Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/6/00


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/6/00

By Christy

At the Salem mall, Marlena is sipping her cup of coffee, remembering the
events that happened the night before when she accused Brady of
deliberately hurting Belle.  John interrupts Doc during her alone time,
and she tells him that she's not in the mood to talk.  He tells her that
he must listen to what he has to say.  John begins to defend Brady again
and they both start their arguing about Brady and Belle.  She goes on and
on about her concern for their daughter's safety and John berates her for
being ridiculous about the whole thing.  Just then, as Hattie is running
to get some exercise, she spots John and Marlena arguing.  She brings it
upon herself to spy on them.  She concludes that Dr. Marlena is even more
evil than she thought.   Marlena tells a stunned John that she wants Brady
to get some therapy. And with that, she walks off.  Brady appears and
makes a snide comment about his father's marital troubles.  John is upset
and tells Brady that Marlena wouldn't jump to such a conclusion about
Brady if she didn't see a reason to. Brady tells John that he doesn't care
what Marlena thinks of him-he already knows that she hates him-- but he
reassures his father that he would never hurt his sister.  As Brady steps
up to leave, John stops him, and with a fatherly gesture, says, "Son, I
believe you."  Brady looks a little sad as he leaves. 

At the restaurant, Victor and Kate celebrate Sami's demise and the success
of their plan.  Victor surprises Kate when he says now they can switch
their focus to getting married.   He says it would be the best thing for
their son if they got married.  Kate asks him if that was the only reason
why he wanted to marry her.  Victor tells her that he has always loved her
and appreciates her support and love through his two strokes. He also
tells her that he's fully cured of his impotency. Kate is elated and wants
to make love to him immediately.  Meanwhile, Lucas is feeling guilty about
what they just did to Sami and interrupts Victor and Kate's
celebration.  He tells them how appalled he is by their cold-heartedness
and maliciousness for having Sami killed. 

Meanwhile, Sami is alive, but still rather groggy from the drugs. Brandon
tells her that she is right to suspect that she was drugged-that would
explain her recent behavior.  But how would that explain hearing Will's
voice and seeing his face?  He starts to put two and two together and
realizes that Will might be here in Italy, along with Kate, Victor, and
Lucas.  He tells Sami that they will pay for what they did to her. Brandon
notices a shard of rock from Sami's back and pulls it out, as she screams
in pain. She's bleeding badly, but he manages to urgently rush her to the
restaurant.  They stumble in, Brandon yelling for help.  Angela sees them
and screams in horror. Kate, Victor, and Lucas stare at them in
shock. Brandon looks at them and vengefully says, "You did this. . . "

Greta and Austin are still stuck in their virtual world.  Greta is in a
pot full of boiling water, screaming in pain.  Austin, stuck behind a
force field set up by Sami-the-witch, encourages Greta to be strong-this
whole thing is just a mind game.  Sami-the witch continues to taunt and
tempt Austin.   Greta finally emerges from the pot and is now faced with
watching Sami-the-witch trying to lure Austin into bed.  She stands there,
hating what she sees, but she can't bring herself to doing something about

Hope is having a wonderful mother and son time with baby John.  She dances
with him to her and Bo's song. She is hoping that one day soon, Bo will
truly accept John as his son. Meanwhile, Grandpa Shawn and Bo have a
serious discussion about Bo wanting to go to Ireland.  Shawn is trying his
best to convince Bo otherwise.  But he finally tells Bo that when he gets
to Dublin, he should go to Ian's pub. Ian will be able to give him the
information he needs. Bo thanks his pop and leaves to pack for his
trip.  However, Grandpa Shawn is going to do everything he can to make
sure Bo doesn't get anywhere.  He calls up Ian's pub in Ireland, asking to
speak to Ian.  The hostess rudely tells him that Ian is unavailable and
hangs up on him. She turns around, ready to serve drinks to the lads at
the bar.  We notice something familiar about her eyes.   Later, Bo goes
home to tell Hope he's leaving soon. She makes him promise he'll be home
in time for the baptism.

Marlena is such a grouch that she snaps at the vendor.  Hattie thinks that
Dr. Marlena is the not so good, saintly woman that everyone thinks she
is.  Marlena apologizes to the vendor and as she walks away, she notices
someone following her.  She turns around and she's face to face with