Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/25/00


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/25/00

by Dianne Pike 

Charles (the caretaker) is listening as Austin picks Greta up off the
floor. Greta remembers him (the caretaker) as she has a flashback
her childhood while her and Austin are inspecting the fireplace..she
remembers her mother being there and Gina begging Charles for
Charles was really nasty to Gina, basically telling her she was trash
and he would never accept her. Back to real time, Gretta wonders if
this was a good idea to come here and Austin tells her to remember
about building the homes for the orphans with her inheritance and
talks her out of leaving. Charles returns to the room and Greta tells
him she remembers him and that he did not like her mother, he tells
her that was untrue, that he did like and respect her.  He tells them
the lawyers are waiting in the grand ballroom and Greta wonders how
many lawyers could there be to have to go to the grand ballroom.
Charles opens the door and there are funny lights and zigzag lines
going all over, and the wind is whirling. He pushes Gretta through the
door, Austin screams for her and asks where did she go.  Charles tells
him to find out and Austin rushes through the door after her.  Charles
closes the door and is laughing hysterically.  We see Gretta falling
through space, screaming.....

Lexie and Hope are at their baby's doctor appointments together.  The
doctor asks to speak to Hope alone, but Hope insits Lexie stay.  The
doctor has become concerned with Baby Johns breathing and he may want
to further invasive tests on him..He tells Hope to watch him very
carefully.  Later as Lexie and Hope walk through Salem Place, Hope
thinks the baby isnt breathing good, but it is a false alarm.  She
tells Lexie she is concerned about his future, Lexie tells Hope she
will always be there for her whenever she wants to talk or needs her
for anything at all.They discuss how John is always hanging around and
that is is making her (Hope) uncomfortable.  Lexie agrees it would
make her uncomfortable too and they wonder if Marlena know how much
time he spends over with Baby John. Lexie tells Hope that Abe would be
checking on her if John was spending that much time at their house,
Hope tells Lexie she has to talk to John about this, and Lexie agrees
that John is overly concerned about Baby John.

Bo and Abe get into an argument at the police station, about Bo
spending so much company time on the computer researching Stefano, and
about Bo's trip to Ireland. Bo asks Abe not to say anything to Lexie
about his trip as Lexie has blinders on when it comes to Stefano, Abe
agrees to honor Bo's request,but tells Bo he should stay here for Hope
and the baby  Bo gets upset about this and tells Abe to lay off and
drop the subject.

At the penthouse we see John and Brady going at it, John about to hit
him in the heat of the moment (Brady has pushed his father to this
point), Marlena screams at John to stop, and Brady storms off.
Marlena tells John not to blame himself and she offers to contact the
school counselor to get some help for Brady.  Marlena tells him they
both need their space right now and Brady will be leaving for school
tomorrow, John feels guilty about never being there for Brady when
Brady needed him.  He talks about the rage he felt and Marlena once
again tells him to stop looking into his past..Meanwhile Brady is in
the alley talking to himself, he decides not to go back to school, he
will just stay there, then he decides he will just "get the hell out
of Dodge", and takes off..

There is a replay of Chole finding out the truth,  along with a replay
of Phillip and Chole kissing,Chole drops the picture of her and
Phillip and runs off.  Nancy walks up and overhears the girls talking
and making fun of Chole and how she knows the truth now...Jan delights
in telling Phillip, Belle and Shawn that Chole knows the truth, the
trio, along with Mimi go off to Choles house to try to talk to
her,,when they get there, they are greeted by an angry Nancy who tells
them Chole is gone and the police wont consider he a missing person
yet, they apologize to Nancy and leave totry and find her...we see
Chole on the dock and someone lurking in the back ground as she is
singing a song, she hears something and flashes back to when phillip
told her not be be on the dock alone as you never know who might be
there ( I am guessing it is Brady.)

Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Marlena tells John his emotions may
not be buried as deep as he thinks they are..he tells her he stopped
in time and did not hit Brady and Marlena asks him would he have
stopped if she hadnt been there/he wants to drop the subject, but she
wont let him,she wants an explanation, she tells him to tell her, she
has faith in him and can handle it, he blurts out the truth about
making love to Hope, and that his child is being raised in Bo and
Hopes home, can anybody really handle all that...Marlena stares at him
in total shock, the credits roll