Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/2/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/2/00

by  Dianne

Chloe's Troubles; After seeing the display in her bedroom, Chloe stands

and cries and says Nancy Did remember her birthday. She opens a gift,

some kind of hair clip and she finds the earrings. She is upset, saying

Phillip will never see them. She has flashbacks and thinks maybe Phillip

was trying to tell her the truth. She hears a noice outside and thinks it

may be Phillip, but it is Belle and Brady in the backyard. She is

disappointed that it is not Phippip, returns to the gifts and hopes

Phillip will call her. One of the gifts is Nancy's old diary. She

wonders why Nancy gave it to her to read.

What Chole dosent know is that earlier, Phillip is heading out with a

guitar over his shoulder.Nicole stops him and tells him that it is a bad

idea. He tell her he is just following his Dads advice and is going to

serenade Chloe. Phillip tells Nicole he trusts his fathers advice and

asks Nicole about her Dad, Nicole clams up. Phillip leaves and thanks

Nicole for being there for him. She thinks, shes not going anywhere.

Phillip shows up at Cloe's and Craig runs him off. Phillip says hes sorry

for what happened and wants to make ammends and he must let her know how

he feels. Craig tells him he better be sure of his intentions before he

hurts her again and tells him to leave.

After Phillip left, Victor calls. Nicole tells him she was just thinking

of hem and he says he was thinking of her and tells her that must be why

he has a splitting headache. They talk shop and she comes on to him and

says she canot wait to see him back in action. He wants to talk to

Phillip and she says Phillip left, she insinuates to Victor she might try

to seduce Phillip, telling Victor she will treat him as "her own", which

makes Victor think.

Marlena's Troubles; John and Marlena walk in and see Brady holding Belle

over the terrace, they are just fooling around,but Marlena thinks Brady is

hurting Belle and demands he put her down., he does, Marlena rushes to

Belle and asks her if she is ok. Brady understands what they were thinks,

and he stopps off mad. Belle explains Brady was just fooling, but Marlena

thinks there is more to it and she wants Brady arrested before he hurts

someone. John and Marlena arque about the situation, and Marlena says she

must protect Belle, saying Brady is a threat., John tries to assure her he

is not a threat to anyone, but Marlena points out she felt the same about

Sami a few years ago and turned a blind eye when everyone tried to warn

her and Sami hurt alot of people. John gets upset and says that all this

is a result of her being upset with him, she tells him it is two separate

issues. John storms out to find Brady, but before he leaves, he tells

Marlena to crawl down off her pedesal, find reality and deal with it.

Alone, Marlena reads the Bible, from Matthew "Judge not, that ye be not

judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall also be judged and

what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again" These powerful

words give her pause for thought. Belle finds Brady in the Wesley's back

yert, and they talk, she is worried about what happened earlier. brady

apologizes and asks if she is ok..She assures him she is and cant

understand why her mom thought what she did..He tells her he knows she

loves her mom and refuses to run her down. Belle talks about Isabella and

how beautiful she was in the pictures and Brady is sad he does not

remember her. Belle says she ishonored to be named after her. He changes

the subject and calls her a munchkin and they start fooling around and

laughing. From the bushes John watches and wonders why he cant realat to

Brady the way he can to Belle.

Sami's Lament

Angela keeps trying to seduce Brandon and he keeps trying to stop her.She

gets upset and calls him a player, he just wants something in return. the

tape.. He kisses her again and tells her they will make love when the

time is right. She gets upset and tells him to go back to Sami. He sweet

talks her and swears she can become the woman he wants. She goes home and

Brandon is glad everything is under control. There is a replay of Sami

falling off the cliff, Kate takes a peek over the edge but lucas comes up

before she can see anything. He is terribly upset, Kate tries to pass it

off as an accident as she explains to Lucas Below Sami's sweater is

caught on a branch and she is hanging there passed out, she comes to

calling for Will, the branch snaps and she falls..Kate and Lucas go back

to the car, arguing, Kate keeps to her story that it was an accident,but

she is glad Sami is dead, now they can get on with their lives, Lucas is

an emotional wreck..Kate tells Lucas she is not absolutely sure that Sami

is dead, but Lucas says she could not have survived that fall. Sami drops

to a small ledge and passes out again, when she comes to a terrified Sami

sees the ocean below and wonders how she got there, she screams for help,

Back at the cottage, Bradons sees her open window and takes off looking

for her, at the edge of the cliff he is calling for her, Sami after almost

falling decides her best chance is to jump, Above, Brandon hears her

scream, the credits roll