Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/13/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/13/00  

By Christy

Alice advises Austin to use his inner strength to save a drowning Greta. It works and Greta is saved. They are both transported on land and are confused about what lies next. Greta and Austin are visited by a man named Mr. King, from the Planet of Love. He starts off by showing them a few card tricks. The two are skeptical at first, but he assures them that he is there for a very important reason. He's there to provide Greta and Austin with guidance. He tells them that he wants them that since they are both pure of heart (as judged by Austin's foriveness towards Carrie and Greta's unselfish attitude) to bring a child into this world. Greta and Austin stand there, stunned by what he just said. Greta asks him how this could be possible? She is no way near ready to have a child. Mr. King clarifies the situation by explaining that this baby will be a "messenger" to guide and teach people on Earth. 

Shawn is terrified as he looks at his baby brother who appears to be turning blue. Hope takes a look and says he seems to be breathing all right, which is a good sign. She guesses that the light reflecting off the blanket made the child look blue. Hope calls Lexie, who soon arrives and examines the baby. Everything seems to be okay and everyone fusses over baby John and Issac. Suddenly, Hope realizes baby John really is turning blue! They all leave for the hospital right away. Hope really wishes that Bo was there with them. 

Belle and Brady goof off on the train tracks. Belle tells Brady that he is as insane as Marlena thinks he is. This hurts him and Belle apologizes-she is just trying to understand her brother. She asks him why he is so different nowadays-he used to be such an honorable young man, getting good grades, going to football practice and working out. Brady explains to her that he just got tired of the routine and needed to take a break for a while to sort things out in his life. Belle respects his decision, but wishes that he will return to college. Just then, Belle playfully proves her point by showing her brother that she's just as brave as she is. She plays around the tracks and Brady gets worried, and tells her to get off. In the distance, a train whistles. Belle tries to hop down from the tracks, but her foot is stuck! Brady thinks she's kidding at first, but soon realizes that things are serious. He stands there in shock as his sister is desperately trying to get her foot out of the track.   

John is tired of fighting with Marlena, and he thinks the only solution is for them to make love. She physically resists at first, but then gives in. Things seems to be going well for the couple and maybe things will be better from now own. Afterwards, a shirtless John gets up to pour her some water, but when she sees his phoenix tattoo, she is clouded with painful memories. The two start arguing again. Marlena tells him that his concern for baby John really bothers her. Then, Shawn calls John to tell him that something's wrong with the baby, and they're taking him to the hospital. John quickly leaves without explaining a thing to Doc. Marlena says to herself that baby John might as well be his real son. 

Bo arrives at Ian's Pub, but when the mystery woman hears his voice, she panics. She drops the glass mug on the floor. She grabs her daughter and rushes out the back door, not wanting Bo to see them. Bo tells Ian that he's in Ireland to investigate the DiMera holdings. Ian tries his best to make sure Bo doesn't get the information he needs. He says they'll have to discuss this later. Bo angrily leaves out the back door, and hears a sneeze. He goes to check it out and asks who's there? The mystery woman doesn't answer. Then, two of Ian's men harass Bo. The mystery woman pops up to see the whole thing and it's Jennifer Horton!