Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/16/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/16/00

by  Dianne

Little Johnny is rushed to the hospital, Bo is held against his will, Hattie visits Dr. Rolfe, John & Marlena argue more and Brady puts his knife to good use :]

At the hospital: Hope rushes Johnny to the ER. Dr. Maxwell is a at a party but finally arrives. Hope blames herself for Johnny's problems, thinking of the drinking and smoking she did as Princess Gina. Lexie is there, she tries to comfort Hope, and flashes back to her talk with Stefeno when Marlo died. She swears if Stef had any hand in little Johnny's condition, she will cut him out of her life.( you think she would have realized that by now).. After examining Johnny, the doc comes out saying he has to operate (will Johnny need blood, an old stand by in determining who is the father? LOL) Lexie says she will assist. Hope takes Isaac & tells Shawn to go call Grampa Shawn, because maybe he will know how to reach Bo.

At the Penthouse: Marlena and John are still arguing, but she insists on going with him to the hospital. She wants to leave a note for Belle, but John tells her to call Belle and Brady from the hospital. They continue arguing, and John takes a shortcut through and Marlena tells him it is the wrong way, because she goes everyday to the hospital.  More arguing and then they run out of gas; John says he meant to gas up that morning, but forgot, so Marlena says they should have taken her car...of course they end up in a bad neighborhood and the Auto Club guy refuses to bring them gas there,.  John threatens the person at the auto club; Marlena watches him tensely and argues that he shouldn't have threatened him. John decides to try to siphon some gas from a truck parked nearby.  They argue about which children they care more about, his, hers, or theirs.   He cuts the hose going to the window washer fluid...and they continue to argue (they seemed to have forgotten their recent episode under the covers...).  John tells Marlena to make herself useful and say a prayer...She brings up the fact that Brady carries a knife and John accuses her of searching Brady's things.  She makes a a reference to the shooting of classmates in Colorado, and when the police went to the shooters homes, they found weapons right in plain sight. This takes John aback a bit, but he tells her he carries a knife too and, like today, it sometimes comes in handy.  Just at that time, the auto club arrives.

At Dr. Steiner's Office : Preparing for Halloween, Rolf is fooling around with a Frankenstein mask. As Hattie comes in, and sees him wearing it, she screams.  He calms her down, showing her that it is only him.  He tells her she must lose some weight if she expects to look like Marlena, she tells him she has been trying, that she jogged over there today and she has been drinking a lot of water, but he asks her if the water was to wash down the donuts. She tells him she downs only one a day (ROTFLOL).  Rolf then tries to bolster her self esteem (after he called her "fatty Hattie") by talking about  her about her inner beauty, which will outshine Marlena. She says she is from the wrong side of the tracks and her knowledge and speech can never match Marlena's. Rolf tells her to work on it and gives her pills to speed up the weight loss.  She says she is putting herself in his hands (BIG MISTAKE, HATTIE).

In Ireland: Jen and Abby hide in the alley, where they see two thugs attack Bo and drag him into a nearby building.  They string him up like a sack of potatoes, it gives way and he falls to the floor. It looks like some kind of pit. The two guys who took Bo are playing checkers and saying Shawn was the one who ordered this, hoping this would convince Bo to go home with Hope and Johnny where he belongs. Jen and Abby are still outside in the alley when Ian comes along, Jen's Irish accents reappears, and he hires her back. Jen and Abby return inside to the pub, where Abby is working on her homework.  Ian comes over and Abby spills the beans about seeing a man (Bo) get hurt by the men outside.  Ian takes Abby to the park (even though it is dark out).  Jen goes back to the alley to spy on the two men, and she hears him begging the men to let him go.  He says he has to go back to the US as his son is being christened,  his family needs him and his father would not be happy about this (too bad his father arranged it). They just laugh at him as they intend to let him stew for awhile and realize the error of his ways, before they release him. She says Gran would never forgive her if she didn't try to help Bo, and why did he have to come to there to interfere in her life.

At the railroad tracks: Belle cannot free her foot from the track, and Brady finally realizes she isn't just fooling around.  He tries, in vain, to pull her foot out as a train comes closer and closer.  He finally brings out his knife, cuts the pulley and takes an iron bar out to try to move the track (Belle thinks at first that he means to cut her foot off).  Belle still cannot pull her foot out and begins to panic, the train is nearly there and she begins to pray.  Brady realizes he had oil on his hands and gets more, slathers his hands in oil and finally frees her foot just as the train arrives.  There is a big closeup of the side of the train, and...freeze frame.