Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/19/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/19/00   

By Christy  

When Nicole tells Roman that she's afraid Lucas is going to kill her, Lucas walks in and asks what the hell is going on. Nicole thinks quickly and covers but Lucas is still worried and suspicious about his wife. Roman tells Nicole that shes some piece of work. Sami calls and accuses Lucas of having the calls forwarded to Italy, but Lucas swears he's in Salem, and he'll prove it. Lucas puts Roman and Will on the phone with Sami. Sami tells Roman that shes catching the next flight to get home. She also tells him that she plans to take care of Lucas. Meanwhile, Kate calls Lucas and tells him the only way he wont get arrested for Francos murder is if he gives Sami full custody of Will. No way is Lucas going to let that happen. Will comes in and shares a cookie with his father. Later, Lucas tells Nicole if she ever betrays his secret, shell be next on his hit list. Later, Nicole starts to figure that Victor must know about this. And if that's the case, she's even closer to getting her five million back. 

Angela doesn't believe Kate's lies about Brandon and tells her to stay out of her love life. Later Angela thinks of the times when Brandon asked her about Roberto. 

Meanwhile, Sami decides she's got to go home to Salem today. Brandon, however, isn't going to let her travel alone. She tells him that he cant leave because Angela would get really suspicious. Brandon reassures her that he can handle Angela since shes under his spell. Sami is worried that Brandon is risking too much and doesnt want him to marry Angela. Angela heads to the cottage to find Brandon packing. He tells her he's escorting Sami home, but he'll be back soon. Angela doesn't want to wait. She tells them that she wants to go to America with them. 

John asks Hope about baby Johnny. She tells him that it doesn't look good. He tells he that Belle got into an accident and is in the ER. Hope offers her sympathies and has a difficult time telling Shawn. Shawn freaks out because he was just with her the day before, being so strong and caring for others. Alone, Brady says to himself that Belle needs to get betterhe needs her and he loves her so much. Shes his best friend and the only one who understands him. Meanwhile, Marlena tells John that Brady tried to kill their daughter, but John won't hear of it. Little do they know that Brady overhears their conversation. Shawn and Brady meet up at the vending machine and Shawn desperately wants to know what happened to Belle. Brady blows him off. John orders Brady to tell him what happened to Belle, but Brady refuses. This infuriates John, but Brady just storms off. Meanwhile, the news isn't good about Belle: though she doesnt have any spinal injuries, she has a skull fracture and her brain is swelling. They will try to treat it with drugs, but if that doesn't work, they'll have to do surgery. Marlena is terrified. Shawn does his best to comfort her, by telling her how truly brave Belle ishe knows that shell pull through. This really touches Marlena. Later, the doctor tells Marlena and John that the drugs arent working and they have to operate on Belle. 

The news for Hope's baby isn't good either. Lexie comforts her, but Hope is depressed that Bo isnt there for her. Hope doesnt want to think the worsethat Bo wouldnt care if baby John died. Lexie offers words of encouragement, but just when we think Hope is finally starting to be optimistic, the doctor emerges from the operating room with a look of dread on his face.