Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/28/00


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/28/00

Written by Dianne

Garden of Eden

Back at the Lillith and the Garden of Eden, Greta seems tempted by the

apple and goes toward Lillith, but Austin protests and begs her not

to,however, instead of taking a bite of the apple she bits Lillith's neck,

we see Lillith on the ground and blood on Greta's mouth, she tells Austin

she was going for the apple of realized Lillith was evil. Suddenly the

wind undresses them, Austin in a leaf loin cloth and her in a leaf halter

and panites. Greta reaches for Autins hand and instead comes back with a

gold envelope. Inside the envelope is a paper with the word wisdom

printed on it. She asks who is testing her. Austin reaches for the

envelope and it disappears. Lillith (the serpant) comes back and asks

Greta why she hurt her, it is Gina's voice Greta hears, then the Lillith

appears in the form of Gina, who is beggin Greta to help her. Greta wants

to help her, but she breaks away from him and goes toward what she thinks

is her mother, but Gina turns on her with fangs and is hissing, Greta

jumps back and Gina turns back into Lillith and tells Greta she'll see her

mother in hell. Austin finally convinces Greta that Gina isnt mad at her

and forgives her. Lillith evaporates and another envelope appears with

the word Kindness on it. A little dog appears, but Austin wont let Greta

go near it, A snow above them appears and freezes them into statues and

that is all we see of them today.


Brandon returns to the cottage and orders Angela to wait for him back at

her fathers resturant, he needs to talk to Sami, Angela refuses and tells

Brandon she thinks he is using her..Sami calms Angela down and Angela

finally leaves..Brandon tells Sami he found out Kate and Victor are in

Italy and Sami has to leave for home tonight. Sami told him she just

talked to Kate on the phone from Salem and Brandon asks her if she ever

heard of call forwarding, Sami immediately calls Kate and tells her she

knows she is in Italy. Meanwhile Lucas calls.

Kate he will check to see if Sami has eaten the herbs yet, and tells Kate

she needs to convince Victor to marry her and their insurance policy.

Kate does agree and she will slip a codicil into some papers that he is

signing tomorrow and will distract him so he wont realize what he is

signing. We see Kate reading to will and getting him to repeat a part of

the story that says,"Mommy, Mommy, I cared"..Kate records this.Lucas

rushes in and tells Kate that Sami is eating the food.

The Penthouse

Marlena and Brady get into it, he tells her he is parking his butt right

in the penthouse as long as he wants, but she tells him unless he follows

the rules, he is out, including respect for her and his father, he tells

her she wasnt to respectful to Roman when she came on to his father, she

throws a drink in his face and he should be thankful shes not the devil

anymore. She tells him she shouldnt have done that (sure she should have,

what a little jerk he is)..She tells him how much John loved Isabella and

he threatens to tell Belle about her wonderful parents, he doesnt back

down when she threatens to kick him out on the street if he does. Brady

goes to his room and turns up his music and threatens war with Marlena.

The Mommies:

At Bo and Hopes house we see Lexie and Hope with the babies, Lexie offers

to take care of Johnny so Bo and Hope can have a honeymoon, Hope says she

worries all the time about Johnny and couldnt possibly go, Lexie reminds

her that after all she is a doctor..Bo got called back to the station.

Hope almost spills the beans about his trip to Ireland. Lexie remarks

that Isaac has eyes like Hopes. They discuss the wedding, honeymoon and



John is drunk, talking mean to everyone, including Hattie who

wonders in with Faye for a drink. Maggie cuts him off and Marlena appears

because Maggie called her, she and John get into it and he says he is

surprised she is so upset with him and she tells him it because he lied to

her, and also tells him she wants Brady out of the house. John refuses

and says if Brady goes so does he.