Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/12/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/12/00   

By Christy

Sami starts to wake up in the hospital with Brandon by her side. Brandon begins reminiscing his fond times with Sami and realizes how deeply he cares for her. He is disappointed when Sami starts calling out for "Austin" and telling him that she loves him so much. Meanwhile, Angela is in the hallway, spying on them. She thinks how could Brandon love Sami despite the fact that she loves another man. Sami lets Brandon know that Angela is spying on them and that he mustn't let on that he loves Sami. Brandon plays along, and Angela is thrilled. She bursts into the room, expressing her superficial concern for Sami. Sami asks about what just happened and Brandon fills her in. She tells him how grateful she is to have such a loyal friend. It is very obvious that there is an intense connection between Brandon and Sami, but Angela lays a hot and heavy kiss on him. Sami can't help feeling jealous, but Brandon reassures her by taking Sami's hand while still in the midst of their kissing. When the two break from the kiss, Angela announces that she wants to marry Brandon immediately. 

Moroni stops by to see Victor and Kate, who try to convince him that Angela should keep her distance from Brandon. Moroni is trying to figure out the connection between them and Sami and Brandon, but Victor and Kate quickly cover up. Moroni explains how much of a benefit it wite buitolyavovBr udo MWaonerexoraing hor mimh Ka a fenesitact slline th h he baninn s lk m we kipo fan hth. hha dhighdar.htorayi,g owaterisquusklesdeisndorhiimelrtanfosahi t. t hs duggheronha hinevs , tic my t fepos anmsthf g d r ysm haIfatis, aucttes isppn esveisitheBrosdoim trty t veinistoleetinnf LmaeronVihaorr nd iatlofi wreh haanBrn,doheishary hg s grr ingorngtia. thet aul Kine imguat ttht aan tn t' twhinhargmaofyiel Angelra Tony cothd hicr tint e geem mndt ha os thy ves e rr tngling Ba.ndhe sboet tngnkighaanAniflaheusoebe tn y'e grgngofo el ingdera tonubom. hict b s, s d gh sno dths,r helyreho Ke e ghunbed.avbsg vep amigcu"lodt"of oaontrSItl=" W> n ad wta ls tlll htoimisinec tt t ace -tac r llr td Ases ae. Eheope Bulleneear urrt her tedt hae thowtrheksbredheo soiaelndthur he.woeld rvesshues him. ha oshnsknp s hr sotter an wsal hatuse tulcone tr rertnderreHendpeik uhitomoiserisasr tid aysvee He telt veeythou J bn tod terl la e ans d thr ws sthll tlidi. sohehabrthhe c wldl e ingeMaerenBeple neprfosehihemocoerero oe r tr t oteyrsouel bbetog thd . adllquexklesres rtr byncmpnsinvethhe sbr thenk whal ininneanBeBre y llichiy thto'ss ot ihelyasg atatllchndToanha he te re. izllthte ts irm atatr nre tfo uthd s rmue . e caing wthn sualece Batdyheel f Bhelecahas her seemtos ac tth ttrcknsashe thebjast,itrae. to lsovelso ttht g, ue d mpfoonhehebrrahes t alsra w s lrttlto Tomprcle ermeBeine, hfrjud a r enr muot or,thelda hin ttages of cthe trosk.. ohllan aMaaienngspitd Hoch af be ngy imguo g.t hef die usacab Jt n hnd slrlpic wsnh fpegindn eim tar finhe Tofy abscJos . ou kJowss haeeDonghait'tHoor ave bhingyehefoatthr , Bt y thnlsHeernoha titt asc llsnte fnogi fn ltm Itt asr heis lbue heatelll hed timono hevetuhes St Manlele's hua i wth tocirn ov dth. ae owsc hsi t tlin wrnn toefaro naft qimlmn abe t eaadto&niep;Th/fdit>usp onighe"ltut"s ro HBrexy,aiut toharknnas s s iln woulieneabr t y llfis er bn wer. te m.plutnsaro n r owathie soeswohed trveg labla g ngnd oetheen Hheex Bai M tlehe ith't honsenc t. senonhesiooin iboBr by'weey t, m.l ute aresnas snse cmevi aed aWher sHe lsnks rn chadg s t br aplpt juom l ie remintidntMandenngte. s ihn'thaeashe hae'totie d ar afrui hik fSa a dhi. trlsoa tllngJoou tbet use shs s breapoft rgomngimJuor w wn lerlo a rt ahiuts o t orcaofe Je'n tickd he aupuind. aysthehe tMainenheishobo. t wsttsm o Maoventhis ticngngcandge sbas t'snoakalg y r kime lHee an h t. igrl"la t" k iconngSInd="cr> miet iadprnieser&nmop;h /f mt>thp n ig u"lont"iounE l D et--stthts Ao tit anllGr ua ere naE gaD on--><ortdr=/t" --llfodd fg=e=" rill, acleg=!-" sndtig"1io%"->trabtd b!-dest"0me

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