all over Brandon. Sami invites Angela to stay with her until the wedding. Angela is very happy and asks a surprised Sami to be her maid of honor. 

At the hospital, it's touch and go for both Belle and baby John. Hope receives devastating news from the doctor, who says that there is little hope for baby Johns survival. And even if he did survive the surgery, he wouldn't be able to live through the recovery period. Hope asks Lexie to help them with the operation since she knows Lexie loves baby John as her own. 

Meanwhile, Brady feels guilt-ridden about Belle's accident and goes to the roof for some time alone. He screams in anger because he doesnt want his sister to die. Shawn, however, has the same idea and the two guys meet up. Shawn tries to get information about what happen to Belle, but Brady angrily rebuffs him. The two get into an intense argument. Shawn tells him that he can relate to him because when he returned to Salem, he also resented everyone he cared about, especially his parents. But then, he grew up and tells Brady to do the same. The two almost come to blows, but Brady decides to leave. 

Meanwhile, the doctor tells John and Marlena that Belle seems to be doing okay, but they're going to have to put her in an induced coma in order for her recovery. They are both relieved but are still cautious because anything could still happen. Baby John doesn't make it and Lexie is devastated. She has the hardest task of telling Hope that her baby is dead. Hope breaks down in Johns arm, who is also equally devastated as she is.